WAEC 2016/2017 Result Is Out : www.waecdirect.org Release Date May/June Checker

2016 WAEC Result – May/June: Is the Waec Result 2016 out? The answer now is YES

The West African Examinations Council has officially announced the release of the May/June 2016 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results. Read The News Here.


How to Check WAEC 2016 May/June  Result Online

1. Buy WAEC scratch card from any Banks, Post Office, Authorized Dealers and WAEC office nearest to you in your area.

2. Go to WAEC result checking official portal at www.waecdirect.org

3. Enter your center number and seat number in the required space. Your registration should look like this: 4310963***.

4. Select the year you sat for the exam i.e. 2016.

5. Select your exam type i.e. May/June.

6. Finally, enter your scratch card pin and serial number in the required space and then click submit to view your result.



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  1. when did waec result will come out

  2. Arubiewe jeremaih

    I am waiting for my waec result



  4. my waec result

  5. fiyoubo ebikeniye donald

    waec result

  6. Odubela Ismail

    pleas releas our result for us [email protected] community high school senior [email protected]

  7. Please when exactly will the result be released,let it be out soon plsss

  8. when is waec result going to bi out

  9. Nwabunie victor nonso

    2016 waec resuit

  10. Pls let our waec result be outooooooooooo from ibafo community high school

  11. Our resultoooooooooooooo pls

  12. is 2016/2017 weac results is it out

  13. awaiting result this year


  15. pls when will waec result be out

  16. Hoping for good grades

  17. Sunday ekerette essien

    When will result come out

  18. when is our result will be release?

  19. Am still waiting for mind own,for d post I see DAT d results is out


  21. I pray 4 gud result 4 all 2016 waec candidates in jesus name Amen…pls sir/ma if u r d marker of any paper mark with a generous heart n see wat God ill do in ur life,may God bless u as u do d right thing Amen.


    Am in need of my result please release our waec 4 us God bwith all of us,Amen.

  23. pls oo we need ur help we not want to sit for waec again


  25. when will our 2016 waec result will be release ooooook
    people are waiting

  26. Emmanuel Bright

    I pray 4 gud result ooooo

  27. I really wish we all have good grades

  28. Pls when will waec result will b out

  29. If you want a good result or u have any question fellas call Mr frank 08130220513

  30. I Realy Cant Wait To See My Waec Result

  31. God Pls Help Us To Make Our Result Pls

  32. pls waec release our result for the sake of people who wants to enter school dis year

  33. It’s only the mercy of God that I’m asking for now on my results. God please have mercy on me this year.

  34. When the result wan ta come out na i wan die for hear…… 🙏

  35. I wish that our result should b gud o….! pls released our result…

  36. Atakpu Victory Esebanmen

    Please let our result be excellent.more luv to u waec .u guys re doing a great job. from Destiny Acedemy

  37. Atakpu victory Esebanmen

    Hoping for excellent grades

  38. Atakpu Victory Esebanmen

    Hoping to have excellent grades

  39. Adewale catherine

    I need to know the exact time our waec result will be out. from saint john’s school idiroko,ogunstate

  40. in gd we trs i pray dat all shll be well.i pray dat no one will sit for waec again in jesus name

  41. I pray for good result for all candident that seat for waec this year.when will the result comes out

  42. Lord please have mercy on waec candidate 2016 i wish u all success

  43. pls when will result come out am begging

  44. I pray we all pass de exam all student of Christ supreme

  45. We all av 2 wait nd c wat God av 2 do,bt ah pray dat der should release our result as soon as possible!!!!

  46. i fear not ,because their is God

  47. What is an examination slip for awaiting result

  48. muhammed Ishaka

    I have hope and i belive that we would all make it in the name of ALLAH

  49. I pray for good and quick result

  50. I pray to all my 2016 candidate we all come out with gud result

  51. Same here. God will help us all to come out with flying colors in our result. Amen

  52. Vaaswem patrick

    I sincerely pray that all the students in Gaadi Comprehensive College should excel their waec .Benue state, makurdi.

  53. chibunna vincent okonkwo

    Oh my heavenly father in dis is my last chance of writing weac exam pls father grant me success n also all d weac candidate in jesus name Amen


    When are going to release the waec result.


    When you are going to release the waec result.

  56. Pls try to release our waec result quickly pls.

  57. Wen should we espect our result

  58. is there any failure?i pray dat God will help wit success

  59. adeleke rasheed

    Allah you are there for us because we faith and trust in you pls help through in our result

  60. i pray dat everybody we hav a gud result

  61. Ya Allah make all this year waec candidates excll in their result and expecially we the student of legacy schools kaduna

  62. Amuni habeeblahi abiodun

    I pray to oh Allah help everyone of us in this year nd in our weac result will should cum out in fly colour inshallahu………..plz weac maker may God hep u,plz b quic..dis weac is my last hope……..

  63. Amuni habeeblahi abiodun

    I pray to oh Allah help everyone of us in this year nd in our weac result will should cum out in fly colour inshallahu………..plz weac maker may God hep u,plz b quick..dis weac is my last hope……..

  64. please when is wace result coming out

  65. May allah help us to make our weac, neco and nabteb

  66. i pray 2 u GOD…..my WAEC shud b a great 1

  67. Well honestly speakin waec is going bu to be released by God’s grace ending of july or first week of august

  68. I wish every one the best,may Allah help and omits us

  69. pls and pls i need my wec result for admission..pls release our results

  70. plss and plss release our results by july





  73. God has made all 2016 waec candidate successful because of me.

  74. God will help us. Waec result should be out soon ooooooo

  75. Nwachukwu judah

    Please is the weac result out

  76. you pass b2/through out

  77. Me I don already get 9¢ by Faith

  78. Dear waec board,
    we sincerely wish and hope that you will try and make it quicker for students to get their results and take further actions in gaining admission into the higher institution. It is certain that no institution will admit any student without his/her waec result and this singular act as rendered so many students dropouts as they are not able to gain the admission as a result of not getting their waec results on time at the initial time they wanted it. This delay can be solved if scripts are being marked immediately they are being written and not necessary waiting to mark them only when the exams have been concluded. Please for the sake of those students out there hoping to gain admission that same year they took their waec, we need our results on time because we are desperately in need of it before opportunities slip of our hands.
    Thank you in anticipation.

  79. hussein suleiman

    pls wen iz our result waec going 2 be out

  80. Sadiq Adefabi Zakariyya

    Pls Wen Is Our Result Is Coming Out Pls Waec Officials Ad I Pray To Almaighty Allah 4 The Best Result

  81. God Any Wer We Have Sin Against U Lord Have Mercy On Us Waec Candidate, I Pray Dat God Wil Touch Waec Markers 2 Giv A Gud Mark From Community Model High School Isieke Ibeku In Umuahia, Abia State.

  82. Muhammad Yaman Musa

    I pray Almighty Allah will make us pass our waec INSHA ALLAH

  83. oke damilare Michael ,apex

    waec results we come out on July 12 2016
    and we will pass in Jesus amen I pray
    that 2 us that wrote waec bye

  84. Waec result

  85. God bless our markers, touch dia precious souls n let all dat dey tot us as thy children b fulfilled.
    Our markers re our fathers n believing dah a father ‘ll neva fail his Children!
    May Almighty Lord bless ur fingers, bless ur effort abundantly.
    Bless us wit cute grades n God ‘ll neva 4get u….

  86. I pray that god should made the waec officials to release our result before its get let


  88. pls release our results wit flying colour but if it is not don’t release it

  89. may Allah help us all to , am quiet scared cause we have an issue in our centre I prayed that Almighty Allah should perform his miracle cause I won’t be able to bear It , this is not my first time of writing waec and GCE please God help us all to touch the minds of the makers and the waec officials so that they have mercy on us and pardon out little mistakes Aameen.

  90. Pls post us our waec 2016 result

  91. I believe insha Allah that all candidates of 2016 waec result will be great nd pls release it on time thanks.

  92. i pray dat we would all pass our weac ooh God pls hav mercy on me i dnt wnt 2 rewrite ds exam again suces is ours IJN

  93. I Am Waiting 4 My Result,waec 2016 May God Bless All Candidate In Naija Amen

  94. adeshina temitope

    pls release out our result

  95. God will surely see us through Amen.

  96. I have writen waec more than 3 times i pray dat God should help me 2 mak engish in jesus name Amen

  97. i wat gud grades,nd God should bless d marker to gv us gud score,especially ADSS,we did our best dis year.IJN.



