1>>Posting of Candidates to Various institution commenced two weeks ago and there have been serious concern among the candidates that are not posted to their choice of institution by Jamb or candidates seeing error message like “cannot find table 1”.

The posting of candidates can be Accessed through the official jamb website HERE.
Now the Big question that comes into play is Why some candidates are posted to their school of choice while some are not posted.
There have been unconfirmed reports as to why candidates are not posted for admission and some of them will be discussed briefly here.

1) LOW JAMB SCORE: The believe of many is that any candidates with a higher jamb score are the set of applicants that are posted by jamb to their choice of institution however this report is not true based on Analysis carried out by NairacampusNG and we are arrived at the conclusion that the posting is not based on score due to points below.

I) Some candidates score above 260 and their names is among those that are not posted for admission.
We also discovered that some candidates that scored 270,291,266 are also not posted by jamb.

ii) Candidates that score 180 were posted to top federal universities based on our analysis, we discovered some candidates score 180 in jamb and their names have been forwarded to their institutions.

Based on the two item Above we have concluded that the posting of candidates is not based on the performance/score of candidates in JAMB.

2) O LEVEL RESULT : Another unconfirmed report is that the posting is based on the point system that circulated earlier and we have also concluded that the posting of candidates is not connected to their o level results, we pay attention to the o level result of many candidates that have been posted and those that are yet to be posted and we realised it is not the jamb posting of candidates deciding Factor.

3) JAMB : We have no choice than to agree that only Jamb is responsible for the posting of candidates for Admission and only jamb knows the criteria for posting of candidates.
Moreso we encourage all candidates that are yet to be posted for admission consideration to re-check Regularly on jamb website.
It’s mandatory for any candidates that meet up with their school General cut off mark to be considered for admission in their various institution ( e:g unilag 200, OAU 200, UI 200 , Delsu 180, imsu, 180, ansu 180, buk 180, nsuk 180, futminna 180

Never give up and don’t lose hope, it’s not over until the admission window closes.

Notice: We are using this medium to apologise for not replying your comments, it was due to one or two reasons, but our research through the comment box makes us to realise many of the 2016 JAMBITES are yet to be posted for admission process.

we are using this medium to implore you to please wait and keep checking their portal HERE, as this process deals with algorithm, JAMB will definately want to post candidates to an institution where they will have at least 70% assuarance of admission.

so you don’t have to panic maybe you will not get admission cause you haven’t be posted.

we wish you Goodluck.



  • I’m so downcasted by all of this.. Can u imagine my friend was posted and I was not even when I have a higher score……

  • Since it is like this now, how can one know that he or she has been posted to their different schools of choice. I scored 203 in jamb.

  • JAMB has not stated publicly the criteria for posting candidates to various institutions of their choice. It is safe to say that the usual ‘Nigerian factor’ has come into play. How else can JAMB explain why it forwards names of candidates who barely score the national minimum score to their chosen universities while those with higher scores are not posted. The obvious explanation is that those candidates have successfully settled JAMB hence their names are forwarded. Those who refused to go and settle the powers that be at JAMB may have to wait till eternity. MAY GOD HELP NIGERIA!

  • I scored 224 in jamb…I choose unilag course edu economic they have not posted my name yet please are they still posting name to unilag

  • pls am yet to be posted for my admission and my school screening coming up on 23th july i hv ceridt in my o level result pls i want jamb to do some things befor that date pls.here is my phone 07064503921

  • My son scored 218 points in JAMB 2016 and he is yet to be posted. He chosed UNILAG as his first choice.

  • i scroe 200 in my jamb,and an yet to be posted for my admission,and my school screening is coming up on stauday 23th july,and i also have five cerdit in my o level result which jamb requitre but an yet to posted pls i want jamb to pls help me do things about my admission before stauday 23th july pls.here is my phone number 07064503921

  • I hav bin trying to check wer I hav bin posted for bt deg keep on telling me dat am nt yet posted,bt then when I typed d last two letters with capital leta,deg said LIST 1 is nt found,then lata when I used small letters,I was told dat am nt yet posted.

  • am left with only 2 times to use my registration number, to check if I have been giving admission, can I still use it after checking for 5 times?

