Kwara Poly HND Admission List 2016/2017 is Out – Check Yours Here

Kwara State Polytechnic  HND Admission List for 2016/2017 Session Released


This is to inform the general public that the Management of Kwara State Polytechnic has released the HND Admission List for 2016/2017 Academic Session.

How to Check KwaraPoly Admission Status:

–  Logon to

–  Enter your ” Registration Number or Applicant Id “ and “Lastname (Surname)”

–  Click on “Submit” Button

–  After this, you should be able to see your admission status.


If you’re having issues checking your admission status on any device; you’re doing the following things wrong.
1. Your surname must be written in CAPITAL/UpperCase letters only, but you’re only trying to check using lowercase/small letters

2. What you have in your application number is the “underscore” symbol/letter (_) and not the Hypen symbol/letter (-)

3. If Eventually you are able to check it and it says “admission still being processed”, calm down and check it later in the day or few days later.

Congratulations to all successful students…

NairacampusNG Team


  1. when will kwarapoly updates their list

  2. please when will kwara State polytechnic release of their second batch for HND?

  3. Pls i want to check my admission and it says ‘your submitted application is being processed’ pls I av being admitted or not?

  4. Pls wen wil ND list will be out

  5. pls,admin when will kwara poly nd list will be out.

  6. when we ND list will
    be release

  7. please my status is stating that
    no application record found
    and I registered and kp even sent me that my registration is successful through my email
    hope nothing is wrong?

  8. on my page I saw (your submitted application is being processed)I don’t understand

  9. Pls is HND second list out

  10. Pls how many hnd list they we post and wish time it we out

  11. pls wen will anoda list will b out

  12. plsss I have been admitted when dey pasted the first list because I saw submitted nd admitted but when I checked it on Monday I saw submitted only..what happened sir/ma

  13. pls wen will the second batch will b release

  14. please mine says application not found
    what does it mean?

  15. pls when is the ND list for kwara poly going to be out??

  16. When is kwarapoly second batch admission list will be out

  17. pls for how long will it takes for the school to realased the nda admission list….pls am sick am tired of stayin at home it’s not easy…..

  18. Pls Sir/ Ma when will the second batch list be released

  19. Wen is d HND second list is coming out

  20. pls when wil nd list for kp wil be out

  21. Pls wen I log in, it telling me application is not submitted yet. Pls can u tel me how to log in

  22. Mine was saying admission in progress before but now is bring out no application record found, plz hope al wel? cux am kinda scard.

  23. Pls is it saying dis same “your application not yet submitted. pls wat does dat mean

  24. Pls I enter my username but telling me “your have not yet submitted application” pls wat does dat mean

  25. pls I heard that they will not update hnd list again. is dat true

  26. Pls,wld kp upload more HND admission list?
    Anytime I check,it only says my submitted application is being processed


  28. is 2nd batch list out

  29. When we day rules 2nd Bach

  30. when is second batch hnd list will be out

  31. Azeez nafisat omolabake

    pls help me check mine no application record fund applicant id hndft2016_863673

  32. Pls notify me when 2batch hnd admission is out.

  33. I will advice you to go to the cafe because mine was also saying your admission is being processed mean while I have been admitted when I went to check at the cafe

  34. Pls when is d second batch hnd admission will be released

  35. pls, when m’ checking my admission is used to told me dat No Application Record found

  36. I think dat was d second batch of ND admission. But wot of we that was saying no admission record found. Just Declare ur mind, admission is closed for dis year. Abeg, don’t deceive us again

  37. I checked my own profile, it was saying “no admission record found” please what is d next thing for dat

  38. when will second batch release

  39. d second batch is out today av not been admitted. but its saying is being processed. is dat all for second batch? or some will still b pasted?

  40. I tink they attached sum name today, i dont tink is d 2nd batch.

  41. is the kwarapoly 2nd batch admission out?

  42. i got a message sayin if i dnt go and pay my fees dat my admission will b forfeited pls admin what those it mean

  43. When is kwara poly 2nd list gonna be out

  44. Check how you spell your surname on the HND’s form. Your surname must be written appropriately the way it is. It has happened to me before

  45. Pls admin when is Kwara polytechnic HND second batch will be released

  46. When is HND 2nd batch be out

  47. pls give me admission for the sake of Almighty Allah my applicant id prehndft2016_381007

  48. When was the second batch we be out

  49. Plz check 4 me,prehndft2016_424490

  50. Pls I ad upper credit ND dy said dey re Givin admission based on merit yet my name is nt out oooo

  51. When is the second batch coming out for 2016/2017 HND

  52. I beg the school athourity to please give me admission for the sake of GOD am tired of staying at home my reg is prehndft2016_813347 looking forward for good news

  53. kwarapoly is not giving by merit is by knows person ..

  54. Pls, wld KP upload more HND adminision list anytime i check, it only says my submitted application is being processed I don’t understand

  55. There should not their should.

  56. Is fulltime hnd releasing end like that

  57. pls is d second list out

  58. I hear some say hnd list is off,is that true

  59. is it true that hnd second batch is out? and How can we check it? Pls admin for God Sake.

  60. Is it tru Dat dey release anoda HND List 2dy?

  61. Is it true that hnd list is out

  62. oladiji oluwabusola

    By asking by goggle the second batch is out, but by people am asking is nt yet realsed, am totally confused, Is the second batch out


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