  99. Pls wen is our waec result out, waec board pls help us oo abeg.

  100. Luking fowarding 2 my result

  101. May Allah Give Us A Good Result

  102. when will waec 2016 out

  103. Please Dear waec
    we re in a biq hurry tew see our results.Pls Do Release It Cus Everyone In Nigeria Are Awaiting Tew See It.I Pray Lord that we all will pass waec in JESUS NAME.Lawv My Friends In Sch Mary Nd Naomi. Everyfin takes time.Gotta Wait Nd See My Gwed Results.Nw Its Time Tew Have Faith Nd 4geh ’bout the dare.

  104. Plz m begging u waec officials plz release our result m begging u wit d name of God plz don’t let me loose my admission did year

  105. eniola toheeb afolabi

    I pray for lagelu grammar school agugu ibadan that god make us pass especially me and my fellow

  106. I fair not because I have a father that will never fail me.the Bible said in Christ every thing is possible. I prayed all 2016 candidate will not cry over their result. At the end of the day we will all praised the lord.

  107. when should we expect our result,pls.let it be out quickly.pls nd ppls ooooooooo…….


    abeg make dey release our waec result 4 us,we need d result out.and wen will it b release?

  109. i pray to God we all pass our waec…nd please notify as soon as d result is out

  110. Chukwu chijioke blessing

    Oh God we seriously need ur help nd intervention in dis year weac nd neco at mater girls help us oh God we pray

  111. treasure dorcas

    pls God help all waec candidates nd also especially my centre csso I knw u will mk us pass with flying colours nd pls touch the hrt of d pepl
    marking the papers close dia eyes to c our errors nd pls touch the waec board to post our result early be4 d end of July I want to my result tnks lord

  112. wishing all success

  113. I pray to almighty god to help us to pass our exams both waec and neco especially we student of g s s bunza candidate

  114. I pray for a better result for st damian’s secondary school ako-awkwa. God is our hope, in you i trust. Jah name be blessed

  115. God pls help us so dat our waec result wl be exlnt (amen)


  116. in the name of allah who created examminers and makers.by the time we see our waec result ,we would not be at prinson in the name of allah and we will be come with flying collour in our result ,,,amen,,,oh allah i beg u for this worderful month of this ramadan to make our result as better in all our subject sucha as english,mathe,irs,crs,civic,economic etc.

  117. Best luck I pray for in this year waec result.Eager to see and feel it.

  118. Meregini Emmanuel

    I pray tha5 God will helpwe the astec owerrinta student for us to pass waec and neco especially the important subject in jesus name

  119. Almight god we need for help, about our waec result,all the candidate in west africa this year,and our shool,s katsina state mai;adua local goverment G.D.S.S.S. Mai, adua.all our mate 2016 candy.

  120. pls when 2016 result is going to out i pray that all candidate will pass their result successfuly amen especially government day secondary school inoziomi

  121. we will have our result this month or nest month

  122. May God help d students of Sure foundation academy, aba…..No matter d hard time we had in English language… we shall pass n d person marking d script shall be abundantly gratified wit blessings if only he or she did wat z suppose to be done and evri oda student reading dz message shall be blessed with flying colours…..Amen

  123. when will 2016/2017 may/june waec result come out

  124. May Allah make this result a successful one for every one of us that sat these 2016 waec both candidate from nigeria and non nigeria ameen

  125. We are waiting for result ooooo

  126. phARToh rhanKING

    Am really longing 2 see ma waec result,plus waec officials ooo

  127. by the special grace waec will come out on the ,24th of this month

  128. Waec result will be out on the 16th of this month…..by God’s grace

  129. pls you guys need to release our result as quick as.my jamb score will be useless without it.especially now they said no admission for awaiting result candidates.am on my knees pleasr

  130. well i no de thought i have for u de thought of peace and not of evil dis is GOD speaking and he can’t let us down because DAT is a promised what we need do is to trust and i cover de marker with de blood of Jesus and let us warsh de out come as we p

    ass in Jesus Amen

  131. I hope so Mr Franklin.

  132. okorie ikechukwu eze

    By the grace of GOD, almighty shall grant every w.a.e.c candidates his /her desire. And to all candidates of Over-commers comp.college ozibo in ebonyi local govt.Abakaliki,GoD will pardon our errors & shall fulfill our hearts desire. Congratulations to all w.a.e.c & n.e.c.o candidates. (okorie i.eze)

  133. Emmanuel dominic

    Pleas an pls when will ur reult be out

  134. l pray that God Almighty shall put his Angeles to engulf the waec markers so that no mistake will occur while marking our scripts

  135. I pray may Allah give us all
    high grade

  136. Waec result will be out soon, either endind july/early August


  138. I can’t wait to see my way results

  139. Pls GOD touch the heart of our markers. Amen

  140. Looking forward ad hoping for a wonderful result,i pray dat god wil help everyone of us i jesus name amen.


  142. Waec pls marry fast

  143. Alexandria Isaac

    pls when is our waec result cumin out I can’t wait pls…….

  144. when is the result going to come out, really in need of the result

  145. We desperately need our result before Rivers State School of Nursing send back home because of waec results. Please any Waec reading this post should please and please do something on how to release our results quickly

  146. Hassan Adeleke

    pls have mercy on us for early release our result be cause some of us use awaiting results. No o level result no admission in this year.plzzzzzzzzzz.

  147. I wish all candidate who wrote this exam success wil be there portion in Jesus name.Amen,FROM EYN CSS KWARHI ADAMAWA STATE.

  148. Pls release the result soon

  149. Yeah!!! At Last

  150. Pls when will waec 2016 result pls when d result is out inform me may ALLHA help us to make once with fly colour

  151. Hazzan Habeebat

    I pray dat we will come out in flying colours by d special grace God

  152. Lord God help us nd God are mercy on us.,i hope will pass dis exam in jesus name (amen)

  153. Waec result will b out after neco has finish conducting their exam ok

  154. Is it true dat weac result has come out

  155. God re mercy on us

  156. Umar Bakari Rann

    Ameen Ya ALLAH

  157. OH God use d markers fingers and favour me and my school good sherped acedemy akwa ibom. and all d entir candidate,add 15 years of life for marker who mark with pity,pls waec let d result be out zoon becus we want to use it b 4 admission commence. Long live nigeria,long live a.ibom, long live waec officials and markers.

  158. Is the result out

  159. Idawu abdulrah'man

    With due respect to you all, i pray may Almighty Allah be with every one of us. He who turn sorrow to happiness, may He be with every one of us. And i pray every one of us are going to make his/her result, know one shall left behind, and for those of us who is using our result to seek admission this year, i pray we all shall gain admission into our various university.

  160. iorzua joshua sani

    I pray god should help us for dis exam

  161. Esther micheal u

    Lord pls help us with our waec nd change d hrt of marker 2 mark our result very wel. nd waec board should release our result in time in jesus name i beg and u say.AMEN

  162. all we need to do is to pray hard and insha Allah we all shall see wat we want

  163. dnt panic God is in control

  164. I jst pray God allow us 2 come out in flyin colours……n I hope our result would be out b4 universities start dre screenin….

  165. God have mercy on me in #Math.

  166. Adeogun michael iyanu

    I pray that God will surely have mercy on us this year, I also pray for those that are marking WAEC result that God will ggoo through there life and provide for all there need this year and also God will favour Ajuwon high school this year

  167. Adeogun michael iyanu

    I pray that WAEC result will favour me this year, I also pray for those that are marking WAEC result that God will through their life and provide for their need, also God will have mercy on Ajuwon High School this time around

  168. I may Allah give us good grades(Ameen)

  169. oinu john Emmanuel

    did waec result is out?

  170. pls u guys should release our result cos sum of us nid it urgently cos of d recent change in getting admission

  171. pls and pls released our Weac for admission before this week run out plz God bless u

  172. When exactly ll d result be released.am curious

  173. Ajakaiye Aaron

    I pray God Will surely help us all especially my enrolled school students Gideon international school ibafo

  174. oluwatoki blessing feMi

    God of victory will will have Mercy on Me oo and hMmmn august My Month of jubilation

  175. for God sake pls release our waec result,I want to enter school dis year

  176. it is not about releasing our results. it is about committing d results to GOD. We pray that d our examiner will mark with all joy and happiness. AMEN.

