UNILORIN Acceptance Fee Payment Has Commenced [2016/2017]

UNILORIN Payment of Acceptance Fee Now On for [2016/2017] Academic Session


This is to notify the newly admitted students of University of Ilorin that the portal is now open for payment of acceptance fee.

The Acceptance Link in Now Available for Payment.

How to Make your Acceptance Fee Payment:

– Login to your Portal via the school website >> visit https://uilugportal.unilorin.edu.ng/putme_login.php

– Enter your JAMB Registration Number and Surname in the spaces provided.

– Proceed to make your payment

Amount to be payed is N20,250.

Once you are done Paying Your acceptance fee, you’ll be asked to Upload your Citizenship Certificate.

Also you’ll upload your O’level results with the scratch card details for checking, it’s advisable to get a new scratch card for this step.

After Everything is done, Check your portal frequently for your clearance status..

Wishing you all the best. NairacampusNG


  1. please the citizenship certificate… is it state of origin certificate

  2. Pls was any exam written during d screening that they r asked to re upload d o level result again?

  3. Pls wen is the closing date?

  4. hope it’s not closing today???

  5. I score 202 in jamb for finance should i be expecting my name for second batch .

  6. Is It Compulsory To Upload The Document Immediately

  7. we will the second batch admission list out

  8. Have paid my acceptance fee and also through with the uploading of documents since on Saturday but I’ve not been cleared yet.

  9. Have paid my acceptance fee and also through with uploading the documents since on Saturday but I’ve not been cleared yet

  10. My citizenship certificate is not yet done will I able to do acceptance fee

  11. please is the citizenship certificate the same as state of origin certificate? during physical screening Will school living certificate be required?

  12. i am a direct entry student i have been given admission and i have not yet collect my ND result pls can i pay my acceptance fee

  13. Can i use the local govt of origin or the state of origin for the citizenship certificate required

  14. i did not need my result now

  15. can I use affidavit for citizenship if my is missing

  16. I wasn’t asked to upload my state of state of origin certificate….what could be happening?

  17. Plz Admin i hope the payment for the acceptance fee is nt closing tomorrow..

  18. I tried to upload my o’level result & in the colomn of document type it was clicked only(—) showed,what shld i do?

  19. pls I hope today is not the last day to pay for acceptance fee

  20. Ve paid for ma acceptance fee nd ve nt bin cleard, i waz nt askd to upload ma state f origin certificate ve bin checkin since on friday ve nt bin cleard. What z goin on

  21. pls have paid my acceptance fee but I am yet to upload document, hope it won’t close if d acceptance fee should close

  22. Will there be notification prior to the last day to pay for acceptance fees. Thanks

  23. Salaudeen Monisola

    pls am frm Kwara state bt its Lagos state identification certificate that I have bcus am born in Lagos state pls can I upload d Lagos state certificate

  24. Av Paid Acceptance Fee Nd Uploaded My Document But I Was Nt Asked To Upload My Origin Certificate Nd I Av It With Me,dey Said D Space Is Nt Dere For Me To Upload,hope It Will Nt Deny Me Of My Admission Bcos Am Scared.


  26. pls help me I have different name on my waec nd jamb hope it won’t affect my clearance cause I was told to do affidavit, name on my waec is Adeola omobolanle Mariam and on jamb it Adeola omobolanle Teniola pls reply.

  27. pls I have different names in my jamb nd waec and I was asked to do affidavit pls hope it won’t effect my clearance .

  28. pls I have different name in waec nd jamb nd I was asked to do affidavit for it pls hope it won’t effect my clearance.

  29. Have nt been cleared yet since Friday, y?

  30. I was trying to upload my citizenship but it didn’t accept it. only have a space for my o level. what can I do and hope they will clear me without it been upload

  31. do i need my testimonial for d clearance

  32. Good morning admin,please I wrote waec in two different schools and I used two sittings,Will I be asked to submit the two schools living certificate and the two original waec results during physical clearance and will it not affect me?

  33. Please when is d resumption and clearance date for freshers

  34. please ain’t we printing acceptance payment receipt

  35. is Local govt state origin letter of identification the same as state of orgin certification

  36. uhm,please i paid my acceptance fee already but the document type space aint bringing any option its blank whats happening

  37. Pls wen is d acceptance fee closing

  38. option to print the acceptance payment fee is not there …

  39. I already paid my acceptance fees but I wasn’t given the option of uploading my nationality certificate. Pls I hope it wouldn’t stop me from being cleared because I ambalready scared

  40. Pls when is acceptance fee closing date

  41. please I need the feedback urgently

  42. please do confirm and give us feedback because I also wanted to ask the same question as moses. Thanks

  43. When is clearance starting

  44. Can I upload certificate of birth instead of state of origin

  45. pls is it tru dat payment of acceptance fees will b closing 2day?

