JAMB Enables Portal To Check Institution You Have Been Posted For 2016 Admission

As promised by the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB), the portal for candidates to determine the institution they have been posted for 2016 admission has been enabled.


Candidates can actually check the institutions they have been posted for 2016 admission.

The portal is yet to be made official on its website, which goes to show that the candidates details are still being uploaded.

So if you check and it does not display your details, you can always check back.

How To Check Institution You Have Been Posted For 2016 Admission

-Visit the portal by clicking here

-On the page that opens, enter your JAMB Registration Number in the space provided.

-Click on “Check where you have been posted for admission” to access the details.

See other students sharing their successful admission consideration using the comments below.

Notice: We are using this medium to apologise for not replying your comments, it was due to one or two reasons, but our research through the comment box makes us to realise many of the 2016 JAMBITES are yet to be posted for admission process.

we are using this medium to implore you to please wait and keep checking their portal HERE, as this process deals with algorithm, JAMB will definately want to post candidates to an institution where they will have at least 70% assuarance of admission.

so you don’t have to panic maybe you will not get admission cause you haven’t be posted.

we wish you Goodluck.

Visit this website daily for another important update coming soon.


  1. de said nt yet for mind wat is next plz

  2. waooo all tnx to God I just check mine and i saw my details

  3. my own site dnt wnt to open for me to put my reg no.

  4. Pls i have been checking mine since yesterday it was showing me blank page.What else can i do?

  5. it said “cannot find table 1”

  6. yea is tru, a friend of mine was posted to her sch of choice Esut

  7. pls I view mine..does it min no admissions for me dis year

  8. Sum ar seenin der nd mine said nt yet posted,wot is next cos i dnt fancy all dis


  10. Xme wit me here…pls wen can I chk again??

  11. y is mine nt posted yet?

  12. Glory be to allah i saw my detail

  13. de said have nt been post yet,wot next plz

  14. I checked mine nd I was told dah I’ve nt been posted yet..wat elz shld I do now? Does dah mean I wunt gain admission dis year?

  15. Thanks to God almighty i saw my details and was post to the sch of my choice

  16. i have tried but still saying nt posted yet i scored 205 to study radiography in unical will i get it

    i have tried but still saying nt posted yet i scored 205 to study radiography in unical will I get it

  17. pls mine is theve not post me yet what is the nxt stp

  18. av checked mine 2, i was told not been posted yet wen should i check it again bcos am tired

  19. shamsu haladu salistu

    I went to chec my admission in to universities

  20. abeg it kips writin ‘cannot find table 1’ wot shuld i do pls reply

  21. I have checked mine and has not been posted yet. what’s the next step

  22. TO God b da glory afta 7 yrs GOD has provn to b truethful n Men liers jus bin posted to Uniuyo for My LLB Law .Jamb score 241 in my 1st choice institution. Brethren pls join me in praise n thank God for HE has started doing mine so HE will do urs


    I hu check mine nt posted yet wat next.

  24. de show my name ND said DAT is nt posted yet

  25. Adeyemo rosheedah

    it as been sayin “nt posted yet” since ve been tryin it,pls wat is hapening!

  26. Umukoro Abraham

    Checked mine n it’s says sori nt posted yet,y na.

  27. mine saying not posted yet I realyvneed it

  28. v also tried several tyms but I was told I wasn’t posted yet, pls Wat wrong

  29. Babatunde oluwatosin ifeoluwa

    have bein tryin mine but tellin not posted yet pls a have mercy on me for Godsake

  30. i just check mine and they said not posted yet what is going on because i know my God is not sleeping

  31. Chidalu chukwuchekwa catherine

    I hv checked mine, bt stil saying nt yet post……wots holding

  32. i can find my

  33. I av been checking mine but it kips saying no admission is given yet what should I do

  34. Pls wat does it mean by”cannot find table 1″

  35. Pls someone should help for, date business management screening date at RESUST

  36. ave been trying to check mine n dey are telin nt posted yet.

  37. ave been trying to check mine n dey are telin nt posted yet.