  177. Okoro ijeoma Hope

    I jst cant wait any longer to see my result….bt i hv to be patient so d examiner wil take he/her time to mark well o

  178. This year i pray that every one of us shall surly celebrate and rejoice because WAEC shall favour every one nation wide or all West African’s who register it.

  179. All iz well

  180. please when will our result will be release?
    please we want to know the month.

  181. Oh help us to pass this Exam

  182. Pls can our result be release within this month? I seriously need to enroll for something which the enrollment ends 30th of this month.

  183. pls ooooooooooo waec council we need our result ooooooooooo we cant wait again ooooooooooo

  184. With God all things are possible. may/june 2016 candidate will all past their and I believe I will make 3A 3B and 3C.. FAITH WORKS. BY this week or ending of this month our result will be out.

  185. abanikanda isaac tomiwa

    pls help me wace officers…. i need a good result

  186. God please touch waec officials to release our result this month,please I know that you never fail,bcus when you say the result will be released it must surely b released .God please help all waec candidates let our parent sweat for waec registration never be in vain.God please help our glorious international academy rivers state,igboetche to pass with flying colours.AMEN


  188. ooooh God help us have good grades in our exams. AMEN.!!!

  189. I pray that the day of me checking my 2016 Waec result, my eyes will be full with tears of joy in the name of Allah Amin……..

  190. Ogundoyin qudus olamide

    Awaiting result o o GOD put ur love into all d markers mind 4 dem 2 gv us gud result 2 enter skul dis year pls realese our result 4rum lajorun high school oke iserin igboora oyo state

  191. May God Help Us In Jesus Name(AMEN)

  192. May God help me and u to makr our result i pray the next thin am gonna writte is my jamb in jesus name Amen

  193. pls i want good grades ooo
    (lusanya rohimot igbayiliola

  194. plz wen wil waef result b out am eaga 2 c it o

  195. Pls whenever waec result is out let me know my friends

  196. what is delaying us now is our Weac results

  197. May God grant unto us our desired grades ijn.Amen

  198. YakubuIbrahimGaladima

    Ya Allah helps us to pass Our Exams. AMEEN

  199. God help us to c our results ooo, we need it for our admission

  200. may, god help 2016 candidate.

  201. Israel oluwaseyi

    Lord Jesus in only you we put our trust, we must not be put into shame

  202. usman ahmed usman

    MAY allah help us to come out with superb grade in our waec amen

  203. marker please help us in the name of allah who creat u and we candidate .for god sake

  204. O allah help us to pass our exams successfully

  205. Am tired of waiting o,I pray we’ll mak it once IJN

  206. Please let us be notified when the Waec result is out…. Thanks.

  207. Pls release our results ooooo.

  208. God help us oo , I pray by d grace of almighty God we serve we will all pass this exam we wrote in Jesus name…..AMEN.

  209. May Allah help us with the greatest waec result. Ameen

  210. ajangbo abiodun

    God have mercy upon my result I need distinction over all God of wonder did your sign and wonders in my waec 2016 ssce in Jesus name (amen) am from community high school alapoti

  211. may god grant us a successful result …amen

  212. pls when our waec results is released

  213. By the grace of God, waec will be release by august and we will pass

  214. may allah give all of us 9 credit

  215. I p/s God and waec official to have marcy in our waec resuit

  216. akhagbe destiny

    oh My god make My result a succesfully one

  217. i can’t wait to see my result! and by GOD grace all wace candiate will their result in Jesus name – Amen

  218. sunny brown oron

    God will see through Amen

  219. May Almighty Allah help us pass our exams.

  220. When our result will come out im pray mey god help us amen

  221. jidda umar Miset

    my Allah give us grade result an don’t rude our waec result pls supplicate our result lady’s an guys

  222. pls is wace result out…we candidate are tired of waiting

  223. by the grace of God all the 2016 waec in kugwaru should pass their exams.

  224. may the lord helps us all the waec candidate’s


  226. may allah help us to give 9 credict

  227. Lord for ur name sake make our all our plans successful nd make our plans successful nd give us d desire of our heart

  228. Abdullahi Abdullahi

    Allah (swt) will help us in passing our exam

  229. of students let’s pray for us to succeed in our waec, may Allah subhanahu wa taala help us.luv Lamido (Havana college) candidates 2016

  230. When will waec result be out,I pray that we will all make our results amen.

  231. Waec will be released the day it releases,so don’t panic koooo?

  232. @victor,since u don tier,go farm na(LOL).let’s jst have patience,where will ur hurried ness take u?

  233. may almaight allah help us.i want to telling all the candidate that wrote waec this year,we are going to see our result on 13 nest month in shaallahu.this want i have for u

  234. allah help us ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeen

  235. Abdulkareem Kafilat Omolara

    i cnt wait to see my result oo,oh allah let us pass our exam all d waec candidate’s(amen)

  236. i pray we all pass,no mata d rubbish we’ve written,xo eager…….

  237. my God can’t wait to see my waec result!!!! but my question is dat will d result favour us? but I put it in prayers always that God will create a way where their seems to be no way. success will nock on our doors, with nine A, B and C. just remain prayerful

  238. Shaaban Ebraheem

    We are in hurry to see our result but yet waec official are no ready to release it so May Allah make these postponement to be as part of our victory Ameen

  239. what are they waiting for,pls waec releagtse our result o

  240. what are they waiting for,pls waec release our result .

  241. when will waec result be out?

  242. lord let all florin stundent pass their waec in jesus name amen.

  243. May God Help Us 4 Dis Waec

  244. Allah I am wait 4 my result heip me god

  245. Pls when is d result coming out

  246. When is d result coming out, Allha help us (Amin)

  247. i pray that anybody that wrote waec this year even do u have been writinq and you are not been passinq it. I pray that this year nobody we site on exams hall agan in the mighty name of jesus amen. May de lord bless d marker

  248. It s well in jesus name

  249. paschal aloysius

    pls oooo try and release our result Oo. we are running out of patient. God bless our waec candidates

  250. Hussain shamsudeen yusuf

    may Allah help an guide us in a our exam,broda an 6tsrs pray had to get a succesful result with precious,an we the student of aliyasin we all give our thanks to Allah,an to our academic staff may Allah help an make success in their works, student you should not be worry exam will be out soon,before ending of July to august.by amir of the academy.

  251. Please we are really confused about this awaiting results stuffs please u should release our results we want to know where we’re standing on…. Please ooooooh before this month ends

  252. Thanks for the info.God bless u

  253. we need good from Allah,so may Allah bless our result ameen

  254. may Allah help us to have a successfull and memorable exam

  255. pls release the result ooo we are eager to see it.

  256. oh lord we thank you for your protection upon every ones life during the exam and we have to you to make every rejoicing after seeing their result, lord we are looking up to you

  257. oh lord we thank you for your protection upon every ones life during the exam and we have to you to make every rejoicing after seeing their result, lord we are looking up to you.everyone just be prayerful.

  258. Heavenly father good result is our prayer oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we dnt av anoda gods accept u oh LORD

  259. insha’allah we all shall receive our result with our eyes full of tears of joy,nd unmerited favour from god d almighty. So we all should exercise patients . Because there is a saying that a patient dog eat the farthest bone good luck to all d 2016 candidates

  260. please officials I can’t wait to see my precious result because am believing God for it and I also pray that GOD should have mercy on us so that we will pass our waec

  261. oh God let my result be the best and what exact day is going to be release out.

  262. D result should come ou soon o coz my uni hv already request for it…waec officials u guys should be fast…


  264. samuel nzube okeakwa

    waec u people are great, pls d maker b in a gud mood wen u are making, treat us as ur son s n daughters,God bless u all, tanks .

  265. We need prayer for the results to be out and grade

  266. toluhi Tunbosun

    We need prayer for the results to be out and grade or success

  267. d result is out go nd check ON ME.Za

  268. Ibrahim mustapha Geidam

    hi official I would like to see ma luvly result, and I would 2 now date to release the result.

