Update on UNILORIN 2nd Batch Admission List 2016/2017

Unilorin Aspirants: When will the 2nd Batch 2016/2017 List be Released?


We have been receiving incessant messages on when the second list will be released via the comment section. And as a Website hoping to make things easy for all aspirants in the nation, we have decided to address this ones and for all.

We are using this medium to inform the general public especially our prospective students who are waiting for 2nd batch, that school has released the 2nd batch admission list for 2016/2017 Session.

The list which contains both UTME and Direct Entry Aspirants is now available on the school portal.


To check your admission status, visit http://www.nairacampusng.com/2016/11/unilorin-2nd-batch-admission-list-20162017-utme-de.html



  1. pls how much uniilorin fees wil cost fresher over all…. pls

  2. How To Check Screening Result Please.. Aint Seeing Anything In My Portal (unilorin) Thanks

  3. I used my 2016/2017 gce which the result is not yet out… Will I be among unilorin admission list?

  4. pls admn notify us wen unilorin second batch is out

  5. plz at least wen suld we b expectin d second list….

  6. plz is d first batch closed

  7. Plx wen wil uni ilorin release d 2nd batch

  8. plx add me on ur watsapp I av so much questions to ask……………07033130131

  9. pls let the batch two out ,because we dont wat 2 sit down at home,please o

  10. Z it tru dat d 2nd batch list will be released dis wk friday

  11. Wen Second Batch Is Go 2 Release

  12. Pls notify me wen d second admisson list is out

  13. Abdulwahab jelilat

    Pls when is unilorin second list wil b out

  14. God will help us

  15. When is the second list

  16. This is really taking much time, unilorin please second list ooo

  17. when is second list coming out plz

  18. Y is it that if u don’t sumone in unilorin u can be givin admission their is God ooo

  19. Wen will unilorin second list be out plsssss reply

  20. Pls admin wen will d 2nd batch be out
    And do me anoda fa4 of adding me 2 ur group bcos I want to ask you some questions about the 2nd batch

  21. Pls admin add me In ur group pls admin bcos I want to ask you some questions about the 2nd batch

  22. pls has the admission for direct entry being released?

  23. Does unilorin admits student to study medicine/surgery in her second batch admission list, via direct entry.

  24. Plzooo unilorin release second list 4 u
    s, we don 2 mush sit down 4 house

  25. wen will it be out,unilorin 2nd batch ,I tink we all just av to pray oooh

  26. plx hw much school fees for fresher dis year?

  27. When d second barch want to release

  28. i hope it wil be released soon probably this week…All my prayer is for our names to be included..I see us all at the better by far university

  29. lol…see crazy comments….second BARCH….seriously?…anyways just passing by…admin kip up the good work

  30. has any1 been admitted 4 medicine nd surgery in 1st batch.pls reply

  31. Pls admin,,,,has unilorin started clearing the admitted students coz av been checking the portal ever since av paid for acceptance fee,,,,,,,nd its telling me ‘av not been cleared dat i sud check back later’.

  32. pls notify us when the second list is out pls

  33. wen did second batch Will b out?admin plssss let knw

  34. plsss,admin wen did second batch will b out?plsssss admin notify us!!!!

  35. Bello Sherifat Eniola

    Good evening, please when will the second list be out. coz there isn’t any updates abt the second list.

  36. Admin is the second list out pls tell me

  37. admin pls when the second list will be out

  38. pls looking into d 2nd batch ooooo. admin pls add me to ur group, there are few questions to be asked. 08166218713. [email protected]

  39. Pls I paid my acceptance but was unableto print out is there any problem

  40. i hope they we send us message via phone to confirm when we d screaning we start

  41. Pls I heard dat d 2nd list will be out ist week in Nov…is it true

  42. I think second batch admission is out

  43. wen ll the second list be out….pls notify

  44. pls try ad inform us wen it’s out ooo

  45. Pls Admin when will the second list be released

  46. When will the second list be out

  47. Pls admin I haven seen my screening result all I see is % hope no p

  48. when will the second list be out, please

  49. pls when will they released d second batc

  50. pls add me on WhatsApp I have some question to ask u plpp

  51. Admin when I checked my reprint on the portal I didn’t see my picture but it is displayed on the print out

  52. pls admin is dere any assurance dat unilorin will release anoda batch cos some people are saying dey wnt paste any oda list again

  53. Is it true that d second batch addmission list will b out first week of november?

  54. Applicants are expecting the list oooooooo

  55. Please is the second batch released

  56. 09053031923… Add me on your whatsapp group so I can get updates..