  38. I ave been trying to check mine n dey are telling me nt posted yet. pls u guys should do smtin

  39. God pls help me i check and dy said nt posted yet help me o lord

  40. I have checked mine but. it saying sorry nt yet posted.


    i’ve checked mine thrice, the site show my name, but keep saying i’ve not been posted, how is it. MAY GOD HELP YOU (AMEN)

  42. I have been checking mine since deh first day jamb launched their portal I have been unable 2 see my detail am even tired.. I subscribe everyday to check mine….. Plzz jamb should do something

  43. I checked mine but it says “cannot find table 1”.please what does that mean.?

  44. pls help me pray that God should touch the heart of my helper to help me in posting me , cus am tired of checking every blessed day and help those that are under my catigory in the name of jesus

  45. can i beable to change my course now?

  46. Pls elp me cos av been tryin my own too,I saw nt posted yet.av been doin dis 4 d past 5days.wot cn I do cos av fed up nw.

  47. pls have been checking mine,to know where am posted to but it is showing me a blank page..i have faith in GOD dat i will soon be posted

  48. plz hearken 2 our precious voice&cry.

  49. i hv checkd mine i hv been posted to unizik for biochemistry

  50. Jxt checked mine nd dy said nt posted yt…… Wt will do nix

  51. solomon olaitan eunice

    I have been checking mine since the day first jamb launched their portal I have been unable to see my detail what am seeing is am nt been post yet

  52. mine too is saying no admission yet but i know nd beleive dat GOD is going to help us all to get dis admission.jxt trust in HIM nd it shall b well.

  53. plz can someone help out on howbto check where am posted? I dont really know hw.

  54. Mine too is saying ‘u av nt been posted’.but i knw nd biliv dat GOD is going to see us tru nd we will all get admision dis yr.jxt trust in HIM nd it shall b well.

  55. have get mine also just blank page am fed up jamb pls do something

  56. just post us to school then you can wish us success



  59. I score 306 but I never see my posting. Instead they said cannot find table 1

  60. yeah!!! I saw mine.thank God

  61. i checked mine but it says , can not find table 1,what doss that mean please.

  62. Edith Onyinyechi Omeje

    I Checked Mine It Said That cannot Table 1 went does that mean

  63. mine keep on telling me “couldn’t find table 1,please what’s de next step

  64. Mgborogwu Onyeka E.

    I’ve checked mine, nd they said, sorry not yet posted, what do I do?

  65. Adegbesan opeyemi temiloluwa

    have been trying to login but is not going through.am tried oooo should take my mind off it? because I can’t even sleep

  66. No Admission Yet, Anyway Just Relying On God

  67. Halima abdullahi

    I check mine everyday ,av yet been posted
    The is out for the school
    (Futo) i applied but i dont knw how to get it

  68. I chek mine ad it said not yet posted

  69. DEAR GOD Into Ur Hands I Commit My Waec Nd My Admission

  70. Please kindly check mine. 66346910GJ

  71. I have been checking mine since last week and it keep telling me I have not been posted,wat is happening,somebody should do something,don’t even know what’s going on anymore.


  73. Mine Says, Not Yet Posted Or Cannot Find Table 1

  74. Pls wen is unizik screen going 2 start?

  75. i have checked mine and its say sorry not yet posted pls jamb do something about the erors pls,thanks.

  76. plz palz hv check mine twice, d keep telling am nad yet posted…ah pray God should help me..

  77. I scored 224 in jamb, not yet posted….ways the problem?

  78. I hv been checking mine Bt dey keep telling me not posted yet

  79. i dnt think jamb have posted any uniabuja candidate,admin can u verify please.

  80. Ukanwa Cynthia Chimuanya

    I hv checked mine but de said no admission yet, wht should i do nw.



  82. I hav checked mine and is sayin not posted yet.my course is pharmacy nd i scored 219 any hope? Skul:uniuyo

  83. I check my bt sorry not yet posted pls wat’s d next thin, i choice unilorin God Av Mercy On Me

  84. Deekor Youngman lesor

    Cannot find table 1 is what am seen ooo.

  85. avcheck mine still sayin no admission yet

  86. may d Lord help us all.