  • 2015 i scored 243 i didnt get admission i was not posted..this year i ve scored even higher 257 and up till now i ve not been posted yet i am very anxious

  • If a candidate’s O’level result
    Wz nt filled during Jamb registration.How can she gt 2 submit it so as 4 d result 2 be used in calculating her points

  • If a candidate was unable to fill in her O’level result during Jamb 2016registration.how can she submit it so as for it to be used in calculating her aggregate for admission

  • please i hv cameroon results and the application form fr screnning has no GCE bt waec . what do i do? how do i fill it?

  • I am not been posted yet 2 any institution and my choice institution is OAU, OAU screenin exercise form is out 15-7-16 and closed on 20-7-16, i dont know what 2 do now. Pls i need ur advise

  • My reg no: 65908922HB I scored 240 and applied KASU but upto now it is still showing me yet to be posted.

  • pls,help us to tell them to post us weekly before the posting will close.because ,i don’t know the cause of this!

  • pls help me to beg jamb official to post me because my choice of institution will commence the screenning on 25of this month pls

  • I also have good points on jamb but still am not posted yet while someone who scored 180-190 all are been posted

  • My reg no is 66370633AB,i really want to get posted to oau with my most preferred course nursing science,i’d appreciate if jamb will post me there.thanks Adegbite Temitope Suzan

  • I have not been posted by jamb. I applied for futo and I scored 216,and my school cutoff mark is 180, and yet not posted. Right now the deadline for the admission screening in my school is on Thursday these week, pls what should I do. Should I just fold my hands.

  • pls I haven’t been posted, I scored 237 in my jamb to study medicine & surgery in uniport, pls is there any hope for me this year?

  • Please, since i heard jamb as open their portal 4 admission, have been checking and till now, have not been posted. I score 207 for the faculty of AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS and i have 5credits down in 5subject i want to use. A friend of mine here score 202 and jamb as posted him. Pls, am worried ooo. Jamb should help out

  • Please oooooo jamb, please have mercy on us, please help me my first perfered choice is ui, and their screening test is coming in two days time please my jamb registration number is 65923928GB, Eeejo e shanu

  • Plz I haven’t been posted yet and I score 215 in my jamb to study Environmental Management in BUK •i guess there is still hope for me

  • I believe soonest that we all will be posted due i have not being posted but the Jesus is the speaker and my strength

  • i bag 199 as my jamb score,still not posted why and when wil i be posted,i wish to know because my heart is bleading,

  • Seriously this is frustrating have been checking my own since last week but same old story you have not been posted yet I score 200

  • please its obvious that till yet i haven’t been posted to any of the institution, and i scored above 200

  • Futo has not started any screening;;;;;;;;;;everyone should relax;;jamb is still posting;;;;they re posting on how fast u regsitered jamb

  • I scored 227 and have not been given admission pls ooooo what is wrong oo.it really baffles me and am so sad. pls

  • I scored 233 in jamb, two Bs and five Cs in waec. and I have not being posted yet. what should I do ? I chose unizik, medsurg/medicine & surgery.

  • Now what is the way forward ? I have not been posted to either my choice or any university in nigeria and screening is ongoing

  • I have not been posted, I scored 226, my registration no is 66243519DG and my choice of institution is LAUTECH.


  • why the delay in posting?how then shall we be settled to look out for the screening date of the school we choose since we don’t even know where we’ve been posted yet.

  • Score 199 yet posted why? Pls we wan jamb to do something for de money we took registered Jamb, pls we help!!

  • Jamb is using d reg no in ascending order to post d admsn status.keep on checking.bcos i scored 208 in jamb nd i av been posted

  • I am not yet posted my score is 211 ;I applied for MLS in UNICAL pls jamb help BABA OJODOMO GODFREY FROM KOGI STATE.

