UNICAL Academic Calendar 2015/2016


The management of University Of Calabar (UNICAL) has released the 2015/2016 Academic Calendar. The breakdown of academic activities is as indicated in the table below;

First Semester

February 2016

DateDescription and Activities
Monday,15thLectures Begin for All Freshmen
Monday,15thLate Registration and Screening Begin for All Freshmen
Friday,19thLate Registration and Screening End for All Freshmen
Monday,22ndLectures Begin for Returning Students
Wednesday,24thOrientation Begins for All Freshmen
Friday,26thOrientation Ends for All Freshmen
Monday,29thRegistration Ends for All Returning Students
Monday,29thLate Registration Begins for All Returning Students
Monday,15thPayment of School Charges and Registration by Returning Students
Friday,12thEnd of Registration for freshmen
Friday,12thReturning Students Arrive Campus
Monday,1stPayment of School Charges and Registration by freshmen


March 2016

DateDescription and Activities
Wednesday,2ndSolemn Assembly at Unical International Conference Centre
Monday,14thContinuous Assessment
Thursday,17thLong vacation Exams Begin
Thursday,24thLong vacation Exams End
Monday,28thEnd of Adding and Dropping of Courses
Thursday,31thLate Registration Ends for All Returning Students


April 2016

DateDescription and Activities


May 2016

DateDescription and Activities
Friday,13thLectures End for All Student
Monday,16thExams Begin for Pre Degree, Education and Final Year Students
Thursday,26thExams Begin for GSS Courses
Wednesday,25thExams End for Pre Degree, Education and Final Year Students


January 2016

DateDescription and Activities
Friday 29thFreshmen Arrive Campus


June 2016

DateDescription and Activities
Saturday,4thExams End for GSS Courses
Monday,6thFirst Semester Exams Begin for All Except CES
Wednesday,15thFirst Semester Exams End for All except CES
Thursday,16thFirst Semester Exams Begin for All CES Students
Saturday,25thFirst Semester Exams End for All CES Students
Saturday,25thEnd of First Semester and All Students Depart.



Lectures – 13 weeks
Examination – 5 weeks
Total – 18 weeks

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