  269. Time Is Really Running Out. Pls Guys, Do Something. Really Wishin All Waec 2016 Candidates Exam Success

  270. pls abia state university need my Weac am confused

  271. pls release de result wen due

  272. pls when did Waec release result

  273. Israel oluwaseyi

    pls I want to know when exactly waec result is coming out

  274. God of all possibilities will make it possible for an excellent pass.with God all things are………possible.Trust God only.Thank u God for my desired grades.

  275. Adegboyega Patrick

    is it true dat d result is out if so I wish every waec candidate success in their result Ijn

  276. okpegbuo Okwudiri. b.

    oh lord l prayer for my wecs exeam l known that my result is going to be fine.lord Jesus you are a man who created the heaven and earth pls oh lord have Marcy upon us l known dat I am going to make it in Jesus name if you believer short amen?

  277. God pls help all dore numa. student to make their paper in Jesus name . amen

  278. I pray i should have a tremendous result. Amen.

  279. when will 2016 waec results be released



  281. May Allah reword us with good result

  282. I pray for success in dis yr waec.. ooh lord bless me. answer my prayer oo baba God… @osogbo international school….

  283. oh my lord let us have good result in our waec so we will not be parapulation in many years amen ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  284. please waec officials on behalf of my colleagues that participated in this year examination am pleading on their behalf for you to release our results as fast as possible to enable jamb to post us to our prospective institutions sir, those with awaiting results might not be opportuned to enter school this year due to the delay of our waec / neco results sir …please sir help us

  285. May He help us

  286. hmmmmmmmn

  287. awaiting good result ALLAH help ur son.

  288. wen will d result cme out

  289. waec waec waec when will it be release sir

    waec waec waec when will it be release

  290. olalekan badmus

    am waiting for my result to come out my result is on me

  291. a9 as usual by za grace of God

  292. when will the results be posted

  293. Is d waec
    results out


  295. I belive my God our surfer we nt be in vein

  296. Oh lord pls enter waec officials mind to release my waec result becaz university of ilorin will soon conduct their screening and without my result I won’t be able to participate in d screening. Pls waec…..

  297. Sunday from ibd

    Pls release our waec result oooooo we ar xpectin it ooooo

  298. gud result in sha Allah

  299. Dan Allah Ku sakin mana result plssssss

  300. if need yours waec result to get good before you check it call Mr.Adams +2348104998513


    Is the result coming out next month for real?

  302. Please I heard waec result is out is it true

  303. Adeagbo Rukayat 4rm Pade

    Pls,wen We U Release D Wace Result We Need It Ontime.We Shall All Pass 9credit.Inshallha

  304. Ix mai prayer tat God shld give de examiner’s a gud n humble heart tt mark awa papers oo

  305. as far as I was the one that pass my junior waec ,I will pass my waec with 3A,3B and 3C in JESUS name i pray….… FAITH WORKS

  306. pls release the result I beg my admission is ready! pls officials?

  307. mbosowo albert wharton

    is de waec result coming withing early august becuse some people wil make use of de waec witin 15 AUGUST

  308. why u are hold our result


    I Bookworm Humbly&Faithfully Prayeth To The Brighter Morning Star,the Rose Of Sharon,the Lily Of The Valley,the God Of Success To Grant Me With The Best Of Grades In This Waec As Farmers Who Got The Best Of Harvest.The Same To Other Candidates In Christ Jesus.Pls Exercise Some Patience For The Result To Be Out. Peace Be Unto You All.

  310. Pls sir i know my waec result is okay

    By ifeanyi

  311. wish u with good results ooooooooooh all my fellow brethren…………by God everything good comes.

  312. jolaoso Abiodun

    O lord my father have mercy upon all 2016 WAEC candidate. let this result favour us oooo! From ITHS ibara Abk.

  313. oh allah please help us ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo about our result to have good grad in the name of allah amen ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  314. Lord show us your mercy this,year


    Pls waec,release our result as soon as possible bcos we need it to be able to participate in the university screening.pls i,m begging on behalf of my fellow students.

  316. Waec result’s gon b out first week of august, so keep calm and wait For d time.

  317. plz release this waec result oooooooooooooo

  318. isa T abdullkareem

    please waec officials release our result ali_yasin will soon be admitting student

  319. I hope Weac Is good ooooooooooohhhh

  320. I wish everybody the best, how i wish the results are out but one thing that i know is that everybody will have their hearts desire up aatanites ! Abchs koso oyo

  321. Oh God my lord cum nd bless my weac result. May God bless d marker ijn.we shall all make it ijn

  322. amen aigbe Lebarty

    may God grant us mercy amen


  324. Merciful father grant success unto all Waec candidates in Jesus name.Amen

  325. When is waec result for 2016 coming out?. tell me if its out

  326. My God help us with good Result

  327. all matters is the credit may Allah make it all as we’re expecting to come up with a flying colors Ameen…

  328. all matters is the credit may Allah make it all as we’re expecting to come up with a flying colors Ameen…


  330. I look up to God

  331. Ndubuisi Freedom

    pls wasc i de beg eeeh… i need a good result

  332. God, i know youre seeing this, please i want nothing less than C, i need you to help me. please, my parents sweat will never be in vain, i promise to go on my knees in front of the congregation in church if you make me have an outstanding result, please God

  333. Oh were cometh my help!oh lord i pray to thee all waec candidates should pass in jesus name from ifaki grammar school ifaki ekiti

  334. God help us.we’ve helped our selves already.Even the bible says”heaven help those who help them selves”

  335. I pray o say,by d awareness of god in dis waec every candidate shal com out wit distinction in jesus name Amen….most especially my pal from(chsi)

  336. Abubakar A.muhammad

    I’m pray that god help us to get nine credit,Ameen.

  337. y ar u pepu in an hurry,calm,chiles,let d waec official do wat dae wnt to do wit d result,wen dae ar tru,dae wil release it now,,i just pray yewa college result shud be d most outstanding result ever in ogun state..sharas 2 my niggas doyen bodmas nd luklekky..may ur days be long

  338. olufolarin ayeni

    I heard it is out but I have Checking the net to confirm is true

  339. Jonathan oppong

    I pray for good results for the 2016 wassce candidates

  340. i am please to annouce that 2016 waec result is out today

  341. Lord in you we put our trust, we must not be put into shame let’s have the full reason to glorify your name

  342. Alh. Wi Demoozy OluwaFarouq

    Everyfin liez in God’s hand. Buh am 99% sure dat each an every1 of us will pass. Baba God. I look up 2 u.

  343. i pray our result will pass well

  344. Lord may your will be done in our waec, grant us excellent result in Jesus name.Amen

  345. Pooh God help us…..

  346. oooh God help us…….

  347. awonusi kehinde kentee jay

    Oooooooooooooooo lord,plz we all need a good result in diz 2016 waec……plz go and perform ur miracle’s,nd when it zi to be out oooooooooooooooooo?(wisheing u all a gud results @ ode remo senior secondary school) remo north local government isara……Ogun state….

  348. awonusi kehinde kentee jay

    0oooooooooooooo lord plz help us in diz 2016 waec

  349. Ademola Adesoji

    Dear God, take charge and take control of my waec result !!!

  350. Abdurrahman A Dandalama

    May allah bless us with good result

  351. am very anxious 2 m result

  352. Franklyn Doziem

    pls waec officials we need to our results faster so that we gonna know the next step

  353. when will our Waec result will be released

  354. By de grace of God soones all waec&neco 2016 candidate we will see a gud result Amen

  355. i believe that i will have an excellent

  356. I learnt that the waec results will be released next month. i.e August. and this month has refused to come to an end… no month has been this long as far as am concerned. pls this is a plead to whom it may concern… with all due respect, the waec results should be released as soon as possible. candidates using awaiting results need it for admission. pls and pls something should be done abt this. the results are being too delayed.

  357. oh lord let all Educare comprehensive high schools,students that Sat down for waec did year should all come out in flying colour.

  358. relax frnds! weac result will b out by august and i knw we ar gonna mak it!

  359. Abdullahi lukmon

    Yaa Allah.we all commit our waec result onto your hand pleased help us forgive us all our sin make us all come out in flying colour [email protected] community high school.ogun state.fear not we shall all pass because we have to break the fail result.amin

  360. Thank you father for WAEC markers as we anticipate good grades. may you continue to strengthened them now and forever Amen



  362. aliyu shuaibu aliyu from plateau state

    hahahha hy to my failures student of waec candidate shane your eye our will comes out will flying stay august first or 12 of August

  363. hy waec 2016/2017

  364. Hamisu Halilu Ibrahim

    Oh Allah our waec result !!

