UNILORIN Special Notice to Freshers on Clearance Status [2016/17]

UNILORIN Newly Admitted Students Clearance Has Commenced

This is to inform you that University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) has commenced the online clearance of her newly admitted students.

You can verify if you have been cleared for the course given to you by visiting the official website www.unilorin.edu.ng or the Undergraduate Portal >> www.uilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng

NOTE: Not everyone will get cleared at ones, it is a gradual process, it can take days for the completion of the clearance.

Congratulation to all successful students.

NairacampusNG Team


  1. pls wen will d second batch will be out

  2. Please, those dt av been to school, do you mean bcos u weren’t cleared lectures didn’t hold?

  3. I haven’t been cleared yet and there is no reason.. Pls admin..do something

  4. The cafe i did my screening registration made a mistake of uploading c5 instead of c6 in my agric result but after paying my acceptance fee i uploaded the real result so please i want to know if that wont affect my clerance


  6. pls ,bcos i uploaded my o’level result nd citinzenship cert late,doez dat mean my clearance 2 iz going 2 delay ?

  7. i checked my portal nd saw nt yet cleared dat i shuld upload a new scratch card nd i av done so but my upload avnt changed plz wat can i do


  9. Av uploaded my WAEC scratch card as requested for d reason why am not cleared, yet av not bn cleared,

    • Just give them some time so the admin can verify your result with the new scratch card you uploaded.

      After this, your clearance should be successful.

  10. Av been cleared wat is d next step

  11. Can they change d course given to u because of clearance? I have not yet been cleared because of state of origin cert. It is under processing. I’m afraid of late uploading and i dont know if it will affect my course

  12. My portal is not showing me to upload certificate of origin and I av nt been cleared I hope that won’t affect my clearance

  13. As anybody been cleared for telecom sciencev

  14. i couldnt upload my state of origin certificate cos the space to upload it wasnt provided on my portal. im a direct entry student and my state of origin is ogun state…help!

  15. I’ve not been clear, reason rescan and reupload A level result of which I’ve done still not clear why?

  16. they said not clear because on unacceptable result

  17. Pls, re we to upload state of origin cert before we can be cleared? i nid to know bcos i didn’t do anytin of such

  18. Pls Are Dey Doing The Clearance Faculty By Faculty And Wen Are We Starting Lecture

  19. Pls av not been cleared and av paid my acceptance fee

  20. which document sir, I only uploaded o level scratch card details

  21. which documents sir, I only uploaded scratch card details

  22. Has finance department start clearance

  23. I av uploaded all my necessary document and av paid for acceptance fee but de wrote u av not yet been cleared please what s d next step

  24. plzz wen z d clearance ending

  25. plz I heard we ave resumed but my clearance status is still delaying me

  26. pls admin have not yet been cleared up Tull now

  27. Are we 2 upload state of origin b4 been cleared

  28. Is chemistry department been cleared

  29. plz when will Christian studies be cleared?

  30. No one from faculty of education has bein clear an so also my departmen Adult & primary education, anyone dat has ben cleared? pls i wan to knw.

  31. what are the necessary docs. to be uploaded

  32. I was given a reason of re upload new scratch card for waec… Do I need to activate the new scratch card again before uploading?

  33. pls I ve not been cleared and I am afraid bcos I am based in lagos n so many stories regarding clearance status. I uploaded all required docs after acceptance fee payment n nothing until now.

  34. pls ave not yet been cleared. but ave dey reach management science. under admission status dey wrote acceptance fee Will soon be open.pls help me am afraid.admin pls I need ur help.

  35. I checked my clearance status last week and dy ask me to upload d newly approved certificate which i did nd i checked bck today dy still said av nt been cleared dt i should re upload av dy nt checked it pr wat should i do

  36. The status said not cleared.
    Reason :Re upload a new scratch card
    Av done dat 4 weeks nw, still not cleared
    For how long please

  37. admin,has anyone been cleared from zoology dept.?