  • I put Uniport as my first chioce,but the Jamb websit has been telling me yet to be posted. I scored 234 in Jamb, I have 5Bs and 3Cs in Waec

  • I put Uniport as my first chioce,but since Jamb websit has been telling me: Yet to be posted. I scored 234 in Jamb and in my Waec I have 5Bs and 3Cs

  • please i scored 218 in jamb and yet to be posted and my school is imsu.please help me. i have been restless since and am very upset

  • good morning ladies and gentlemen,it beats my imagination each time I check my name what I see is you have not been posted yet.am so worried about that. scored 207,curse,microbiology in Futo

  • I scored 210 ad I apply fut Mina bt am nt yet be posted by jamb pls somebody shld help me ad tel me y? bt some of my frds that scored 200 are already posted why me I havn’t

  • plzz i ave nt been posted by Jamb nd i score 212 my 1st chioce z unizik…… Accounting

  • please jamb help me have not been posted yet .I feel like losing hope these my 3rd time of seeking for admission help

  • Please i have not been posted by jamb i scored 233 nd frist choice is uniuyo……pharmacy jamb why?

  • I scored 270 for pharmacy in uniport yet to be posted with such high score I just wonder oh my friend with 194 has been posted to uniport to study same course its shocking and painful my question is why???

  • I am so confuse about the issue of jamb posting…i remain jobless at home bcos to acquire knowledge to my self…i keep up checking where i have being posted to but all is vain..jamb still telling me not yet………pls for God sake consider our problems….am the only guy in our family that want to proceed wit education…i use this opportunity to beg jamb to not bring disgraced to our family…..this is my reg number.65753655hi…..i have everything they all need

  • it’s very disturbing, I applied to Unilag,scored 212 and Am yet to be posted while I had friends that scored 202, 205,210 who has been posted

  • I score 239 I applied for biochemistry in Michael okpara university of agriculture umudike but have not been posted yet… please I have waste much money not planning to continue to regret at the end..God help us

  • plz what’s wrong, it’s just displaying nt yet posted, i scored 193 , and even I have done my post utme before in tasued , help me out oooo, my reg numb 66491747CB

  • I have not been posted yet…please our leadders we are confused, this is frustration, pls let’s something be done on this issue, don’t allow urfuture leaders to die with hypa.

  • Please I scored 177 in jamb will they give me admission into federal poly nekede in estate management?

  • Oh! God Almighty help me, I scored 266 in JAMB and still not have been posted yet, my institution of choice is UNN NSUKKA and my course is PHARMACY. please JAMB help us and post us please.

  • pls am very surprise cos I made it up to my general cut off mark and still have not been posted yet, pls jamb do something b4 its too late to reconcile this

  • I applied for abu zaria mechanical engnr as my first choice,and still not yet posted and i dicover dat some cndidts were posted to polytechnics.may ALLAH grant us admission ths year.Amin

  • i scored 259 in ma jamb to study medicine n hav nt been posted yet why? i no
    understand again God pls help me jamb Abeg help me

  • I don’t understand what is happening in our education system. please o! i am not yet posted ,jamb please post another one and please don’t forget me. God bless jamb

  • pls this is really not so fair, wats delayin our posting. all my frnds have gone 4 their various screening in their various choice of institution including a frnd I wrote jamb wit had left me 4 her screening in de same uni I applied. pls jamb help us. staying at home is really making us decline academically. pls help us. there is GOD!!!

  • Please i score 194 in jamb and i also have nine (9) credit in o level to study civil engineering and till the r not posting me yet . Why?

  • i don’t know what jamb means this year i scored 226 and i applied for bsc nursing in kano but i checked it at list 5 times but they are telling me am not yet posted why?????

  • pls should I still get hope I never get any post umte form of my school I thought is jamb is given admission. and I score well In my jamb. am afraid of loosing it. pls tell me what to do because they said no admission given yet God pls help me

  • Its so sad to hear dat 90% of the 100 dat scored above cut off point of their various instituition are yet to b posted by jamb and nothing is being done about it. So does dis mean if one is not posted then he/her can’t register for d screening??? Nigeria!!!! Its a usual thing tho

  • My name is Eshiet Happiness Ubom uniuyo is my first choice and i score 203 in jamb bt hav nt yet been posted. why? 08032117660

  • My name is Eshiet Happiness Ubom uniuyo is my first choice and i score 203 in jamb bt hav nt yet been posted. why? 08032117660

  • please i have not been posted yet,what is going on ? My jamb score is 210 yet nothing has been done please the jamb authorities should help students in this matter