  365. May allah pls in is power let us pass our waec dis year and 2 all waec candidate(all A U D itele ota ogun state will surly pass accept our prayer)amin

  366. By kelechi geo ogbuji

    I pray that my result will be good nd God will make it perfect

  367. God is taking me where. I will get 9credit, you will get 9 credit. if u believe. faith work

  368. pls release our 2016 results. by God’grace we all pass

  369. Oh lord,pls to all mgbousimini student dat sat for this exam,may we all hail nd exalt ur name in success nd victory.Amen.

  370. Husain Abdulmajeed

    May our waec result be neet

  371. may god will be done in ds year exam amen.

  372. pls i heard that waec result is out, is it true!!!

  373. please my school of choice does not give any room for awaiting result, please can it be release before the end if this month july

  374. Hamza isa rufa'i

    Gaugawa aikin shaidan i wait patiently until God make it possible. ALLAH ka bamu sa’a Allah kasa muga result mai kyau Allah kasa mu duba mun farinciki.

  375. pls the waec board release our result for easy admission.

  376. Is it out pls answer, I’m eager to see .

  377. Is it true that it out, pls answer,I’m eager to see it.

  378. Ja'far hussaini 'al-madani' frm yelwan/shendam local government of plateau state.

    May Allah help us to get 8-9 credits including the almighty courses i.e ‘maths/english’.

  379. what is still causing the delay? plssss WAEC do sth!

  380. Yeah Bt 4 State

  381. Ogungbola shuaib

    2016 waec will be come out dis mnth or next mnth may allah help us in our waec day will nt sell it oo.

  382. My name is Mr saviour I work with Waec I am in the ICT unit Waec results is not yet out afficialy if you want to check yours before it is officially released or you want to do updrage (for those that knows they didn’t write well) call this number now 08143933668

  383. Ajibola damilare

    Am waitin 4 it cwiously

  384. it mr prodigy.....#wizkhalifa112

    i pray all s4 international student pass ur waec

  385. abdullahi kabeer

    ohh my friendzx u have 2 know that . god is never let he will surely do it when the time comes . eager 2 see u my waec result

  386. God help me,pass my WAEC.AMEN css igbo etche

  387. ibrahim muye from niger state bida jibril memorial school

    all we need to do is to pray hard. insha Allah all of us our waec result will be very excellent I pray that all of us that is using aweiting will get admition this years. pls we should be praying and pray for waec council too, Insha Allah we will make it let keep praying


    God in you i put my trust, may your wl be done in our waec, my screening is on 12 august & MY economics on my course is awaiting!! my father take charge because i hv made up my mind nt to be afraid anymor but 2b prayerful! thank you Jesus


    o god pls help us to good grades

  390. almighty allah we help us especially god success in`t sch osogbo by i b k emir

  391. pls will are waitin 4 our result ooooooooooooo let it be outooooooooooooo, Edawa louno ooooooooooooo

  392. waec result..Were ar u

  393. oluwakayode oluwaseun

    god let My waec result good and let make me happy all days of my life

  394. the waec result we been come out by Angst 23

  395. O Allah clean our parent tears;( by inforce weac to give our result the most flying colour and D my friends in GDSS FSK KT(gergeos name ameen)

  396. I really don’t understand o. Is the result out or not

  397. Suleiman from lapai niger state

    All we need to do my brothers & sisters,is we should continew praying 2 allah hi is d 1 that will make our result 4 us.

  398. Allah be helped me my waec and neco 2016 candidates

  399. Pls when d result comes out u guys should let me know ?

  400. Muhammad Modu Kiimee

    I will like to thank Almighty Allah for his faithfulness and support over our live in the year under review. I will like to use this medium to say my prayers may the Almighty Allah guide us protect us and support us to successful path neither our knowledge nor our intelligence will drive us to success but the will of almighty Allah he who kills and keep alive make all 2016 candidate successfully in our life.
    Amiiiiiiiiiin ya Allah

  401. God make our WAEC result be the goods one. am precipitating to see my result,but am very sure that it shall be a good one by God grace.Amen

  402. suleiman tijjani adamu

    May Allah help us and guide us about waec results.


    Im with you fr/nd hope all of you to success

  404. I wsh u see Mah result with good grades

  405. Damilare Oliver

    It True Dat Waec Result Is Out

  406. Is waec out?

  407. I heard that result is out

  408. pls I need waec result god we not condem ur life pls oooooo


  410. Ponman sohlam ponisohs

    Our God is a merciful God an he who Neil b4 him can stand b4 every man. He who believe in him can sheft a mountain by faith all the 2016 weac candidate can may a good an wonderful result in his Name. Amen

  411. In d name of allah d beneficient d merciful, i am optimistic about d 2016 all waec science result, so u are promt to give out ur smiling face. FROM HOD science Gss Ruwayo Lafia Nas/state.

  412. Hopefully the waec result will b release officially by first week of next month…..

  413. Isaac Godstime Tobore

    I just hope and pray that all 2016 WAEC candidate will make their papers ( we will be best set ever that has written almighty weac and non of our candidate failed it will be a history in Nigeria)

  414. God who created us will never allow our prayers to go in vain,because he said: ye have faith as u asked so u will surely received.this is written by Ukeni Frank from afikpo south in ebonyi state and attended Itim sec sch, itim edda.

  415. Osho Toheeb Abiola

    So Shall It Be In ALLAH’S NAMES (AMEN).

  416. God help us in our incoming waec result this year

  417. I pray that all joinkrama Grammar sch student who sat 4 WAEC come out in flying colours including other students in JESUS name amen!

  418. I pray nd believe that we have all made our papers

  419. Dis year candidate will exel in jesus name…..believe it by faith and our almighty father will see us through

  420. will all pass in the name of Jesus

  421. Lord in you we trust…..all other sand is sinking sand..

  422. Lawal Yusuf Odenla

    Oh Allah! We pray, we fast, pls dnt let our. IBADA turns to vanity upon dis waec. Nd wen is going to Be release. From Government Day Secondary School Karuma

  423. wen wud our result come out cossion iwuru i want 2 se mind 1st pls sir

  424. i wish all of us best of luck in our waec exam inshallahu, and we will all come out in flying color

  425. Plz try and release our waec result dis month i can wait to see my result and i also pray dat all waec candidate will cum out with flying colours .

  426. please am hoping for a better result this year tell waec officials make them no even try bring dull map. abeg.

  427. May god help us all Amen ya allahu

  428. Pls to all honourable waec officials, i want to sincerely thank u for a job well done this year,and to fervently ask for a quick release of our results, as we anticipate it

  429. God help us o

  430. pls we need our Waec so that we will be able to rush for school pls our resultooooooooooooooo

  431. Ibrahim adamu ad

    In sha allah this weac evry body will pass they result, i ting the weac result out about 90 dayz it means remain 3days god help us ameen

  432. i pray to pass my waec exam in jesus name.amen

  433. YA Allah, I always keep trust in you,and I no you will answer my prayer please let all D candidate dat wrote WAEC this year to have a Good results dat we make us gain admission into institutions. Amen.

  434. I pray to God for a good and great result …………………. Amen

  435. may help us in this exam

  436. pls. when is the waec result coming out ?

  437. may God help us in Jesus name Amen

  438. lord please have mercy on me and my follow member of the waec exams…..i have the faith in you the almighty Allah.

  439. pls when are u people releasing our hard earn result we work for by writing the exam or is it easy to seat and write waec

  440. jonah omobolaji

    i pray that all the waec candidate we not repet the exam again in jesus name and we will make it in jesus name amen

  441. I pray for all candidates that write wassce exam dis Year that may Allah give us 8-9 credits

  442. i hope nd prayer dat waec dis year will be gud,”AMEM”

  443. ALL i jes wana knw is when d waec result will be out? Gud Luck To All 2016 Waec Candidates

  444. Zainab abdullahi student of g s s masaka

    Pls is waec 2016 out?

  445. Obeng-addae Emmanuel

    Please are the results officially released?

  446. WAEC result is out but u won’t be able to check it until next week….maybe from Monday sha

  447. haruna yunusa muye

    May god help us all Amen ya allah

  448. mojisola sanusi

    i pray to all d candidate will have a good result in God grace and pls release our wace .