  38. Have not been cleared
    Educational management
    Am I the only one ??

  39. students of education when are they going to clear us.

  40. wen I checked my clearance status, it was saying I can’t be cleared for my course due to my utme or whatever, pls does that means I will be given anoda course?

  41. please am con
    used ooo he
    ard unilorin won’t accept ond in to computer science 200level and I’ve been offered admission through direct entry what do you think

  42. Av been cleared education department so wen is d deadline for d clearance

  43. I have not been cleared my LA told me to come to d comsit and they directed me to d admin office and d admin officer told me to calm down. Sir my level adviser told me dat they have some his department sir i need your help sir till now i have nt be clear

  44. Heard that the clearance stuff is in order of alphabets

  45. is it compulsory to upload state of origin certificate

  46. which tym supplementary list is coming out

  47. Pls, am a DE candidate nd av uploaded my documents excluding cert of origin coz i wasn’t ask to abt 1 month now but am yet to b cleared. Hope no problem?

  48. admin, I ve not been cleared,pls what is happening bcos i loaded all necessary requested.

  49. Admin..pls when is the deadline for second clearance??…I mean the clearance by Level advicer.the one done at the faculty


  51. Plz admin..am confused my clearance status says you are not cleared on account of unacceptable result please what will i do and hope it won’t forfeit my admission

  52. Pls,admin,they Wrote on my portal that due to unacceptable result.what does that mean and i loaded all what was requested?


  54. Admin I avn’t been cleared for my course and they gave me reasons: its bcus I av unacceptable result,pls what should I do?

  55. Admin,I avn’t been cleared for my course nd they gv me reason: Due to Unacceptable result,pls wot shuld I do


  57. Av gone to d school to meet d HOD of my course,buh I was tld to wait for d movement list due to d subject I sat for in my jamb,buh I dnt knw if dat will affect my registration.

  58. can i resume without being cleared

  59. plz wen wil d second list be out??? t z taking tym


  61. D school said I should rescan and re-upload my documents and av done yet av not been cleared am i going to be clear or not sir or it is because of the error in my surname instead of ojo they wrote Felicia and the problem is from jamb what are my going to do sir

  62. I have nt been cleared,my state of origin certificate was rejected bcoz it was a photocopy nd I den uploaded d original ND I have still nt been cleared…my department has started lectures I’m I to start without being cleared?

  63. pls sir when u have exceeded ur limit pf chcking a result with ur original scratch crad details can it still be used for uploading?

  64. Av not been cleared, reason stated there is check back later, hope theirs still hope for being cleared

  65. I uploaded all the necessary documents required of me.. I haven’t been cleared yt and I’m a remedial Student.
    Please what can probably be the issue?! Getting impatient now.

    • Clearance is an ongoing process, so keep checking it to confirm your status.

      Better still, You can contact your level Adviser or goto the admission Unit for possible solution.

  66. Pls,i was asked to re upload my waec card which i have done but not cleared yet

  67. Sir, I have upload my o’level result but my citizenship is still under processing. What can I do before it get late? Because lectures have been commence.

  68. Do they accept combination of both WAEC and NABTEB result.

  69. i made mistake in uploading my best 5 sub, instead of civic edu A3, govt was uploaded as A3 nd i ddnt even sit fr govt at all. wat is d penalty

  70. Sir av not been cleared dey asked me re upload my citizen certificate av don dat for d past 1 month yet av not been cleared. and dey said d payment will close next week tusday . what should i do

  71. Have been offered admission and I have paid my acceptance fee.On my clearance status now it was written that I cannot be cleared on account of unacceptable results,And b4 I was given the course I uploaded my credentials sir pls whats the solution ?I

  72. what scrath card are they requestin for

  73. are we to pay for registration before clearance. lf we are to pay then which money are they asking us to pay after clearance. am among the 2nd and final list.

  74. When i login the porta is not processing what can i do

  75. how are we to register when the portal is not opening.

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