  46. please admin have you help confirm that option for acceptance fee payment receipt.

  47. please I need the feedback for the acceptance payment receipt option …

  48. pls is it true dat new student are to resume on d 15 of dis month

  49. admin please reply me nah …

    • It’s not necessary to print the confirmation slip.

      After the successful payment of the acceptance fee, you will be asked to upload some documents, And you might have to get a new scratch card for this process.

  50. pls i paid for d acceptance fee, buht i am yet tu upload my state of origin, hope it wont affect my addmission.. pls reply

  51. Pls will someone see admission without uploading the certificate of citizenship

  52. I heard new student are to resume on d 15 pls is it true nd what abt d clearance.

  53. pls wen is d payment closing

  54. I’ve been trying to pay the acceptance fee….and it’s replying transaction failed due to insufficient balance whereas I have more than the required amount on my account…. what’s the problem please? and then please I misplaced my scratch card for o’level result, what can I do?


  56. Sulaiman zainab damilola

    Is it neccessary to buy new strach card

  57. When is acceptance fee closing date

  58. pls if one is giving provisional admission, and u HV paid they acceptance fee, what if there HV not clear you in uni Ilorin

  59. pls sir my state of origin is nt yet ready can I proceed with d acceptance fee and upload my documents later

  60. pls in my jamb I use kogi state, while in my screening I use kwara, and they have giving me admission, hope there is no problem

  61. I Used The Old Scratch Card I Was Given Pls Wd It Not Disturb My Clearance

  62. pls I jst want to knw wen wil c our second batch

  63. yes sir wen I was uploaded my screening details In my o level result I use awaiting result, n I fill in d subject. so wen the result was release there is a mistake from Neco they change economic to commerce, hope they is no problem. but I have been given admission

  64. Pls dere is no place to upload O level result

  65. pls,am waitin 4 unilorin second list but my screening score as nt been shown, hope no problem.

  66. pls sir I have uploaded my document but still waiting for the clearance when will it be out?

  67. When the will begin, becos av paid my acceptance fee since a week ago

  68. Pls is the admission list for jamb candidate or remedial

  69. sir you said there is problem so are they going to change my course or what? with my previous question sir. or I will b screen out?

  70. whenever i try to veiw d uploaded documents, it is always bringing blank paper. why

  71. some are sayin tomorrow they will start the clearance and the said after payment of school fees there is some iterms givin to the new come student, like what? admi.

  72. pls when is d closing date of d acceptance fee

  73. i uesd my card 2 times and uploaded it the third time will it still work.

  74. wen will clearance commence

  75. please
    when will the acceptance fees close?

  76. i used my scrach card 2 times and uploaded it the third time is it okay.

  77. when is the clearance starting sir

  78. Till when will the uploading of documents portal be open and closing date..

  79. I have been offered admission and not yet cleared after 5 days since I paid for the acceptance and uploaded of necessary document. I ve got ur previous answers base on that… But after clearance, what’s the next step and can we proceed for resumption to SCH haven’t been cleared ? Thanks

  80. Have paid my acceptance fee, but yet to upload my document bcos my state of origin hasn’t ready, and the acceptance fee is closing on 13 octomber.

  81. Acceptance of undergraduate
    admission extended
    Acceptance of admission is extended to Thursday 13
    October 2016.
    Admission of candidates not accepted within the stipulated
    period will be deemed to have lapsed.
    Faculty of Agriculture
    Faculty of Clinical Sciences
    Basic Medical Sciences
    Faculty of Law
    Faculty of Education
    Engineering & Technology
    Faculty of Science
    Faculty of Arts
    Faculty of CIS
    Pharmaceutical Science
    Faculty of Social Sciences

  82. sir pls when is d deadline

  83. sir pls when is d deadline I heard its on Wednesday

  84. my name us eniola,

    Ihave paid my acceptance fees and Ihave uploaded my documents but I am yet to be cleared. Since Wednesday 28th of September.

