Check Out Five Easy Work you can Do To Earn Extra Cash as a Student

It will still be a worthy experience if we can earn extra cash by doing things which doesn’t require much stress or in any way demeaning.


The best ways to make money both online and offline as a student. Lots of original ideas on how to make money quickly and easily to boost your finances.

1. Learn the most paying skill: Though most people might just advice you learn a skill, but not all skills can be learned within a short period of time. However, there are still some you can learn within two weeks or three and you start earning from it. Examples are Graphics design,baking,front end web design and so on

2. Work as a freelancer: This is pretty easy to set up provided you are really ready to make more money. Who is a Freelancer? A freelancer is someone who is skilled in a particular field and works for different company and people without necessarily being employed by them.
Your skilled area can be writing, editing,translation,photography, web design,illustrating and so on. So what are you skilled at, or what skill do you want to learn. There are also some online company that uses the services of freelancers like fiverr, upwork and You can check them up  and make your decision.

3. Blogging: Though this has been really abused because of the “copy and paste” bloggers we have now. But you can still make it in this field if you are going to be writing unique content and working hard. It doesn’t require any previous experience, but requires little capital.  To get started, pick your niche and set up your blog. If you need help on how to set up a blog,contact me.

4. Work for your parents: Okay this might sound somehow, but I think you should try it. Let say your mum is a petty trader, why not follow her to work and help her with sales. After each day sales,always remind her you would be needing extra money for your upkeep at school. Do this for 2months and you’d have succeeded  in building a strong bond with her. You will be surprised at what surprise you will get you when you are leaving for school.

5. Making yourself available: This works with the first two point I’ve given. Let say you don’t really know how to do a certain stuff like logo design, but somehow somehow, you got the job to design a logo for a friend or anyone, the trick is never say “I can’t do it” Just go learn how to do it. It is all over the internet.


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