  449. By Pandora helen 2016 waec candidate

    My friends let waite is just next month and the result will be out. And i pray that all the students of God’s time comphensive secondary school will pass of their exams.in Jesus name Amen

  450. na wa for waec markers oh!, shey dey no wan realese am ni???

  451. Ameen ya rabi


    pls you people should let us known when actually the WAEC result is to be out because candidates are anxiously expecting the result with their CHAPLET deeply soaked in water…………


    I give doxologies to Almighty God on behalf of all the May/June 2016 Waec Candidates, for granting us the opportunity to take part in the Examinations. For many tried to partake in the Exam but could not make. So I pray that He who started with us shall surely see us to the end of it by granting us excellent results. AMEN…..

  454. God iz on the throne.. For those who work hard have faith

  455. Allah we need your help make our result very good. alfaman annabi(Muhammad s.a.w ).

  456. Pls waec hv mercy on us bcos witout u our destiny is delayed

  457. please release our result on time so that we will know the next thing to do.I pray it comes out good amin

  458. please release our result on time so that we go know way forward, and I pray we are going to make it all.THANKS

    Waec Result 9-credit Insha Allah..
    Allahumma Ameen.. Ya Arrahmar rahimeen

  460. May Allah Help us on our waec

  461. Babatunde sherif

    Pls which day the waec result 2016 is out @ ikija high school

  462. PLS IS WAEC 2016/2017 RESULT OUT? pls i need an urgent reply(by idris zago)

  463. May all our prayers b answerd…waec,we wil make it

  464. Ya Allah help us to sucess


  466. allah pls help us oo, all d people dat seat 4 waec we shall see our result wit joy

  467. The please West Africa examination Council officials do something to become something thanks

  468. May Allah Help us

  469. Mzy allah will provide a good result such as A1, B2,C4(amen)

  470. Nwite ephraim aleke

    In jesus name amen, i declear that this year 2016 waec result will be 9a through out if you believe say amen, and all the waec board for their effort in marking this exams because is not easy at all to do all this work and all the strees, and may god make them happy and mercy when they be marking, the waec result of, seat of wisdom secondary school nduofoke amagu ikwo in ebonyi state this year in jesus name, i will all the best result, nwite ephraim a.

  471. I want the exact time that weac result 2016 will be out pls I need REPLY

  472. olasunkanmi safi

    i believe that my waec result will be good nd u?–olasarz

  473. olasunkanmi safi

    i believe dat my waec will b good and u?

  474. Waec ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  475. d delay is for good. hold on to GOd a better result is coming

  476. all my colleague don’t be afraid I know our result will be good by the grace of god

  477. We will all pass the exam

  478. Abigail okememe

    my God please ..I no u no me by name, help me to pass my waec result did year 2016, as this result is coming out it we be a think of joy in my life tank u Jesus name amen..

  479. Onyeukwu chikezie

    U ar our only hope GOD´ pls torch ther mind to release our result

  480. may Allah makes it better for us, and promote every waec candidates with best of luck. Ameen.

  481. oh lord pls go and touch the markers mind .and pls release our result

  482. wilson abayomi roberto

    Wishing all my school mates and my self and those people we sat together on the examination hall. Wishing all of you the best all.

  483. wilson abayomi roberto

    Wishing all my school mates and my self and those people we sat together on the examination hall. Wishing all of you the best all. And best certificate. If you believe comment amen.

  484. I here to gist u that; waec stated that we are going to see our result by nest week wednessday know as 10 of august 2016


    My Allah give us gud result

  486. I declared success with my pastor declaration

  487. I pray that we all dat wrote waec dis year will pass ijn amen.

  488. when will waec rslt be out pls. I need an urgent reply pls, bcos my schl of choice started screening.

  489. God help us……we really wanna pass…

  490. result Will be out in first week of august

  491. khaleed.yahya jere

    we pray 4 Allah to gives us.sa a


  493. VICTORY is from God. it is well with all 2016 waec candidate.we are waiting for A B C. FROM LINCOLN COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE RUMOULA PORT HARCOURT.THANK YOU ALL.

  494. Auwali muhd hadejia

    Waec will be release in this month august first or second week God bless all of us with good result

  495. May God help us!

  496. lord pls let my WAEC result b a good 1 in Jesus name Amen!!!🙏

  497. may the Almighty Allah help us in our waec to be very nice one ameen

  498. may the Almighty Allah help us in our waec result to be very nice one and suitable ameen!

  499. God help us to make waec 2016,God grant us our need&tank u 4 answer our prayer with A1 b2

  500. pls we need our 2016/2017 waec result from saint anthony ifako ijaye

  501. Bamigboye praise

    Pls ,I want to know the exact date waec result would be release . I will appreciate it , if you respond to my question .Thank you

  502. congrats in advance.. in Jesus name

  503. please release 2016 waec result, people are waiting for the result so we can get into school. tnk u

  504. Owoade Busayo Olamilekan

    pls sir/ma we beg u in d name of God released our result quick nd dnt let us sit for waec twice.God bless u as u do so….frm meu victory college idimu.

  505. waec our result oo

  506. may almighty allah help each nd evryone of us amin

  507. o lord let me pass my waec result in Jesus name Amen

  508. God 2o16 Waec Examination Let It Be The Best In Exams Conducted By Waec In Jesus Name , Amen .

  509. Have patience and pray our result will come out well if you’re sure you wrote well God bless us

  510. O Lord help me and my mates to make our result in Jesus name Amen. we look upon the author and finisher of our faith. OSHS Lagos

  511. m tired of tin oooooooo pls released our result

  512. result is out …. my friend has check her own

  513. pls God touch the heart of the examiners so they have mercy on us and release our waec result and also help us all to obtain a good result (Amen)

  514. u guy shouldn’t be afraid I believe fhink re gonna turn out gud for us all


    MY friends as you pass WEAC exam na GOD WIN so be praying, in SHA,ALLAH we all make it together thanks

  516. pls am begging waec to released our result this month I abeg .

  517. isma'il Muhammed

    oh may lord hlps us with good result that is d only our hope

  518. Why is ds happening? We need 2 feel d joy of our hard work please by name more than any other name release our result 4 us tnx

  519. Why is ds happening? We need 2 feel d joy of our hard work please by name more than any other name (Jesus )release our result 4 us tnx

  520. Tsoukan Gbyamswan Joshua

    May d Lord continue to guide us in this end time becos so many of us are very wicked in times of saying d truth. I have a vision that all 2016 waec candidates will pass there examinations without any problems. God bless d markers and waec as a hold

  521. we need our waec result dis month o with good grade

  522. Otu Emmanuel Ikechukwu

    I pray fr gud result 2016 waec,pls reis our rsult fr us, i aso pray fr de school i wrote my exam.. Ohabuike secondary [email protected] state-afikpo north local government

  523. u guys shouldn’t bother yourselves too much the WAEC result will be released at least from 6th August.

  524. Rabiu Bukar musa

    pls released our Results soon!

  525. when is the real WAEC result for 2016 candidate coming out. Pls we need to see it.

  526. Guys dont worry waec result will be releas on 10 august

  527. I believe dat all student who sat down this year for waec already have 9 credit, let us just pray 4 our admission into university in jesus name amen.From distinction preparatory school maiduguri

  528. why are you not releasing our result

  529. God help every body to write waecc

  530. Waec result will be out soon and i pray that all waec candidate will make a best result in jesus name amen.

  531. Waec will soon out and we will make it with best grade in jesus name amen.

  532. Our result will be realesed dis weekend or next week monday and we shall all be filled with joy nd happiness as we check our results

  533. ih my gud God i give u all thy praises , indid u are God, i know u will do it 4 me this year i we comeout in a flying colour with gud result Amen. my waec result this year 2016 will be grate to ur glory & 4 the joy of my life Amen oooooo.tank u Jesus…

  534. waec, what level is our result now.ur candidates are all in haste to see ur updates.

  535. I pray 4 divine success in our waec result.we will all make excellent grade @ Comprehensive High School Ayetoro,Ogun State.

