AAUA Departmental Cutoff Mark For Admission Requirement [2016/17]

AAUA Releases 2016/2017 Departmental Cutoff Marks.

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The Academic affairs of Adekunle ajasin university released its cut off mark for 2016/2017 academic session

For Candidates seeking admission into Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA), Below are the Departmental Cut-Off Marks for 2016/2017 Academic Session.


PROGRAMMES     Screening Merits WT. AV   Jamb WT. AV

1. Agricultural economics 30/180
2. Agricultural and rural development 30/180
3. Agronomy 30/180
4. Fisheries and aquaculture 30/180
5. Animal science 30/180
6. Forestry and wildlife 30/180

1. English studies 37/197
2. Performing arts 35/190
3. History and international studies 38/198
4. Linguistic 35/180
5. Linguistic Yoruba 30/184
6. Yoruba 30/184
7. Philosophy 36/198
8. Philosophy and religious studies 30/190
9. Religion and African culture 32/190

1. Adult Education 31/180
2. English education 42/227
3. History education 31/180
4. Religious education 30/182
5. Educational management 36/204
6. Guidance and counseling 38/205
7. Childhood education 30/180
8. Biology education 40/225
9. Chemistry education 34/192
10. Computer education 30/185
11. Health education 40/217
12. Human kinetic 34/181
13. Integrated science 32/181
14. Mathematics education 32/188
15. Physics education 30/198
16. Technical education 30/180
17. Accounting education 40/214
18. Economics education 37/205
19. Geography education 31/198
20. Political education 40/219
21. Social studies 35/210

LAW 44/255

1. Biochemistry 45/255
2. Chemistry 31/190
3. Industrial chemistry 31/200
4. Computer science 42/236
5. Animal and environmental biology 35/203
6. Geology 38/224
7. Applied geophysics 30/191
8. Mathematics 30/184
9. Industrial mathematics 35/200
10. Microbiology 45/255
11. Physics and electronics 35/196
12. Plant science and biotechnology 35/192

1. Accounting 45/224
2. Banking and finance 42/220
3. Business Administration 41/228
4. Economics 39/192
5. Geography and planning science 35/190
6. Political science 43/229
7. Public administration 40/228
8. Psychology 35/196
9. Sociology
10. Criminology 35/200
11. Mass communication 41/212

Note: All candidates should note that, these cut-off marks are subject to change by the School Administration.
Good Luck to you all.


  1. This is too much o

  2. This mark too much oo

  3. d cut off is to high

  4. plz aw can I change my course to anoda course

  5. Haba… 4 God sake dis is too high nw

  6. I can’t even understand d format. Wats d meaning of 255/30

  7. Can i study law with 242 and 2sitting in 0-leve

  8. Cn i be admitted for linguistic i av 35 point nd 188 in jamb

  9. my jamb sor is 204/36 ad i’m goin for bank/fan is there hope for me there becos i like d school oh.

    • That’s the department of the C.E.O of this great NairacampusNG.

      And a student of the great institution.

      Just hope for the best and keep praying.

      You shall make it IJN.

  10. Olorunmojo boluwatife

    I have 212 in jamb and 38 point can i still study biochemistry

  11. Is there hope for 32/182 bnf plz help me out


  13. Hw about me I applied for mass communication and my score is 39/220

  14. Is there hope for 39/220,mass communication

  15. Itz Franklin pierce

    Is like thy wanna teach demselve in the skul with this rubbish cut off mark

  16. Akinjoko Racheal

    pls my jamb score is 192 nd i didnt see my score for d screnning,pls what am i going to do,nd my course is health education

  17. pls my jamb score is 194 and my point is 33 pls am I going to he given a course

  18. I Score 215 In Jamb Nd 36 Point I Put In For Accounting. Later I Went To Check My Screening Again, I Saw Criminology Is It Error Or Wat

  19. when we they cut off the strike

  20. I score 227 in jamb and 36 in screening point for accounting what my chance for admission

    • If you didn’t met up with official cut-of mark for accounting.

      Then you will have opportunity to switch to another course if possible the school release a change of course form.

  21. I score 193 in jamb and 32 in screening point it is possible for me to gain addmission

  22. Are these jamb cut off marks applicable to DE students as well?

  23. am a bnf aspirant, I got 37/215 as against 42/220 …any hope

  24. I score 40/229 for business administration and the cut off point is 41/228,Is there any hope?

  25. I scored 40/228 and I chose banking and finance wat are my chances?

  26. I scored 40/228 wat are my chances? I chose banking and finance and the cutoff is 42/220, and is it true the first. list is out,if yes the change of course out?

  27. Is there hope for history and international studies, 34/200

  28. do u think me dat score 40/228 and the cutoff is 42/220, for banking and finance do u tink I shud apply for d change of course if it will cum out or will dere be anything like catchment

  29. I scored 32/192.and I applied for sociology. is their hope for me

  30. I pray dere will be catchment o bcos it is jst two marks remaining for me to meet

  31. I scored 193 in jamb and 32 screening point and I want to study biochemistry is it possible to give me chemistry that go on my point

  32. Is dere any hope 4 30/184 in lingustic

  33. Is There hope for those who do not meets their departmental cut off to be listed in second batch…………pls already getting scared and curious

  34. I scored 31/210 and i want 2 study mass comm,my 31point is due to 2sitting in O’level result i knw my chances are slim but pls i don’t even knw wat i can study nw

  35. i scored 192 in jamb and 36 in screening and i want to study criminology can the school giv me admission

  36. when we the chaning of course out

  37. Arigbede Olalekan Temitope

    am tired of all this one

  38. D candidate dat is nt up to there course requirement can school give dem anoda course?

  39. 194/32 for business admn.can i get adm?

  40. i scored 41/216 for public admin and the sch cut off mark is 40/228 is there chance

    • Unfortunately! We don’t give assurance concerning admission here.

      The cut-off mark released by the school will determine.

      No extra information can be provided by NairacampusNG.

      Just hope for the best and keep praying.

  41. I have 35/225 i put in 4 banking and finance is there hope

  42. I scored 204/36 mass communication which is not up to the cut off and I dnt Have any idea of course to take pls can you help me out.

  43. I have 199 in my jamb and am going for accounting. Can I still go for it. Or I should go for Change of course

    • The cut-off mark released by the school will determine.

      No extra information can be provided by NairacampusNG.

      But it will be safe if you can change to another course.

  44. 199/30 for economic education is this possible? 39/192 on list

  45. I have 207 in my jamb and my point is 30 point agronomy

  46. Is there hope for me? i applied for guildiance and counseling and i scored 35 point and 201 in jamb

  47. an DE student I apply for guidance and counselling with 41point but didn’t forward my transcrip to d school management is there hope for me to be admitted

  48. I believe in God

  49. Am for DE I got lower credit in mass communication but later change my course 2 criminology point is 44 pls any hope if the second batch out

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