We understand the fact that the Call-Up Letter Printing  is one of the important period every prospective corpers will go online to get theirs. Most of you whose name fall into Stream II are yet to get updates to know when and how to print your 2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing.

Many prospective corps members are concerned over the management of NYSC being mute on the printing of their call up letter.

Some are able to see date of printing the call up letter on their dashboard while some others dont.

On this page you will see the full steps on 2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing online. It’s very simple, and its free also.

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Meanwhile some of you are bother to know when your nysc batch a stream 2 call-up letter print is going to commence. As of today this news was released, the call-up letter for stream 2 portal is still not ready.

2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing

This is how you know

  1. Logo to http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc4/
  2. enter your email address and password
  3. click the “resume”

But because its not yet time for you guys to start printing your call up letter, you will see a notice like this; “You will be notified when to print your call-up letter because you are not in stream I

Assume the call-up letter is now available, once you log in to your NYSC account you will see the link asking you to print your call-up letter

I hope you understand all that has been explained concerning 2016 NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Call-Up Letter Printing Update? But if you have any question, try using the comment box below, so that you can be assisted.

As soon as the printing start we shall give you guys another update here.

Good Luck.


  • NYSC keeping mute is driving us crazy…my question is ,will the orientation camp date stil be 21 may? And wen will the call up be ready for printing?

  • pls during registration, due to network failure , only two northern states was submitted among d 4.so am asking if I will be posted wit just d 2states only

  • please if the stream two is not holding, kindly tell us on time, I need to find something, staying home is just frustrating. thanks.

  • Seriously, we are tired of waiting… Just lets know whatsup so dat we will know where to put our mind 😏 😏 😏 😏

  • like seriously am not surprise cos
    from d President down to people managing d nysc stuff,are really sick in d head.
    which can nonsense is diz for God sake?don’t u people have concence at all?
    is not fair.
    people are languishing at home waiting for something DAT dey don’t no dia faith.

  • @ nysc. Well it has come to our notice dat dere will be notn 2016 batch A stream 2,which is not fair for a developing nation like Nigeria.I wonder y some group of ppl will carryout deir registrations at the same time of which they are all equal to the task and few will b selected without a nice reason ,without considering dat dis one’s tym dey are wasting,without considering dat we all are Nigeria graduates,imaging batch a stream 2 has 5 days left and uptill dis tym none of dem has seen where he/she is posted.I don’t know if at all d fed government shd scrape d scheme bcos since 1979 of deir existence till date,we hv not bin observing any development in d scheme.

  • Pls we want nysc to open up to us. Are still going dis 21th may? Or till further notice? Pls tell us somtin

  • Why are you people (nysc) turning us like fools? we are tried of waiting, pls tell us if stream 2 are going this 21 may or not. since 2nd March till now.

  • nysc should be mature and stop playing politics with the scheme. lease stream 2call up letter immediately.

  • please we are tired of this suspense, we are wasting money on checking the internet every day during this difficult economy.

  • The way they are going about this thing,i hope the rumour is not true because it is obvious after saying 13th-21st we can print call up letter and nothing has been heard

  • Nawao its unfair o efcc is recruiting wt police and other establishment wt max age of 27 and am here to waitin for service at my age and yet fG DNT wnt to let me go if i pass dis age wat is my hope of gettin job pls NYSC FREE ME PLS