  87. yusuf abdurrahman geza

    what happen to the jamb post for admission i have still not seen my posted for admission

  88. Have checked my own telling me have not been posted, pls any Futa candidate here, pls let me hear the latest information yet.

  89. good day plz wen will futa 2015/2016 commense?

  90. young men/women,be patient distribution of names has just started It must reach ur side..

  91. can u help me 2 check mine? JAMB NO:66421319DJ tanx.

  92. no admmission yet! no admission yet! tired of checkin o,

  93. it says cannot find table 1 how I gonna do

  94. my is saying DAT I have nt been posted yet god pls help me



  97. Lucky h karickson

    I hav trayed so long to see my but on able to posted my details too why,but sha i stell hav trust in god he will never fall me i will keep on cheking till god show me my.trus in god brothers an sisters,our god will see us true in jesus name

  98. is there hope for a foreigner i got 194 in jamb and i want to study Els @delsu

  99. Pls wat [email protected] find table 1 mean……….pls say it

  100. My is saying admission not given yet

  101. I heard they have started given admission to candidates that put unizik

  102. I scored 222 in my Jamb and I applied for petroleum engineering in funai but I have not been posted yet. What is the problem because am tired of checking it

  103. Ave Been Checkin Al Dis While But It Sayin Not Yet Posted. I Dont Understand Anymore, What Should I Do?

  104. av being checking mine and it showing my name and also saying admission is not given yet pls wat wrong

  105. Yes have I not been posted yet, wat is wrong

  106. Any hope of being posted 4 me dat got 183

  107. I score 236 ; want to study physiolody at unizik but av checked since the portal came out but they keep sayin not posted; wats goin on

  108. I scored, 240. I choose unilorin as my ist choice. Am yet to be posted

  109. Pls am tired of checking my status. I check it every day but it’s saying nt yet posted. Pls wat can I do cos am fed up.


    MINE not yet post pls god help me who wil i cry to hmm

  111. Praiseeeee God ,i got it unimaid!!!

  112. I have not been posted yet Wat should I do



  114. Onuorah juliet ukaoma

    please jamb what is cannot find table 1.what does that mean.

  115. Pls,i’ve checked mine and it’s giving me, cannot find table 1 ,pls what can i do? thanks.

  116. did that.Mean i wll nt get admission dis year

  117. Plz I scored 209…..tew study mass com,have bn chkin all my life nd et kip on sayin sorry u ave nt been posted yet or cannot find table 1……What’s de matter??Am scared o

  118. God help us mine is uniben and i scored 222 mass com not posted

  119. i ave check my and d replied sorry nt yet posted


    I have not being posted yet i scored 192 any hope?

  121. babatunday Olabisi

    I have check mine since yesterday,it say sori admission is not given yet

  122. they write me : sorry no admission given to you!yet

  123. have checked mine,time witout number bt it was tellin me dat am nt posted yet,nd 2 my greatest suprise my frend dat we did jamb d same date nd time bt diffrent course has been poste d to lasu.Y ar d management treatin us lyk dis ply solution is wat we need coz am havin sleepless night

  124. I hv not been posted bt I trust in God for the best

  125. can we still buy form without being posted?

  126. I have checked mine and it says i have not been posted yet. Can i buy d form of my school CRUTECH am afraid o

  127. yes pls can we still get scratch card wit out bin posted cos sum wil stop selling soon

  128. Please I have checked mine bt II’m told that hv not yet been posted.



  130. funsho david opeyemi

    Pls i checked my own it was showing me cannot find table one

  131. i tried to check mine,it saying not posted yet but i have the believe that it will surely be posted (oluwa is fully involed###)

  132. my own page do not open

  133. i have been checking my jamb portal but they keep telling me dat “cannot find table 1” God please i am confuse pls help me out.pls if any body knws what dis means should reply me quickly

  134. Olaiya olabisi comfort

    Since jamb as been post somepeople,me have nt been posted y

  135. Pls,i have been checking for the past last. Still ,dat no admission given yet. Why

  136. jamb pls do something oooooooo

  137. i tried to check mine,but not posted yet..m’y any student have not been post to ui… cal 09052826173… about ui gist..for only ui student