  • My name is Unyime Tom, uniuyo is my first choice and i have not been posted yet. What’s going on? Please JAMB do something about it

  • omo this is annoying and fustrating,I have been checking since last week and there have not been any good news. jamb abeg help us nw

  • pls, for God’s sake, either u re posted or not,make sure you get ur school’s screening form nd go for d screening,jamb has, already sent your names to ur school of choice as a screening list,d final admission depends on the school,make sure you don’t miss ur screening,either you were posted or not

  • which kin wahala b dis? jamb is just looking for a way to frustrate people’s children. give me one reason why candidate’s who already made it will not be posted

  • pls and pls oooooo is jamb not posting candidate using awaiting result ni cuz am so scared ooooo I scored 223 and av nt been posted yet

  • Hello, i checked the jamb website they said av not be posted yet, what should i do, this my reg number :65202294CA and i score 196

  • I have not been posted yet and just yesterday I got a text saying that my name has been sent to novena university for admission when I did not apply for that I applied for uniben and I 210 in jamb English and literature;my o level is one sitting I mean I met the requirements pls jamb am begging in the name of God give me an admission to uniben the school I applied for thank u.

  • I score 213 and i have not been posted or is it because i put awaiting result…? ,course:banking and finance…

    • The awaiting result you use is not a deciding factor but can only hamper your admission screening when you have been posted.

      Just keep checking it.

  • please can your age difference make you not 2 be posted, because I got 265 and my friend got 260 and she has been posted but I havnt

  • I still don’t get why JAMB is doing all this, i scored d required mark and my O-level at one sitting, and m’ still not posted. They should please help us, bcos am scared.

  • pls wen is d posting closing, am scared my ‘o level’ is very ok, nd even my jamb..am putting in fr aaua, but not yet posted. am so worried

  • pls jamb should do something quick, bcus jamb is inflicting candidates with bp the minister is our father and the registra too.so why are you tempering your childrens? iam a victim i score 219 apply for atbu. am not posted

  • pls jamb should do something quick, bcus jamb is inflicting candidates with bp the minister is our father and the registra too.so why are you tempering your childrens? iam a victim i score 219 apply for atbu. am not posted reg no;65717693AD

  • jamb is sending the names of candidates that merit their departmental cut off marks first. so if you don’t see your name, may be the course you applied for is very competitive in your sch.of choice and those that applied for the same course with you got higher jamb scores……….I will only advice you guys to start praying may be jamb might post you to another uni and if they didn’t may be till next year…… GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US (jamb victims)……. my jamb reg 65094030FG……….

  • Jamb pls y are u people doing dis to us just try and post us that our mine wil be at pieace pls jamb ooo my score 259 going for political science education in uniuyo pls hav mercy on us oo

  • Please i have check for 4 times still showing not posted yet and I have 5 credit in my o, level result and I scored 209 please help me my number is 07032892698 thanks

  • I went online and have been to so many blogs and read many treads because of this jamb posting. I have not been posted and it bothered me but I finally saw something. I saw a guy that said he went to jamb office to complain and they asked him if his school has started screening, he said yes and they told him to quickly go for it and forget the posting. Some school said whether you have been posted or not, you should go for there screening as far you put them as 1st choice, so right now am not bothered, I’d rather follow what my school of choice decision because and the last run its still your school that will grant you admission not jamb.

  • I score 175 in my jamb result and i have not be posted to any school.i know that my mark is low and my o’level is good. i know that the course that i applies to(mass communication) is competitive to school that i also applies to (fed poly oko) plz jamb help me for the sake of God and plz find a suitable instution that will suit me and my main course (journlism) THANKS AND GOD BLESS

  • I have checked jamb portal countless time but it keep showing av not been posted it frustrating pls jamb u poeple should do something as soon as posible

  • Can U b posted when u score bellow ur course and institution requirement, I score 182 , can I b posted to another inst wif a diff course?