  57. omobolanle fagbayi

    plz wen will d second batch b out? cz me don tire ooooooo

  58. God will help us ooooo dis list of a thing

  59. Admin i know that admission is closing on 30th of november…so within November the list will released…my comment is unilorin should please release it fast because the student are expecting it…will it be by sms or it will changed?

  60. I don’t knw y unilorin neva gve me admission oo upon say I gt 327 in jamb hmmmmm nawa o admin shey dem don sell my name ni or what shd I do abt it

  61. admin plz is 2nd batch not yet out

  62. Pls admin.is there assurance dat i wil get addimitted cos i did change of course?

  63. Did second batch will b released dis month,November? let known,if it will b released dis month??????

  64. Admin plz i was not able 2 pay my acceptance fee due to some problems ,can i still do d acceptance with d second batch

  65. Please admin when should we be expecting unilorin 2nd list?

  66. Pls admin add me to ur group, 08138402861,pls add me admin

  67. I heard that the second list is out. Is it true?

  68. are they going to text message to us or we will go and check it

  69. Good day Admin,in some website, it says that the second batch is out. please i want to confirm if it is true.

    • Kindly debunk such news.

      As at the time of writing this comment, the second batch admission list is not yet out.

      Keep checking our Portal for update.

  70. Good day Admin,in some website, it says that the second batch is out today being 4th november,2016. please i want to confirm if it is true.

  71. I hope unilorin is going to release the second batch soon

  72. sir I heard DAT unilorin second batch admission will be out before the end of next week is it true.

  73. pls …how much is the skul fees for new students

  74. Pls I haven’t seen my screening score yet o… y??

  75. Unilorin portal isn’t opening, mayb dey want to upload the second list

  76. admin plz dz z my number 07088862003
    plz notify mi wen the second list is out or better still u cn also drop ur number so we cn talk more on whatsapp

  77. as at today seventh of november is unilorin second batch admission list out

  78. as lecture commence fully for d freshers? hope dos dat awaiting for second batch list woudn’t lack behind

  79. Plz add me up on whatsapp 08104676354

  80. pls how much is unilorin ipad

  81. Pls,am tired of staying @home when the second list we be out add me I have a lot to ask,0813247816

  82. Add me 08132478216

  83. what’s the jamb score for pharmacy @admin

  84. when should we be expecting unilorin 2ndbatch?pls,notify us when it out.

  85. pls,has unilorin. fresher started taking lecture?

  86. pls second list will be realase when

  87. pls ooo when is second batch admission unilorin is going to be out.

  88. Pls when are u releasing d second list

  89. wht abot d direct entry,is it goi 2 release wit d 2nd batch?

  90. pls when will u released unilorin second batch list

  91. Second batch admission list 2016/17 is it out?

  92. admin plss add me up on whatsapp, 09035493432.


  94. pls do u av any idea of when the newly admitted student will be completely cleared

  95. is unilorin second batch rilli out

  96. Am having problem doing my registration,and i was sent a message dat my registration was completed,but to my surprised i filled my o’level wen registered but wen i printed it out,it wasnt on my slip,pls admin what can it be d probem?what are d step i neef to take pls?

  97. as nursing science, can I be admitted into 200l as direct entry

  98. as a nursing science… can I be admitted into 200L via direct entry

  99. pls wen i fill unilorin form during d proccessing d system said i cnt study elect elect engineering so it require extra 2500 inorder 2 change 2 anoda course which is telecom and i pay and succeed but wen d print out is out i dont see telecom but elect elect engineering,pls admin z dere any problem with it or wat sir.

  100. Pls when is second batch out

  101. Add me on watspp,I heard d list is out

  102. add me on watspp admin 07059625999

  103. plz is d 2nd batch out?

  104. When will be second list coming out pls

  105. Pls I heard the list is out is that true?

  106. pls is the 2nd batch out.

  107. pls sir, I heard DAT d second list will be out today which is 16th of Nov, but i avn’t see any informtn concerning d admission.

  108. Are we doing screening exercise b4 d admission? or after admission? wen did second batch will b out? is unilorin going 2 give everyone admission?Admin,can I b given admission,cos in my screening result dey write screening score 0% Y admin?is dere any problem admin?????