  138. eucharia Frederick

    Praise be to almighty God

    l just check my admission status and I’ve been posted

  139. To God be the glory! I have been posted to my more prefered institution.Dept.medicine and surgery.score 294

  140. i scored 213 and i chose ABU for Nursing but i am yet to be posted. please help

  141. please i scored 213 but i am yet to be posted i chose ABU nursing please help

  142. pls what does that by this:cannot find table 1

  143. Chinonye blessing

    Iam fed up with this jamb style,why didnt they leave post utme dat is straightforward i dnt understand all these

  144. Me 2 oo i am seriouly tired of checking pls admin is it possible to buy unilorin form without being posted

  145. Can i still change my choice course now, there was a mistake while registering and have check mine it says not jet posted

  146. i have check my fnd is out.i tank god 4 dat

  147. i have been trying to check my own bt there said not posted yet. pls wot should i do

  148. I’ve checked mine it’s said sorry I’ve not been posted yet, Pls wot should I do

  149. god makea wayo

  150. God make a way for me o


  152. Since the day i was told to check the internet to know where i have been posted to,Up till now have not been posted,What is going on?I beleive Admission is my plsition this year.

  153. I scored 198, to study art communicatn in fuoye, nd i’ve been checkin on daily basis, buh it keep sayin av nt been posted yet. plz wat z goin on? do i av any hope at all?

  154. Can I still buy the form for my school. I thought there will b no post Umte. will they still post me in my school of choice without the form. God pls help me am afraid

  155. Am is saying sorry not post yet, help me check if they have post any mouau

  156. I’ve checked mine also and it keeps saying “you have not been posted yet!!!

  157. Xame wit me oh!, nt yet posted

  158. oooo keep trying we ll oll be posted inshaa allah

  159. I got information from one sch telling me dat am admitted in there sch z it a real admission

  160. I 2 i checked my bt is nt yet posted bt i still believe dat God will do it for us don’t worry ooo God is on our side

  161. na wao,l scored 253 to study pharmcy in uniben but not yet posted.jamb pls l dey fear make dis year no go over me,abeg.

  162. Agemafa mnguechia winifred

    checked mine has not been posted yet

  163. Please help me to check mine

  164. Guy I score 179 nd av nt been post yet admin pls help me ooo

  165. Still waiting for d good news

  166. I check mine now but not yet posted but I got a massage from Novena university say that they received my Name for admission into their school. the school is located at ogume Delta state. I don’t know whether it is true or not. am confused. many schools give me admission this year but jamb have not give me yet. but their not school of my choice. what should I do. will I get admission this year or not.

    • you can only get the true information concerning your posting on the jamb portal, kindly ignore any information apart from the one on jamb portal.

  167. wen will JAMB stop posting jambite? am curious

  168. I scored 200, but I have not be posted. any hope for me

  169. I check mine and they re saying is nt yet posted pls jamb wat is going on am afraid oooo

  170. Hv been checking mine since bt nt yet released bt on saturday Novena University sent me a msg dat dey hv received my name.wat nxt

  171. When ever I check mine,the page is always blank.why is it so?

  172. i checkedge mine they said i have not yet be posted while ,novena university have given me admission to come and start with them

  173. what is going on is it that there is no hope for the poor again am tired of checking everyday not yet posted God please help the poor my heart beat every blessed day God please answer the prayer of the poor and bless us amen

  174. I scored 247 till nw I hav nt been posted yet. God plz help me.

  175. Mine too is not yet posted what can i do now?

  176. I have check my mine and it said posted not yet,please God come and help does who does not posted to any institute because we are tired of this.

  177. why i have not been posted god? u knows it more dan me, i pray dat may god give each and every one amen.

  178. God,it is only u dat make a way where there is no way. post your children to there desired institution and answer dem for there dreamt courses.

  179. hi admin…u ain’t addressing the ‘cannot find table1’ issue



  181. I have been checking it keep saying miss Joyce you have not been posted yet, but students like me who choosed UNN have not been posted yet why?