  • With due respect jamb, mine is written not yet posted; what happen please i need your help my knees are on the ground post me so that i will be at peace i can’t eat. PLEASE

  • NOVENA UNIVERSITY sent a message to me saying DAT my name was sent to them for Admission .but d issue is DAT I dd not even applied der. in order to confirm if it is true I den Checked it tru Jamb portal but to my surprise jamb said to me
    Pls GOD help me , I really want to b posted to UNIUYO. I scored 211 ,Petroleum Engineering

  • Jamb and the officials are just nincompoops. How can they just try implementing something without making people aware? I just believe in my God that He’s gonna help me. Can’t get hypertension at my tender age.

  • I am confuss. Dont know btw post utme n jamb which should b scrapped out. Jamb pls help us o. I havent been posted

  • I am confuss. Dont know btw post utme n jamb which should b scrapped out. Jamb pls help us o. I havent been posted and i scored 206 economics and my 1st choice is ndu

  • I am confuss. Dont know btw post utme n jamb which should b scrapped out. Jamb pls help us o. I havent been posted and i scored 206 economics and my 1st choice is ndu my reg no is 65761164FF PLS HELP ME

  • plz av nt yet bn posted nd av bn checking evri dai 2 c if am bn posted buh it stil kept saying dah am nt yet bn posted hia is ma registration numba 65094753CB dnt jst knw y av nt yet bn posted

  • hello sir, thank to very much for your explanation. I applied for direct entry and I will really appreciate if you can explain the issue of jamb lasting for three year. thank you

  • novena university sent me txt dat my name iz der in dia admission list but wen i check they say am yet to be posted,plz i dnt get it.My Reg no 66211627HA

  • Pls i scored 218 in my jamb and i put Unizik as my first choice. Stuying medicine and surgery and i hv not been posted yet. pls wats the problem wil i still gain admission pls jamb do something cus am really SAD……

  • I am also yet to be posted , still confused
    because jamb said the cutoff mark is 180 while unizik is insisting at 210. Will they give me admission because i scored 201.

  • I scored 227 in jamb Uniben 1st choice course law.I received a message that they sent my name to Novena university for admission but when i checked jamb portal i notified that i have not been posted.it baffels me,i’m not happy please post me and let my mind be at peace.Reg.65124568BA.thanks for your splendid feedback.

  • pls o I scored 204 , federal university Enboyi /political science and since I have been checking it been not posted yet, pls is their any hope for me

  • i scored 227,novena university send me a message that they received my name for admission,i checked jamb portal but they have not posted me.jamb please post me let my heart be at peace.Reg.65124568BA

  • why i haven’t be posted yet??? and I scored 210 in my jamb and I have all o level credits demanded. do something jamb

  • Following d recent scrapping of post ume…am still hearing screening exercise and test.
    my question is will dere still b exam or just screening d student??

  • Following d recent scrapping of post ume..am still hearing screening exercise and test.
    my question is will dere still b exam?

  • Pls I Scored 210 In Jamb For Educational Course In Unilorin And I Heard Dat They Av Started Posting Candidate To Unilorin But Av Nt Been Posted After Checking It Countless Time And D Form Will Be Out Soon Wat Can I Do Plz

  • Jamb pls hav mercy,i score 219 an am yet to be posted an my school form admission is about to end am confuse Reg no=65737038HB,sch of choice unn

  • Almighty Allah do not 4gt me, really fed up don’t even knew what to do. I scored 224 and am yet to be posted, even am tired of patience, so sad jamb pls do smtin to help me.

  • Pls i have not be posted to any of my institution yet pls jamb what is happen screening is starting very soon help me out i have high score but still not posted yet i apply for ksu here is my phone no 08073965827

  • I scored 200 in the matriculation exam and am yet to be posted to any school by JAMB for admission consideration,Pls help me,My no is 08029160698.

  • all hope is in de name of the lord who made haven and earth.God is time to show us mercy i scored 186 and i pray that God will do it for me in Esut AMEN

  • I av not been posted yet,, what can I do please?! they keep showing me blank page…plss help me out my reg. number is 65644304IG

  • pls i score 181 in jamb bt i v nt be posted in any institution nd my o’level is exellent why pls help oooo am worrid

  • pls i score 181 in jamb bt i v nt be posted in any institution nd my o’level is exellent why pls help oooo am worrid. my reg no is 65125556FD

  • We that are not been posted yet what shall we do to see that we gain admission? Sb should help me check my own here is my reg no 66576197DF Notify me in time plsss.