  85. Good morning sir, I have uploaded my documents with the card since 28th of September but up till now I am yet to be clear. Hope I am save

  86. Do acceptance fee and uploading of documents close the same day..

  87. pls sir when I check the pre_admission screening registration,the waec result I uploaded was nt there again,and when I tried uploading the documents the document type was blank..plz what is happening sir??

  88. Good morning admin, please how long does it take one to be cleared?
    please will there be any physical clearance and when is it please? please when will freshers resume?

  89. sir u said there is problem with my previous question. so I am going to b clear out or change course for me

  90. admin, greetings and God bless u for all d assistance. pls I ve loaded all requirements n acceptance fee paid since last week n yet to be cleared. Will I be cleared and I hope all is well with my admission as I am scared

  91. Have paid my acceptance fee since last week and until now have not been cleared

  92. D guy made mistake in ma weac agric a3 instead f b3,i waz sent a text msg,given admission for estate management paid ma acceptance fee(i cudnt print out d statement fee maybe cuz i paid thru atm) i waz nt askd to upload ma state certificate bt only weac don dat it sed successful ve nt bin cleard over 2wks naw

  93. pls sir after clearance what next.thank u

  94. and also when is the school resuming

  95. pls sir what are the items given to new student.

  96. sir pls what are d item given to new student.

  97. sir. they have not send massage that they have given me admission. but when I check the portals I was given admission hope no problem! second question. I fill in my screening with awaiting result. so wen the result was out Neco made a mistake by changing the course for me. so u said there is problem, so are they going to clear me or not or change my course

  98. Admin ve paid my acceptance fee BT not yet upload my citizenship hope my admission won’t lapse cause acceptance fee is closing on Thursday

  99. is acceptance fees and uploading of document close the same day

  100. I wasn’t ask to upload my olevel result jst d scratch details, n av uplaod my state of origin

  101. I tot u said freshers
    are resuming on d 15?

  102. Acceptance fee extended to 13th oct & convocation btw 17th-22nd 2016

  103. Admin tank u for d help may d almighty continue to bless u nd ur family abundantly

  104. sir I dnt see massage that I have been given admission. but when I check the postal I have been given admission hope no problem? second I a question, when I was filing the screening form I use awaiting result, so when Neco was release they made a mistake there. they Change economic to commerce and u said there is problem. so I am going to b cleared or they will change d course for me

  105. please sir can I upload affidavit cos there was mistake on my surname.

  106. Pls wen is d uploading of document closing

  107. Pls admin is d uploading of document closing on thursday

  108. good pm admin,please after i paid my acceptance fees i was told to upload my ijmb ‘A’ level result,which i did..it said successful..am i safe?secondly do u have an idea when d clearance will commence!thanks

  109. Ehm! plz sir av not pay my acceptance fee buh d problem am having now is my citizenship certificate is not yet done,,,,,plz can i pay my acceptance fee without uploading d citizenship certificate??

  110. pls wat next after clearance

  111. Pls Wen Are We Resuming

  112. can I still pay d acceptance fee tomorrow

  113. If ur documents appear on the table below……does dat imply u’ve successfully uploaded them???


  115. If document appear on d table below, is it succesfully uploaded

  116. Pls wen z d second batch admission list coming out

  117. If i successfully upload my documents would it appear on the table below…….

  118. Wen is d clearance starting

  119. Pls admin am having some delay wit my ND certificate now dat d payment v closed can i still upload my document.tanks

    • Anyway the deadline is for acceptance fees payment not uploading of documents…You can upload your documents any time but the earlier the better so you get cleared on time…

  120. When is the clearance starting

  121. Re we still resumin 2mao 15th

  122. Re we resumin on d 15th which is tommorrow

  123. sir has clearance started.

  124. good morning sir I have paid my acceptance fees and yet to b cleared hope my admission is still safe and again sir u went back to check my admission status and it said acceptance fees will soon be available

  125. please admin

  126. pls sir I av paid my acceptance fees but yet to b cleared hope my admission is still safe

  127. wen re we resumin

  128. Wen r dy going to begin clearance

  129. pls i need reply

  130. Pls sir i have paid my acceptance fee payment and hv uploaded my o lever result bt there is no space to upload citizenship certificate, i hope there wnt be problem and am nt yet cleared

    • Once you have paid the acceptance fee your admission is secured but you still have to do the uploading of some of your credentials, not doing it before before on the 13th does not mean your admission would be taken.