  182. I checked mine,but they dnt write me nt posted yet nd i saw a blank page what is the problem plx??

  183. Pls i sis nt see Federal uni of oye ekiti

  184. Epiphanus joseph

    kep on pry, god w see true al b/c mine also ws not yet posted but now it has been posted to the school of my chioce

  185. Daniel chidimma Gloria

    i have checked mine, and I have not seen mine. please help me

  186. I have been checking for my posting all the while,it kept on saying sorry you have not been posted.what is the problem.

  187. charles uchechi abigail

    i hav check mine nd de said no admission given yet y

  188. Nawa ooo mine z saying”sorry no admission given yet” u pple shuld gt dis tin ready na

  189. lord cum and have ur way concerning dis jamb admission…. I also got a message frm Novena university and it a private uni…buh my 1st choice is Funnab…lord let my name b postd b4 dis month ends and let ur name be blessed (blessed am I among all women)

  190. A friend of mine checked it for me yesterday.. and I re-checked it again they’ve posted mine..thank u lord Jesus… so so happy

  191. Please jamb should try show and post us so we can start processing for our admission


    The jamb portel always says: can not find table 1 what the problems? I need help !

  193. ogegu godswill anayo

    please i’ve been checking on jamb portal to know if i’ve been posted but they keep on telling me dat i’ve not been posted yet. So i want to ask, wen will i be posted cos i, most of my friends have been posted to their school of choice

  194. Agu chiamaka janet

    Please I really need help I have been check info for almost to week now and it repeating not posted yet and my school screening is coming up August 10 please help me I have not myself

  195. Agu chiamaka janet

    Please I really need help I have been checking for almost two week now and it repeating not posted yet and my school screening is coming up August 10 please help me I have not been myself since up till nw


    Is it true ? samebody says:any candidates that checked their admissions and seen like this:cannot find table 1 no admissions for them! I need your help!!!

  197. Lord Jesus…the master poster..post us Lord to our various institutions..Amen

  198. You have nt been posted yet

  199. pls what is d meaning of can nt find table one

  200. I checked earlier it was sayin nt yet posted, but now cannot find table 1, pls wat does it mean?

  201. Ahmad Dayyib Ishaq

    I keep checking mine every day and it always says:cannot find table 1,is jamb means no admission for me this year? I donnot know! I need help please !

  202. Ugochukwu linda

    how much is Futo saleing there screening form

  203. pls o..can we obtain our institution form without been posted

  204. saifullahi hambali

    I score 186 but I have not be posted. sir help me to post my reg no 65551337AG phn no 07031342268

  205. May da lord heip i to get adimmission in university and all jamb candidate in Jesus name (amen).

  206. Pls i check mine for seviral tym but am not see my admision de say to mine yet not posted pls what should i do

  207. have been trying to check my admission status but it said sorry not yet am so convince please do something but i no God is in control

  208. notify on buk screening plx.

  209. I have not been posted yet why?

  210. what going on with jamb?lhave not been posted to ui

  211. is jamb still posting or will i ever be posted this year. I am sincerely tired of checking the portal every day God help me

  212. I checked mine on my sch website dey said qualified 4 consideration bt on my jamb website nt posted yet. y?

  213. pls am not yet post I check my name I did not see pls try for us all is not easy

  214. I will neva lose hope i ill continue having faith in my God

  215. Av bin cheking mine since is nt yet posted,is there anytin wrong.any body frm tasued

  216. I have checking for the past two weeks now, jamb have not posted my school list yet but I have d great assurance in Christ JESUS with God all tins r possible so friends don’t be tired God is in control. stay calm till when jamb will post

  217. What is going on with jamb.? I have not been posted oo sir i heard that dis no more screening again is true sir

  218. I have checked mine several time am not still posted I have being to have heart ack but I still trust my God in heaven

  219. I can’t even c da box space 4da reg numba again! We dt hav nt been posted yet hw do we check our own nw?

  220. We Dat Score 171 pls would admission be given to us to polytechnic coe ? assure pls sir

  221. some of us dat score 171 pls do we stil have hope for admission?

  222. emmanson Sussan peter

    which bank am i to pay in the money.

