Official: NYSC Postpones 2016 Batch A Stream 2 Orientation Course

NYSC Batch A Stream 2 Orientation Postponed.


**Updated*** The Management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has officially postponed the 2016 Batch ‘A’ (Stream II) Orientation course scheduled to commence on Saturday, 21st May, 2016 due to logistics reasons.

All Prospective Corps members are advised to watch out for a new date to be announced later here.

**Posted Earlier:

Information reaching us has it that the NYSC Batch A Stream II Orientation programme has been allegedly postponed by the management of the National Youth Service Corps. The stream 2 corps members were supposed to commence orientation courses tomorrow, Saturday, 21st May, 2016.

Some prospective corps members (PCMs) received a text massage to that effect which stated thus;

“Please we regret to inform you that the 2016 Batch A Stream 2 in all states including those posted to Adamawa, Borno and Yobe in Stream 1 for orientation course has been postponed due to logistic reasons. A new date will be communicated to you in due course. Please accept our sincere apologies. NYSC Management”


  1. But most of us just drop our work because of this,and a friend of my was even traveling just to get her things ready and she had an accident.just to receive a message that it has been postponed.Please always remember we are the leaders of tomorrow,and in the history of Nigeria it has not happened before so why now that we voted for change?something should be done .

  2. why are u people behaving like that. just give
    e us a definite time pls

  3. Can u imagine, that my friend is on her way to bauchi state yesterday.

  4. jamilu musa madaki

    why are u joke with our life, u mean that stream 1&2 will not finish at the same time,while they are in the same batch,so now u can give us another time,vcz we don’t want have fasting in the camp.

  5. so annoying. ..the postponement is has become disgusting. ..what a waste of time it seems. The time table should have been corrected when stream 1 were In camp other than this rubbish indefinite postponement.Pls make up your logistics lets leave by next week nor b we start service

  6. This is quite unfortunate.

  7. Very unfortunate

  8. it painful, why all this nonsense? I have to quit my job just becos of service now am idle at home doing nothing. pls u people u should be fast about the adjustment.

  9. worldmoon larry

    nysc is a failed organization its high time they open up the practicability of the service year and not playing with the youths with their indefinite postponement.

  10. Its already June 1,and nth is forth coming,pls stop wasting our time

  11. Is it dat nysc don’t hav a clearer picture on wat to do or wat? If dat is d case, they should just provide certificate 4 those of us in stream2 so we can face d reality of life bcos, dis so cald nysc mgt. as far as am concern hav no plan 4 us, God help all PCM’s.

  12. worldmoon larry

    the fact that the present government have not understood the imperative of nysc and its role as an avenue for national peace stablization and mutual inter-relational entrenchments coupled with the nysc management’s lack of rationality to understand that the potential youths of this country are tied down by their indefinite postponement is 1. An evidence of a failed organization 2. myopic government without direction 3. more corrupt management body. may God help you.

  13. May God see all the PCM’s through and console us.Nysc mgt must face a great disappointment in their lives.

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