  131. Are we gonna be cleared b4 resumption cause ah heard fresher’s is on the 24 oct

  132. pls has clearance started

  133. has the school started clearance

  134. pls Sir has clearance commenced

  135. Please I don’t know the problem that I have not been cleared since I have paid my acceptance fees.

  136. pls sir, dey said freshers student are to resum to d school on 24 oct easit tru? (admi).

  137. pls can I pay for accommodation without been cleared?

  138. Sir what are we to do in scholl on the 24th..is it registration or what?? I am confused..

  139. pls for those that have not yet paid for the acceptance fees.we the portal be open.

  140. wat re d credentials to uploaD.Cause hv uploaded my ssce certificate.Nd clearance has started nd hv not been cleared.

  141. pls sir, (admin) wat n wat we shoul come wit it to d school UNILORIN 2MORO 24 oct 16.

  142. Pls admin can i stil upload my credential

  143. Pls admin.ve got a swious prblm. I ws gvn admission and didnt I knw till accptance payment ws closed. Pls wat can I do …pls reply on time pls

    • According to the statement on the school portal;

      Acceptance of admission is extended to Thursday 13 October 2016.

      Admission of candidates not accepted within the stipulated period will be deemed to have lapsed.


  145. Pls admin can i upload my my o level & citizenship certificate pending d time my ND certificate would be ready.

  146. Pls admin I’ve paid the acceptance fee n upload my credentials still I’ve not been clear

  147. Adekoya Oluwasola Temidara

    pls I did not see a place 2 summit my state of origin certificate but orders are summiting there own and pls when we they start clearing us hope is not going 2 affect me

  148. I uploaded my dicument on the 21st nd till now I ve nt being cleared.I dnt know wat to do abt it

  149. sir, i wen to d skul notin has take place. pls n pls were can we go an get beter infom in d skul environmen (UNILORIN).

  150. is there anyone that has been cleared

  151. I was told when I checked my clearance status that am not cleared for B.A performing acts,REASON:Bcous of unacceptable result,can anything be done and when will it be done

  152. thanks & God bless u for all your help on information regarding Unilorin.

  153. pls is it true that Orientation for new students is on Sunday 30th Oct., 2016. Also, can I attend as I am not yet cleared.
    Please what is the position re resumption of new students with different informations

  154. pls sir concerning d old citizenship wnt Ibe cleared with old cotizenship

  155. Pls sir wen shud we b expectin d 2nd batch list

  156. sir we have not been clear and
    this the second week from redemption. wat can I do now

  157. sir I just check my portal n they said
    Clearance Status
    You are not cleared for B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science .

  158. I’ve not been cleared due to a reason; re upload waec scratch card….i have re uploaded it…but I don’t see changes…Am I to wait for any update on my portal?


    • Acceptance of admission is extended to Thursday 13 October 2016.

      Admission of candidates not accepted within the stipulated period will be deemed to have lapsed.

  160. please admin when ever I check my clearance status they told me to check back later, up till now

  161. in my own portal d said, u hv nt be cleared for B. (ED) dis means wat? (adm). below, kindly re upload all ur documents, i hope am sv wit my admission. PLS HELP ME OUT. TANKS.


  163. can first batch student pay acceptance fee wit second batch?

  164. pls wats going on wit unilorin admission dis year,I heard dey av resume yet sm pple asnt find deir name,does DAT means no addimission for dem,can smbody explain


  166. Where will the second list be out???

  167. Pls Can The First Batch Studend Pay There Acceptance Fee With Second Batch

  168. pls how mucb is overall sch fees, including accepptance fees.

  169. please the second batch are unable to pay their acceptance fee

  170. it keep saying sorry,payment for acceptance fee will soon be available
    please till when

  171. pls i was nt asked to upload any citizenship certificate after the payment of my acceptance fee

  172. pls how am i goin to upload the citizenship certificate

    • It may be a problem with the programming of the portal,there may have been a mistake, the option to upload it has always been there keep calm and upload the ones you could

  173. pls in d process of uploding o’level result, d document did’nt upload but just bring a box to fill ur Scratch CardPin, Centre Number & Year of exam… Wright Pls?

  174. I want to pay my acceptance fee but it is stated there that the acceptance fee will be uploaded soon but av checked before it was already uploaded at that time.whats happening?

  175. Pls my name came out with second. batch and normally it is posted that payment will soon be open but now wat they uploaded is that payment for first batch has lapsed…and my name came out with second batch..or does it mean it came out with the first btch

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