  223. Infact i dnt knw wat to say, i hv tried so hard, i went to cafe, i checked, i always enter there web, google nd whatever bt stil nt yet released, i am tired of d rumous nw i am speechless jst waiting for my destiny.

  224. rahee shukurat labake

    i score 164 will i be give adminsion pls i beg

  225. I don’t know how to check it pls explain for me

  226. makanjuola ezekiel

    i have not been posted
    please help me out

  227. Otije Vivian Ozioma

    I dnt understand wats going on anymore , “Jamb is giving admission dey said, go 2 d site nd check ur status ” buh wen u get der u wont find d reg no box. If dey’ve withdrawn d initial list released den wat other platform will be used 4 d admission? Someone help me calm my nerve pls.

  228. pls I don’t kwn aw to check it aw can I check it please it just bringing wat I don’t ask dem

  229. pls I don’t kwn aw to check it aw can I check it please it just bringing wat I don’t ask dem

  230. Eluu Juliet Ugbo

    I have not seen my admission status, i scored 209 and my reg no 65432686 GG, please help me what do i do



  232. Sanusi Mumeenat Opeyemi

    Pls is jamb going 2 post anoder name bcos hv nt being able 2 check my name nd jamb hv already close dier site,pls wot is d next tin 2 do

  233. muhammad Ndagiwuya

    i did mine screening befor the postin of jamb, bt at the end of the all story i was still posted to dsam i choos as my first choice all thanks are for Allah Alhamdulillahi

  234. muhammad Ndagiwuya

    i did mine screening befor the postin of jamb, bt at the end of the all story i was still posted to dsam school i choos as my first choice all thanks are for Allah Alhamdulillahi

  235. Umoh Joseph edet

    Please sir,am waiting for admission,will dy stii admit?

  236. As unilorin been releasing this year admission?

  237. Pls dey didn’t post me but ve don d screening nd dey don’t grade me wot can i do?

  238. iwejuo Francisca CHINENYE

    I have checked and no admission, but I got a message from Jamb that I have gotten admission and now they are saying no admission yet. meaning, pls they should be straight forward and tell us our stand on the matter. thank you

  239. my too have nt been post yet pls help us

  240. I Have been chearck my jamb status times to times, but i have not been posted yet, pls guys what do i do? as not addmiss yet?

  241. Ijeomah Charity Chinyere

    God Pls Help Me,i Wnt My Name In D 2nd Batch

  242. onye faith odichinma

    I have nt been posted yet

  243. I have not been posted yet,what’s going on?please help us

  244. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh wat is dis again not yet posted and av tried alot to be d first child to go to university in my family God help me oooooooo

  245. not posted God help me

  246. I also checked and is saying not posted yet. Pls do I have hope?

  247. mineis dat d side refuse to open fr me ,yn help me

  248. please when wukari taraba state would starting given admission for 2016 I personally I pray that I should be among those candidate and my almighty God will do it 4me in Jesus name (Amen)

  249. what is this news that am hearing that jamb have cancelled all names of candidate that they posted, I didn’t understand ooh, can someone explain to me, because I have been posted, but am rechecking it now and they are showing me not yet posted what is wrong can someone explain to me please, because am so confused.

  250. Pls wat is the site name

  251. Morning sir/ma. am a unilag direct entry candidate, pls when will the admission list be out for DE candidates or does these present posting is also for those who obtain DE .please reply


  253. Addmision Is Not Yet Now

  254. I Score 174 Will Them Admitt Me For Any Skull?

  255. me i dnt unndastand …wats happening..hv checked stil no show.. plz i need help

  256. Is there any examination after Eksu’s post-utme screening?

  257. Alechenu Maria onyeche

    Pls is fed poly idah form out?and can i buy their form without being given admission?

  258. God please have mercy on me through my this year admission

  259. Adeniji Boluwatife

    I scored 241in my jamb and 3credit and 3b’s yet I haven’t been given admission into futa,or is it because I did change of institution,, am confused pls advice

  260. I Score About 211 in my jamb and also i have gone for pre-screening at uniabuja but still yet i haven’t hear any information i dont no werether they have started given out admission.

  261. pls sir gud eveny sir pls i wonted 2 ask dat is federal university lokoja admition out?

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