  536. I Thank U Lord 4 Making Us Pass My Waec, I Thank U Lord 4 Protecting Our Scripts, I Thank U Lord 4 Those Who Marked Our Script. Father Lord I Thank U 4 The Succesful Release Of Our Result, I Thank U 4 The Good Grades U’ve Granted Us. I Thank U 4 Granting Admission To Us In Our Various Institutions, I Thank U 4 Giving Us Our Right Courses, I Thank U 4 Our Nysc At The End Of The Years Attached To Our Various Courses, I Thank U 4 The Employment U Granted Us, I Thank U 4 Keeping Our Parent Healthy And Alive, I Thank U 4 Keepins Us Alive Safe Nd Healthy. Oh Lord Recieve Our Thanksgiving 4 The 2016 Waec Candidate, Thank U 4 Having Mercies On Us , We Thank U In The Mighty Name Of Jesus AMEN

  537. in de name of jesus pls waec board pls release our result we are waiting ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  538. when is our result coming out

  539. when the waec result is out pls contact me this my num 08170016157

  540. lukman mailafiya jere

    i have wrote last yr 2015 but god knows y he did so to me i want u plss to pray for us successful result dix yr 2016 by Allah grace darajar annabi da alqur an FROM JERE MODEL ACADEMY jere
    kagarko local govt kaduna state

  541. Emmanuel iornger

    I will not rush because they say the patients dog eat the fastest bones,so una knw wetin I d take na.

  542. here the month has come pls what date will waec result come out

  543. For me i trust in jesus i know he well help my rasult will be good .

  544. Pls jamb board commenced admissions process, university preparing post ume while the applicant are yet obtain their respective results. Pls Waec board people want to have their result soon

  545. Wishing all the students of DEM MEMORIAL COLLEGE WANNUNE BENUE STATE. The best in ur result as you wait for it to come out and also wish all the candidates who sit for waec 2016 n neco the best of luck.

  546. I pray that every o,level result of these year shall be a benefit to everyone I including waec and neck exam

  547. D God Of My Father Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo Will Make Every One Of Us Come Out In Flying Colours.All We Need To D Is To Keep Praying Nd Av Faith.

  548. Olowookere Segun

    I Pray Dat By The Power Of The Holy Spirit We Waec Candidate 2016 We Are Meeting To Celebrate Success Nationally In Jesus Name,and To All Waec Markers, I Pray May The Lord Lift U To The Higher Ground In Jesus Name,all Ur Properties In Government Hand,the Mighty Hand Of God Will Get Them For U Quick In Jesus Name Amen,thank U And God Bless U

  549. Waec is out and it’s been uploaded online meaning Anytime from now the site would be opened for check up

  550. Waec results are out but have not yet been fully uploaded, so everyone should be expecting his or her results any moment from now, Shalom… wish you all Good success

  551. Dear Waec Board,I implore that u release this year result as soon as possible,because we running out patience.Thank u.

  552. obasanya rohermot

    I pray that our will be good nd useful

  553. I am in godiya private school biu l.g.v borno state may god help us in waec neco thank god

  554. May God help us in waec and neco my name is bilal Usman I am in godiya private school biu born state.

  555. 2016 year of good news

  556. destiny onuoha chukwu@ christ the king secondary school,aba abia state,

    the God of vengeance who started it in the beginning must surly ended it, we the 2016/2017 waec ask God to mark and make our result to be an excellent result so far.may the good lord who never falls protect and guide our exam result this year,wishing all the candidates good lock,…

  557. the God of vengeance who started it in the beginning must surly ended it, we the 2016/2017 waec ask God to mark and make our result to be an excellent result so far.may the good lord who never falls protect and guide our exam result this year,wishing all the candidates good lock,…

  558. Boniface gallant

    when will our ANAM HIGH SCHOOL OROMA-ETITI result be out? pls we need it now

  559. I am praying to God , let all waec candidate that wroted 2016 exam get 9 credit Amen.

  560. I am praying to God , let all waec candidate that wroted 2016 exam get 9 credit Amen.

  561. I am very tired of all this we are in months of August but yet results has not come out why..we actually want to use na for God sake.plssssss ooo hahaha..nawa 4 dis life oooo

  562. Amen ooo by tolu..The God of my my father Jeremiah owomomo omotofufiye will surely locate the marker to give each candidates whos wrote the waec will pass it in jesus name amen by Victor

  563. Dont wory waec will be out soon

  564. god let our waec result come out with fly colour good news,happiness

  565. Holy micheal the arcANGEL please nd please Go to the waec ofice nd direct the result of all those who took part in this year exam including my beloved brother. In Jesus name i pray amen.

  566. by God grace it is going to be out by next week

  567. oh god in heaven please streach forth your hand to the mind of waec officials to release our result and also help us to comeout with flying colours in jesus name amen Am Prince Odigwe from Obetim secondary school Obetim uno of Ndokwa East LGA DELTA STATE OF NIGERIA OH GOD HELP US

  568. Are the results not ready yet already August.

  569. Pls have you all check you result please comment on it

  570. result on my mind CNT just wait

  571. May God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob help all of us that write this year 2016 WAEC examination and give us excellent result in Jesus Mighty name we pray, Amen. Father hear all our prayers and fulfill them with your power Amen.

  572. Father hear our good prayers and fulfill in Jesus Name Amen.

  573. waec board,when will d result b out oh.We re thirsty of t.pls release t


  575. I don’t mind over ma waec result cus i know Jah will never let me down

  576. Pls wen is it coming out some of us need to process and complete our admission

  577. insha-Allah let keep praying our result will be perfectly good and we should pray for them again the waec officials

  578. what are they waithing for? i am praying God will tourch their heart whn going thrgh our paper nd rls erlier. (Amen)

  579. what are they waithing for? i am praying God will tourch their heart whn going thrgh our paper nd rls it erlier. (Amen)

  580. God Pls let our results b released as soon as possible nd Lord Jesus help us (we d 2016 WAEC candidates) to pass with flying colors nd Lord Jesus put a smile on our faces we all shall not carry sad faces we shall all b smiling while checking our results in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen

  581. Diamond 💎 angel

    God Pls let our results b released as soon as possible nd Lord Jesus help us (we d 2016 WAEC candidates) to pass with flying colors nd Lord Jesus put a smile on our faces we all shall not carry sad faces we shall all b smiling while checking our results in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen

  582. Diamond 💎 angel

    God Pls let our results b released as soon as possible nd Lord Jesus help us (we d 2016 WAEC candidates) to pass with flying colors we shall all check our results nd smile not cry nor wear sad/long faces in Jesus mighty name we pray. Amen

  583. i give tans 2 almighty allah dat give us d grace 2 finished d exam,we shall cum out wit flying coloured AM E EN

  584. I pray to allmighty Allah all d candidates dat wrote waec in iyasele celestial comprehensive college imeko our result should be an excellent result we should all come out with 9 credits parallel (AMIN)wish u good luck

  585. In God I Trust

  586. Lord I pray for good result hoooooo fada

  587. Lord I pray for good result hoooooo fad

  588. Please wait waec will go tobe release this august but u need to blieave in allah

  589. we all settle down waec result by grace of allah we all candidate of 2016 waec we going 2 pass nd also b expect ur waec result on 16 of dz august by d God grace……we ar all going com out in fly colour in our waec result.(amen). Yusuf from united community secondary school at ilorin kwara stay.

  590. I believe in God,it’s well

  591. result Will be out today….. few hours from now


    I Pray that all candidate in community sec sch ukwon pass waec and all candidate who write waec these year AMEN.

  593. the result will be out on the night 10th of august which is on Wednesday

  594. waecoooooooooooooo

  595. Have faith

  596. Gabriel Hyacinth

    I pray therefore,for all waec and neco candidates 2016 GOD almighty in his infinite mercy wil bless nd suprise them with wonderfu nd befitin result in JESUS NAME

  597. Gabriel Raymond.

    May the mercy of the most high speak for us this year in jesus name.

  598. salami jamiu jaiyeola

    am wishing all my fellow student that wrote waec this year 2016 and i wish u best of luck!!!(INSHA ALLAH)

  599. please I heard waec result is out today how true is that? please reply me back

  600. salami jamiu jaiyeola


  601. It is my prayer that GOD the giver of all good gifts will bestow HIS GIFTS OF SUCCESS on all 2016 candidates of the waec and neco examinations. Amen.

