LASU Important Notice On The Release Of Certificates

The Certificate Unit of the Exams and Records of the University Registry, has retrieved a total number of Twenty-Four Thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty-Four [24,734] issued Certificates [Diploma and Degree], ready for Collection across Faculties and Schools.

Graduates are ADVISED to visit this link:,734-certificates-diploma-degree.html

NOTE: *Certificates will be released to Graduates at the Certificate Unit.

* Payment for late collection after the stipulated period of Four [4] weeks after Friday, 21st October, 2016, of this publication is Fifteen Thousand [=N= 15,000:00] Naira only.


  • How do i get the list of names released for school of communication part time diploma certificate?
    Cos I checked.there are only 13 names & my name is not even on the list
    I completed my diploma 2010,did my clearance,paid d 5k for certificate in 2013 & I have my notification of result
    Yet my name isn’t on the list

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