  • I have a complaint against the NYSC organization. I am a prospective corps member (PCM) of NYSC batch A 2016. It is no longer news that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is set out to frustrate and degrade the lives of youths and graduates in Nigeria. On 8th of February online registration commenced for the 2016 NYSC Batch A orientation course scheduled to commence on the 2nd of march, after the registration however, NYSC time-table was changed and orientation camp postponed to 30th of march and subsequently 1st of April, most of us tendered our resignation letters to our employees as we were assured the date was not going to be tempered with again, few days to the anticipated date, the course was postponed yet again to the 27th of April to print our call-up letter on the 21st of April and no excuse whatsoever was given. Yet all prospective corps members waited patiently. The due date (21st of April) finally arrived to print our call up letters, admist confusion and tension PCM’s were unable to print out their call-up letters only to be informed 24hours later by NYSC that not all corp members were in stream 1; and that 27th of April was scheduled for stream 1 corps members and 21st of May was slated for stream 2 corps members. Most Prospective corp members got an unusual message, ‘because you are not in stream 1, you will be notified when to print your call-up letter’. Others got the message ‘you are to print your call up letter for the 13th to 21st of may 2016’. In other words 21st of may was the new date slated for Batch A stream 2 corp members, that is; one month after Batch A stream 1 printed their call-up letters. Yet again stream 2 PCM’s waited patiently. Few days ago stream 1 passed out from camp and the due date for printing call up letter for stream 2 arrived (13th of May), NYSC sent random messages to some corps members informing them to start printing on the 14th of May, and few minutes later were resent a message ‘sorry, you cannot print your call-up letter, you will be informed when to print your letters in due course’. No formal update has since been published by NYSC on their site to explain the reasons for the unusual procastinations, corp members who haven’t gotten messages have since been in denial by NYSC. On the 14th there was an update on NYSC social media account notifying us our letters will be ready later that day but yet again it was another empty promise. This is 16th of may and there is still no press release or official statement by NYSC for us to go ahead and print our call-up letters. NYSC has denied rumours of postponement but rumours reaching batch A stream 2 corp members is that Batch A stream 2 is now Batch B to leave in July or November which will be 5-9months after we are supposed to be in camp for the scheme. NB: We have patiently waited for NYSC till date, some of us since 2014. We are unable to get decent Jobs to sustain ourselves and our families or further our studies because we do not have NYSC dispatch certificates, youths have been forced to stay idle, wasting precious time waiting for the scheme, so many resigned from their petty jobs all because we were eager to serve our fatherland. How long will we continue to wait? IT IS EITHER WE ALL (BATCH A STREAM 2) CORP MEMBERS LEAVE ON 21ST OF MAY or OUR DISPATCH CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED TO US or WE ARE DEPLOYED TO OUR VARIOUS STATES OF DEPLOYMENT WITHOUT ORIENTATION CAMP AND GIVEN PLACES OF PRIMARY ASSIGNMENT if funds are insufficient. The hardship in Nigeria is unbearable and it will be utmostly inhumane to punish the youths and leaders of tommorrow by promising them to continue waiting for an incompetent organization and a failed scheme that is not in the best interest of Nigerian youths. We can no longer wait for NYSC to determine the course of our future. We use this medium to call on all Nigerians and youth advocates to tell ourstory to the world # letnigeriahearourcry
    # NYSCbatchAstream2 # NoPostponement
    # ReleaseOurCallupLetter . please friends copy and paste this post to various blogs and bloggers, we cannot continue being silent

  • I made a mistake in entering my name will there be room for correction and I did not get the text massage others got before stream 1 went for their camp, I checked my mail box that my call up letter was not ready I hope to get notified when its ready because am worried .

  • am having a prblem to access my email, but i used it to print out my green card but try to open it again now to check my call up letters, it written wrong password, what could have been problem of that? Plss i need ur asset beford it could haven too late.

  • Its nt a gud thing that NYSC is mute on this issue of stream 2 call up letter… We are tired of waiting, we wana get done wit dis tin and move on wit life, our parents no longer believe our story as it changes every day…. The very moment nysc did nt release call up for both stream 1and 2 as it was done last year for both batch A and B, I knew there was gona b a foul play. the little money we have on us, we have used in purchasing d items we wud b needing for the camping exercise. Pls let d director and other concerned persons look into dos issue and let’s get done wit it. Thanks

  • Nysc s reali wastnn our precious tym.if itnotpossible let dem tel usinstead of keeping mute.tnx fordinfo

  • Nysc officials has nothing to offer to us anymore ,maybe some of them are involved in the Dasuki gate,but they said they need change ,and failed to realise that change comes in different forms. Abeg whether by error of ommission or commission they should please as a matter of urgency give us our letters cos personally, I have not concentrated since this year because of nysc stuffs.

  • I tot d budget was just approved why d complain of no funds available D’s is absurd frustrating and annoying

  • Pls i have received a message from nysc to print my call up letter but i cant see anytin reasonable on dia site concerning d printing. They are still saying avoid fraudulent sites. Pls wot can i do?

  • As at yesterday, we were informed that the fed. govt is going to set up a committee to look into the release of funds for the exercise. So just keep your fingers crossed cos anythg can happen. Its either going to be done on 21st or cancelled n rescheduled.

  • pls I want to no if stream 2 orientation date has been postponed because I got a message Dis mornin stating dat orientation course has been postponed due to logistics reason & dat a new date will be communicated to me

  • its a shameful thing 4 a country known as nigerian to b deceiving their gratuates base on nysc stuff. Infact i sugest dat they shudn’t been an nysc programm in nigeria again. I tiered 4 nigeria my country to been loyal and nonsense

  • Nysc scheme have became a busniess ventures & corruptoin center, i don’t know what we stream 2 batch A 2016 corps members a are suffering at de hand nysc like dis. I believe that what goes up most surely come down subsequently.

  • With god all things are possible be patienc please,u will soon call up for d orientatn dont wory things are now puttn in to consideratn

  • Good morning to you all,, pls iwant to know whether someone in batch A stream l dat could not report at the camp due to Ill health can join batch A stream l1? I humbly believe you shall reply my text, thanks and God bless.

  • please management to should give us date for our orientation because we are tired of staying at home form stream 2

  • please explain to me about the rumor going about, that we are to resume camp this monday 13th and yet I have’nt received any of the text message, cos your page is nt still giving me answer and am confuse.

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