  602. Pls when will 2016 wace result out.i pray we high tree college student have a good grade. In Jesus name Amen

  603. Waec result is going to out today

  604. Agyo kenneth from saint john bosco college aliade benue state

    Pls waec board your students are tried of waitin release their result to them i abeg of you


  606. Hno has announced the release of Waec result

  607. Lets all pray for good results,,, make una no fear e go better

  608. May the gud lord,the God of Abraham,Isaac nd Jacob grant all 2016 waec candidates success.I wish all C.S.S Mbu-Amon of Enugu State 2016 waec candidates BIG BIG SUCCESS.AMENoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  609. abdulrauf auwal jos

    I dont want any body to help me excep god. I se it agen god help us to pass ower exam

  610. I need eviry body to come dawn waec will be come on 8 augos dont for get last year waec come out 8 augost

  611. it is out now ooo

  612. Don’t be panic the result is out, by monday just go to cafe and check.

  613. I pray that 2016 waec results will be pleasing and good

    through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen!!!.

  614. God please help us

  615. Is the result out please???

  616. Wishing good success students

  617. pls i heard waec are coming out today,pls is true or false need answer immediate pls

  618. we shall all pass our exam in shall Allah.


  620. God i look on you now Amen

  621. I really wish us all the best to make our good results for all waec candidate this year and also pray to god and gets our good grade

  622. I pray that this year waec should be good to every candidate choice

  623. we are wait we done pls we see our weac result soon and some people say is have out is true?

  624. is truely dat waec have been relase god take control of it

  625. yea ,eee go beta…..happiness allover

  626. my fellow student waec result is out each of everyone should start checking his or her result today gud luck all

  627. I dont want any body to help me excep god.I se it a gen god help us to pass our waec



  629. there is no index for 2016 result @ http://www.waecdirect.org…. When will it come out

  630. Result is out i have checked mine

  631. Adewale Philemon Oluwaseun

    God help me in this waec result God I need your help come and help me

  632. Abeg where the results na?

  633. They say is out but we can’t c anything y?

  634. they say result and is not true

  635. is de results only for nigerians

  636. God have already done it for us

  637. i thought d result 4 2016 ix out,,,,y cnt i see it??

  638. Oyewole malik abimbola

    The result is out at last .insha Allah we will all comeout in flying colours

  639. Oh Lord pls help us..Nd let our waec results be good..Save us from Wicked markers..

  640. Plssss my frnds some of u. said u waiting result result don’t mind by dgress of GOD we are win the exams.

  641. Plssss my frnds some of u. said u waiting result result don’t mind by dgress of GOD we are win the exams.(ameen);(

  642. pls waec we are to see our result.God bless you waec for releasing it early.Thanks

  643. May our creator guide and enable us to pass our exams

  644. Plss can i check my result tomorrow waec ans me now

  645. 2016 waec results released oo…candidates can check their results…goodluck

  646. Ozoduru jude obumuneme

    Pin 183369410238

  647. Result is out i had 3A 5B 2C thnk God

  648. Pls do any body have any idea
    Y day HELD victory secondary school weac results?
    Pls if any idea reply me pls

  649. community students u ar in trouble w
    aec dn fail u from ibafo

  650. Abeg ondo state result isnt out yet nw

  651. i tired waiting pls realise d waec


    Most of result i saw they held it (Y) GOD AV MERCY

  653. ma God help us and our result in Jesus name AMEN

  654. y ar da stil holdin ma result na? i am despirate 2 c it o cus i no God is in total control

  655. Charles Michael okon

    I pray it should be true ooo

  656. God thanks u for making me clear my waec papers.. I didn’t believe I that I could have such grades.

  657. i check my result but it keep on shwing me that “result nt avialable 4 this candidate in this year” why?

  658. isah muhammed yarima



  660. is the 2016 result out ?

  661. Ali Abubakar aUsman

    Excuse me sir,Please why is this my waec reault is held?

  662. I pray. dat. my result. will. be released. in JESUS. name amen

  663. I pray that our resort will be good by the name of allah

  664. I will see my result in flying colours in Jesus mighty name

  665. Lord our God, l pray that you grant onto each candidate the desired results of their (our) heart’s in the mighty name of Jesus.

  666. Hello waec is every good this year we thank god

  667. Good news is our potion in 2016 in jesus i play amen

  668. still anticipating for my result

  669. Sani Maigari Muhammet

    My Result

  670. Mother of Jesus Christ

  671. Please waec,release my result

  672. Chidiebube Kennedy

    I hope for a beta result

  673. We shall all pass in jesus name

  674. How about my waec result for government schools, waec page show me it is not available 4 this candidates in this specified year, it’s 4 all goverment schools in nigeria shows that or not, please can u help me to tell me why. 08033378949 Thank u, so much.

  675. Weac community i want give advice to release the candidate result before the end of this month because some of them their are son are poor students in nigerian why we are like this some bad the work in weac centre christan and muslum becareful your must die will never star in the world.

  676. o God help all weac candidate as our result is coming out dis month.


  678. Israel inem monday

    Akwa ibom state

  679. I plead Waec board… for the love of God,please release government schools Waec result… We need our result to be able to further more…

  680. umar mustapha Abdullahi

    Hello nigerian lnstitute for now there is public announcement via the school website and news papers to inform the Usman Danfodio University Post-UTME for 2016

  681. pls when govt result will be given release pls

  682. Pls if goverment can not we want the waec to help and releases our 2016 result

  683. pls waec directors should pls release delta state result ooo

  684. abeg ooo waec 24th of August my deadline ooo please release my physics oo outstanding plz before then

  685. waec when will you release witheld results

  686. Am totally speechless about my witheld result,GOD i look up to u .

  687. This is undesirable, if my Waec result not release! egad, pls, what is the merit of the result? if the school I am to apply will close their Forms. This is a big shame to the government if the fault is theirs.

  688. Please waec or government should help us to realize our result pls we ar pleading with d government an waec pls dnt waste an ruin d life of many student waiting 4 dier result especially me

  689. please WAEC should try there best and do the right thing. Why will they release some of the candidates result and hold some. Even some result are held both mine. While some result are not avilable. Please you guys should release the result on time. And you guys should know that pepole spent alot of money this year on WAEC and you guys know how bad things are this year. So you guys should tell us when you are read. And when it will be out, you guys should know you are not marking Animals booklet, she is a humanbeing like you too. You guys should tell us when it will come out on a newspepper or in any midum.

  690. Atte secondary sch. result is yet to be released, why sir?

  691. mustapha sb suru lere

    please and please when our result will be out ,I wish all waec writer successful our result inshallah let us be pray and god will
    answer our prayer and please our state govnor should pay them their money so that they can release our paper to us in time thank u.

  692. please am praying for outstanding result to be out

  693. please sir,I beg of u… my mom borrowed dis money for my waec,please my moms heart is filled with worries please sir try and release ur result we spent huge amount of money for dis.these is our parents sweat please sir please pardon justice with mercy thanks..as you do it may God open all ur closed door..thank u sir

  694. pls government pay waec their money to release our result some institution has stated selling forms for admission if government doesn,t want pay pls waec tell us how much we pay for our result to avoid missing this year

  695. @ last I make it dis year

  696. Please when are we be expecting our GCE results of 2016. Lord please touch d marker n direct him so dt he/she will mark it very well

  697. Please when are we be expecting our GCE results of 2016. Lord please touch d marker n direct him so dt he/she will mark it very well

  698. My allah helps us ameeee

  699. Pls when is our wace results coming out and we wish to have a good results in our school capital day secondary school in Jesus name amenooooooooooo

  700. when will the result that are held be realised

  701. gabriel lawrence olobo

    he said what ever you ask my father in my name he will do so i ask in the name of JESUS my result will put a smile on my face Amen

  702. i pray dat mai result will b d best of d best result of d year 2016_2017

  703. God please allow my G.C.E result to be good

  704. Avwunuvwerhi Gospel

    please I’m from ekreranwe secondary school.. please sir release our result for us sir.please as you did that God we grant you this year

  705. pls those that are helping gce candidates revealing answers to questions in advance should be dealt with to make education strong again,bcos those that prepared for the exam are being cheated.

  706. olayiwola segun ayomide

    just thank God and believe we all make it but only one person failed do you knw him d devil

  707. people should stop panicking. d result will b out probably on 23 of dis month,dats wen they usually release it

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