Sponsored Post: 6 Reasons to Buy an E-Book

Sometimes debates about whether good old printed books are going to survive or will be replaced by e-books become really boring and tiresome. Really, who can predict something like that? Paper books preserve some obscure magic that takes you far-far away, in a long journey with your favorite heroes. You turn page after page, hear this sound, feel paper on your fingers… In the end, you can collect as many books as you want and create your own private library with comfortable seats and a little room for coffee and cookies. Sounds perfect! But it doesn’t mean e-books are unnecessary or “pure evil”, as some people believe.

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Even true fans of printed books have an electronic device. In the end, it is about reading itself and comfort in certain situations. So there is a bunch of reasons to buy an e-book.

#1: Convenience.

When a paper book is a great way to spend a lazy day, for you to enjoy reading in a free time in a cozy corner of your room, sometimes it doesn’t work out as great in other places. Does it feel comfortable for you to carry the 5th part of Harry Potter with you? Or Joyce’s Ulysses? Or another book weighting much more than all the other things in your bag? E-books, on the contrary, are very portative. You may not even notice its presence in your bag and fit easily practically everywhere.


#2: Studying.

Speaking about portativity, it is definitely better to carry only one device instead of seven books you need for your lessons or practical studies. Keep everything in one place, organized and synchronized – and you can be sure that everything necessary is with you.

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#3: Economy.

There is a huge number of texts for e-books available for free. And  those that are not can be bought cheaper than paper versions. One more advantage is that you won’t lose your book. After you buy it, you can download it from your personal shelf of a service whenever you want.

#4: Friendly for your eyes.

Some people claim that e-books are harmful for their vision. However, it just means that they have no idea what they are talking about. Too much reading can really cause damage for your health. But it doesn’t mean you should stop reading. It means you should take some breaks and do special exercises for your eyes. And back to e-books, special e-ink technology makes the surface identical to paper. It means you get a digital version of paper – completely innovative, but absolutely save solutions.

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#5: Multifunctionality.

E-books were created for reading. And this remains the basic function. Nevertheless, every device is equipped with certain multimedia features. You can listen to music while you are reading (if you feel comfortable this way), or you can listen audio books and learn new languages. Wi-Fi connection provides the Internet access in case you need to download or send something.

#6: Availability.

Along with all the already mentioned benefits, e-book doesn’t belong to those things you can only dream about, but cannot afford. Thanks to Jiji, it is even more affordable now. Jiji is the biggest Nigerian classifieds website, and you probably already know it. It is the most up-to-date and the most advanced version of a marketplace, offering users a wide range of benefits: huge selection, low prices, and shopping opportunities from anywhere. Follow the link and be sure it is true —> http://jiji.ng/36-ebooks

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Open Jiji.ng in your browser or special app, choose a category, discover what is offered, and get an e-book you like the most. Such a simple scenario will make you happier immediately. Happier and smarter. A pretty nice combination, isn’t it?

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