University of Ibadan (UI) Departmental Cut-off Marks 2016/2017 is Out

UI Departmental Cut-Off Marks for Admission Screening – 2016/2017 Academic Session

university of ibadan (UI) School gate

This is to inform all the candidates that participated in the University of Ibadan (UI) post UTME /admission  screening exercise, that the management of the institution has released the departmental cut-off marks that would be used for admitting students into its various undergraduate programmes for the 2016/2017 academic session.
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Anthropology 50.00 NIL
Arabic Language and Literature 50.00 NIL
Archeaology 50.00 NIL
Classics 50.00 NIL
Communication and Language Arts 62.91 57.16
E. Studies- French 50.00 NIL
E. Studies- German 50.00 NIL
E. Studies- Russian 50.00 NIL
English Language and Literature 57.10 51.25
History 50.00 NIL
Islamic Studies 50.00 NIL
Linguistics 57.08 56.54
Linguistics- Igbo NIL NIL
Linguistics- Yoruba 50.00 NIL
Music 50.00 NIL
Philosophy 50.00 NIL
Religious Studies 50.00 NIL
Theatre Arts 51.91 NIL
Agricultural Economics 51.00 NIL
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 50.00 NIL
Agronomy 50.70 NIL
Animal Science 50.25 NIL
Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 52.70 NIL
Crop Protection and Environmental Biology 50.00 NIL
Forest Resource Management 53.50 NIL
Wildlife and Ecotourism Management 50.00 NIL
Biochemistry 58.66 56.00
Dentistry 64.29 59.00
Human Nutrition 57.16 54.37
Medicine and Surgery 76.75 71.33
Medical Laboratory Science 65.20 59.83
Nursing 67.00 62.83
Physiology 57.79 55.25
Physiotherapy 66.95 64.04
Adult Education 50.00 NIL
Educational Management 53.50 53.29
Guidance and Counselling 50.00 NIL
Health Education 50.00 NIL
Human Kinetics 50.00 NIL
English Education 62.12 51.20
Yoruba Education 53.00 NIL
Arabic Studies Education 50.00 NIL
Islamic Studies Education 52.00 NIL
French Education 50.00 NIL
Christian Religious Studies Education 53.50 NIL
Communication and Language Arts Education 52.00 NIL
History Education 52.62 NIL
Early Childhood Education 50.00 NIL
Biology Education 50.00 NIL
Chemistry Education 53.00 NIL
Physics Education 50.00 NIL
Mathematics Education 53.20 NIL
Economics Education 65.00 58.54
Geography Education 54.79 NIL
Political Science Education 60.58 51.87
Special Education 50.00 NIL
Economics 62.58 60.47
Geography 50.00 NIL
Political Science 61.95 55.29
Psychology 50.00 NIL
Sociology 56.37 50.00
Anthropology 50.00 NIL
Archaelogy 50.00 NIL
Botany 50.00 NIL
Chemistry 50.00 NIL
Computer Science 63.50 57.79
Geography 50.00 NIL
Geology 52.50 50.00
Industrial Chemistry 53.95 NIL
Mathematics 50.00 NIL
Microbiology 62.14 57.33
Physics 50.00 NIL
Statistics 50.00 NIL
Zoology 50.00 NIL
Law 64.95 60.00
Pharmacy 70.87 64.81
Veterinary Medicine 50.00 NIL
Agricultural & Environmental Engineering 50.50 NIL
Civil Engineering 69.125 60.45
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 71.62 66.62
Food Technology 56.00 NIL
Industrial and Production Engineering 58.33 52.83
Mechanical Engineering 72.91 65.75
Petroleum Engineering 70.62 64.16
Wood Products Engineering 50.00 NIL

Congratulations to all successful students…

NairacampusNG Team


  1. I got 50″so my med and surgery is not working, my dream not fulfilling, chaii!

  2. What if we didn’t meet d cutoff for d course we choose…will dey chnge our course or we go for chnge of course form

  3. will there be any chance for a change of course in UI???

  4. Pls sir i had 58.9881 nd the cutoff mark for computer science is merit 63 nd ELDS 57 is der any hope and wat does ELDS means sir

  5. what does ELDS mean

  6. pls he do I know DAT I reach d cut off mark explain d process 2 me pls

  7. I don’t have physics in my o level result can I go for nursing

  8. Industrial chemistry and Geology. Pls which is better rewarding?

  9. please when will the merit admission list be out?

  10. I got 68.666667, pls do I have any chance of getting admission into reading medicine and surgery

  11. Gud day sir, pls wen Will d admission list be out. Today is 21th yet no list out. Pls sir brief us on d next step to take. Tank u sir

  12. Please I didnt meet up with the cut off for sociology can I change my course to either geography or psychology?

    • The cut-off mark released by the school will determine.

      No extra information can be provided by NairacampusNG.

      Meanwhile, UI Change of course form hasn’t being released.

  13. Pls sir, Today is 22nd i.e weekend. Yet d admission list is nt out. Pls sir wat is happening. This list is taking too much time. Pls tell us is it coming out today or next week. Tank u

  14. pls how do i access the change of course form


  16. Pls sir wat does ELDS means

    • Educationally less developed states. There are certain states across the nation classified as educationally disadvantaged thus making their cut-off requirements less than other’s.

  17. Sir, Please what are the likely courses to come out on the change of course form under the department of arts?

  18. Anoda bright day, yet no list. Pls sir wen will d list be out. D wait is becoming too long. Pls sir tell us wat is happening nd wat next to do

  19. pls admin,when will the change of course form for ui be out?

  20. Sir, I got 48.5, nd my course is Mth, is der possibilities of dem choosing me, nd pls what do u suggest I cn do

  21. Wen wil polyibadan we cal ND Aspirant for screening?

  22. sir,i ws told they send cot-off mark to student but still i cnt found any message sir…nd I dnt knw hw i cn calculate mine,or will dey resend d message sir

  23. sir,i ws told they send cot-off mark to student but still i av nt receive any message sir…nd I dnt knw hw i cn calculate mine,or will dey resend d message sir…b4 d admission list out

  24. admin,i cn found my cot-off mark pls

  25. geology…… admin,av try to check my cot-off mark but d problem ws dat my sunname was said it incorect password…nd am trying to change password nt respondin am worried.

  26. Sir please I dot know how to calculate mine and pls wot d meaning of ELDS

  27. when will d admission list be out

  28. when is admission list will be out

  29. Good day sir. my cut off is 53.4 and my course is educational mgt. am I qualify?

  30. pls admin, is change of course form still out? cos I wasn’t inform before. pls I need a quick answer. Thanks

  31. gud morning admin .ui sent a message to me ..although its an email about some application stuff sha …nd ion know wat it means sed admission into ui through distance learning mode(DLM)so pls wat does it mean ?tanx ..✌

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