  • I put in 4 subject(math,phy,Chen,eng)in jamb but in my course of study I choose economics education are dey goin 2 accept dat

  • I score 206 in my jamb an I have not been posted yet oh God of mercy, have compassion on me ooo but there is hope for me

  • Is it true that jamb have cancelled they names of candidate they posted, because I checked my admission status last month and i was posted, but last night I was touched to check it again, what I saw was not yet posted. what’s the reason, jamb should please answer me. I’m so sad,God please help me.

  • I scored 198 in Jamb and put unn as my first choice to study law but dnt know if I Wl be posted pls help me

  • I scored 198 in Jamb and put unn as my first choice to study law but dnt know if I Wl be posted pls help me my numba is 08098596827 pls notify me if I have been posted

  • what is jamb waiting for. day and night I consume my battery checking the internet to know if I have been posted but all I see is, page 1 is not available, jamb pls I dnt nid any explanations from u, all I nid now is that u post me because time waits for no man.

  • i score 227 in jamb nd av nt been posted yet why,i nid an answer pls am tired of staying at hme god pls help me

  • i scored 227 in jamb nd av nt been posted yet why,pls i nid an answer am fedup of staying at hme god pls help me

  • Pls, I have tried checking but not going through, so wat can I do?

    Pls, i av not been posted. This iz my reg no_
    66150486GG. Pls notify me

  • Av not been posted yet and I score 197 eksu is my first choice.what else do u wnt me to do, cos am fed of checking evrytime

  • I score 217 in jamb and my school delsu my course is political science what will I do now 66350403gg am from gods delight gospel asembly aka free indeed and I no my god must do it for me so let my faith speak for me 09032291314

  • Pls help me. Am getting frustrated because have not yet been posted by jamb. Are we just going to keep on waiting until the admission window closes.

  • Please help me. I score 193 in jamb and I have not been posted yet please do something 65781573DF my phone number 08149914534 and 08170796390 thank you

  • I have not being posted by jamb i score 201 what should i do ..i really need this admissio this year please update me here is my phone number 08039234875 my first choice is RSUST THANKS

    • Just keep checking it, your posting details will be available as soon as possible.

      Meanwhile, its advisable to apply for your school of choice admission screening as the posting of a thing might not be relevant atimes.

  • my final average score is 48 (jamb=232) ,pls honorable admin. do I have chance of being admitted to study pure &applied maths? hence what will be the department cut off for the course I applied?
    am really in need of response

  • My names are BEM AONDOALUMUN SIMON and my JAMB REGNO is 65215815AD. I wrote my jamb and scored 190, I applied for industrial chemistry in kaduna state university and up till now I haven’t been posted for admission.
    I log in on the school portal just to discover that only 3338 candidates were posted and I wasn’t among them, if not for the fact that I know there is God and I believe in him, I would have said that i’m loosing hope but with faith in the Lord to do a new thing in my life, I still stand firm with faith that I will make it in Jesus’ name.

  • 65215815AD is JAMB REG.NO. I wrote my jamb and scored 190, I applied for industrial chemistry at kaduna state university. Their admission list is out with 3338 candidates but my name is not on the list, why is it so?
    JAMB assured us that each and every candidate that has scored up to the required cut off marks which is mustly 180 and above will definately be given an admission but why is it that must of us that scored up to the expected marks are left behind uptill now?
    If not for the fact that I have faith in God almighty, i would have said that i’m loosing hope.
    Please JAMB should consider us if not we always feel bad for ourselves when our friends are posted and we left behing and we are loosing patience. Please JAMB should do something. This is my phone number.08175833148

  • please i score 194 and my is showing me blank space wat about the school jamb gave us in our jamb print out. is it not the school they post us to

  • I got 191 in jamb and my total average was 58.9 and I put Mouau as my first choice and I also did pre-degree in that school the course i applied for is human nutrition and dietetics still I have not been posted but I believe that with God all things are possible BC he is the God that made impossibility to be possible he will surely do it for all of us in Jesus name we pray Amen if u believe type Amen

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