Educationist Urges FG To Scrap Overseas Schooling

The federal government has been urged to mandate all government officials to enroll their children and wards in government schools across the country if Nigeria is to right it’s education sector.

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The call was made by an educationist, Mrs Olufunmilayo Da Silva while speaking with LEADERSHIP over the weekend in Abuja.

Da Silva, a teacher of more than three decades challenged those in authorities across the three tiers of government, from the President to the local government chairmen to set a good example by enrolling their children in various public schools in the country.

She said doing so will lead to proper funding of the education sector in Nigeria as the president, state governors and chairmen local of government areas would be forced to allocate substantial part of the annual budget to education because of their children.

“I remember when we were younger; everybody gets quality education in the late 60s and early 70s because most of us attended public schools with the children of those in power.

“ The way forward is for every government official, whether those elected or appointed, to enroll their children in public school in Nigeria and with this, we are going to witness great improvement in the education sector.”

Da Silva, the head teacher of Benford International School Abuja, noted.

While also commenting on the scrapping of the post-UTME which was recently scrapped by the government, Da Silva said the examination is not all about negatives as it helps to regulate the number of fresh undergraduates that universities want to admit out of multitude of qualified admission seekers.

“Scrapping the post-UTME means that we cannot standardize admissions in various higher institutions in the country and this will be very difficult for both the students and the schools on the long run,” she added.

Source: LeadershipNGA

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