  109. Admin pls kindly drop ur numba so we can reach u or here is ma numba 08087066645 pls add me up

  110. Admin pls add me up or drop ur numba so we can reach u

  111. Am Be Trying To Login To Unilorin Portal But It Does Not Open Since Tuesday 15 Of This Month What Is Rely Happen To Their Site @ Admin

  112. Pls when Will it be out

  113. I Heard That Fresher Registration Is Closing On 22 Of Nov,is That True?

  114. pls when will it be out

  115. sir is it out

  116. Admin is d list out? Sum1 told me it wil b out 2day.

  117. Pls sir is it very certain dat d list will b out dis month cos am afraid cos am afraid concerning d deadline jamb gave all institutions dis month

  118. yet to be released?when lecture as started, God please speak to dis pipu to release dis admission

  119. i believe God is at work,I have no choice than to wait,

  120. pls Admin is second batch admission out,and during my screening process l was told DAT I need to changed my cause which is biochemist to another cause Bt wen I got d result is still d same biochemist I saw again, pls hope notin to be panic for.

  121. pls Admin I scored 2016 in jamb and ordered for biochemist with l sitting, is it possible for me to get admission.

  122. Have those people in the first list start lecture …sir

  123. admin please I was admitted in the first batch but I couldn’t pay the acceptance till when it’s closed.I hope the portal will be opened together with the second batch.

  124. Admin please I want to open unilorin portal here but is writting site not found.

  125. Please hypertension has want to kill me here when is d second list coming out

  126. what about the portal that will close tomorrow

  127. Pls sir,for those that were not able to complete their screening and registration and also payment of school fee before it closed,can they continue the payment when screening is opened for second batch


    any it may b pls let my name b amng

  129. I use browser and opera mini

  130. OK ADMIN,so does that mean second batch might be out dis week after the portal is close tomorrow?

  131. I believe God will answer our prayer very soon.

  132. have just been over admission dis morning,so second batch is out

  133. When will d second list be out

  134. i saw on fb dat second list is out buh i hav been sent a txt i checked d portal twas no admission given yet check back later

  135. I heard dat d list is out dis morning…. 2nd batch……..

  136. I didn’t get a message from the school and my portal still says “you’ve not yet been recommended for admission” can you please tell me what could be wrong and is it still possible to see admission few days after the list has been officially released?

  137. pls Admin were can I check the list.

  138. because I revive a message from nestob dis morning DAT the 2nd batch is out Bt since have been login in is showing no network.

  139. pls Admin reply me.

  140. Adim ooo dey didn’t send me message I checked online and it telling me “u hv nt been recommended for admission check back later. Hop it still possible to c my name few days after d list

  141. has the portal opened for acceptance fee

  142. pls is direct entry list out also

  143. Are dey go 2 release any list again bkos i score 236 no admission recommended

  144. Admin is that all second batch

  145. The link u shared is not even going

  146. will dere b any batch again afta Dis 2nd batch

  147. Plsss ooo…when is the closing date of the second batch admission list
    Are they going to keep uploading till friday?

  148. Pls admin,hw many list ar thy goin 2 release? coz i heard dat thy ar releasn d list accordn 2 d faculty nd departmetal course..,pls i need an ans

  149. I never see message on my phone, ND I heard they’re still loading it till Friday

  150. When will they open portal for acceptance payment

  151. I don’t understand any of this again Is ilorin only admitting indigenes cause it’s only their indigenes that I know is been admitted. and when jamb was posting students I was posted what’s going on.

  152. abeg i don’t understand these anymore,,,i’m also an indegine i did not see any notification even on my portal

  153. pls adm wen is unilorin pdegree form out nd d closing date

  154. pls ADM d jamb changing of course it is for 2016 jamb or 2017

  155. pls have they release any name from direct entry at all ?

  156. pls I mean changing of institution it is for 2016 or 2017

  157. Is there going to be a third list

  158. wen will registration will close

  159. pls z dr going to be a third list

  160. heard that they are compiling d last batch

  161. So would der b a third batch, pls answer……………..

  162. So u mean der is a third batch

  163. So wen should we be expecting the third batch…………..

  164. If der is no third batch, hw du u kwn dey ar compiling the last list @adim & oso

  165. pls I heard dey released a list oo

  166. pls admin wat wrong wit unilorin admission portal is not display

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