NABTEB GCE 2016/2017 Result Is Out : Release Date Nov/Dec Checker

Nabteb Gce 2016 Nov/Dec Result has not been released so all candidates should please hold back in other to check there result Online.
NATIONAL BUSINESS & TECHNICAL EXAMINATIONS BOARD is going to release NABTEB GCE Result 2016 maybe in the month of January 2017.
Candidates who are looking for their NABTEB GCE result they can check their result online through NABTEB Result checker.
NABTEB (NATIONAL BUSINESS & TECHNICAL EXAMINATIONS BOARD ) is a not-for-profit examination board formed out of the concern for education in Africa.
For getting more details about how to check NABTEB GCE result candidates must see below details:
Name of the Organization
Type of Result
NABTEB GCE Nov/Dec Result 2016
How to check NABTEB GCE Result online
*.Candidates open the NABTEB site through
  1. Enter your Candidatate Identification Number e.g. 38001178
  2. Select the Type of Examination
  3. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year e.g. 2002
  4. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card. The Card Serial Number has an alphabet prefix followed by digits e.g. N123456789
  5. Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card eg. 012345678912
  6. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up
  To have your result sent to your e-mail address, do the followings:
  1. Follow steps 1-5 above.
  2. Click on the ‘Send Results to E-mail’ box
  3. Enter a valid e-mail address e.g. [email protected]
  4. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up


  • Send SMS in the format below:
  • NABTEB*ExamNo*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear To short-code 32327
  • For example: To check for May/June results,
  • To check for Nov/Dec results, NABTEB*01001001*123456789012*ND*2012
  • Note: Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above. There should be no space in the message.Wait for your result to be delivered to your mobile phone via sms.

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  1. Pls make una help us release our nabteb gce 2015/2016 result for us we are starting our screening today been on 5th of january, please for God shake pls help us

  2. Plz i ws anxious to view my nabteb gce result 2015, can some one endeavour to further teln me d specific date 4 releasn of d result

  3. Pls for de sake of GOD realease our eesult pls

  4. Can some one pls tell me wether Nabteb will be releasing our result before jamb closes rejistration.



  6. please nabteb, you people should help US releasevour result. please
    clearance has just started.

  7. Pls release d result before on 10 january pls

  8. pls nabteb release our resuit 4 we 2 kwn wot nxt pls we are beggin u in thy name of god pls

  9. pls nabteb release our resuit 4 we 2 kwn wot nxt pls we beg u in thy name of god pls

  10. Pls u guy shuld try and make dis up b4 we lose 2 tinx at a time. Jamb and admission.on d 10th pls…

  11. pls is nabteb result for 2015/2016 Nov/DEC out

  12. pls when is nabteb result out

  13. Pls can anybody tell me the date that our result will be out?
    And they have to know that we are in need of the result before JAMB .

  14. Pls can anybody tell me the date that our result will be out?
    And pls NABTEB offecials u have to know that we are in need of the result before JAMB start we are pleading with u all.

  15. Nabteb pls and pls release our result now. Things are getting late wooooo

  16. Pls u guys should release our result befor 10 we nid it 4 clearance

  17. A beg make you release our result o

  18. Nabteb, today is the deadline wooo help us in the name of God pls.

  19. Pls when will the result be released?

  20. Pls can anybody tell me the date that our result will be out?
    Aniefiok George

  21. pls realease our result

  22. Suleiman Saleh gashaka

    when will nabteb result be out

  23. Which university they accept nabted result

  24. Nabteb pls release our result 4 us ontime oo,cos we ve started registration in sch.

  25. Pls in d name of God release our result i nid it for screenin pleace

  26. Nabteb abeg u guys in the name of God to release our result I am suffering to screen in my school

  27. Please Nabteb release Nov|Dec results b/4 Jamb close registration.

  28. I go swear kill una if una nor release our result before on Friday 15th of January

  29. Please release our result time is not our side we are pleading

  30. please when are u releasing napteb result

  31. My country people mekuna relast every thing go better,nabteb offecials do better 4us woooo!.

  32. pls nabteb release our result oooo,we don tire

  33. nabteb pls oooooo we need our results. my school screening is on 15th so dat we dont lose two things at a time

  34. please release our results

  35. pls, we need the result now. admission is ongoing.

  36. When is the result going to be out?

  37. Please in the name of the lord i greet you all,please when are we going to see our result,is unfair,so that we can’t loose hope,we the candidient that took the exam are now worried please you people should help us please.

  38. when are we expecti d result?

  39. pls nabteb oficials release our result on time in order to know what we are goin to do next pls and pls i beg u in the name of allah

  40. Am pleading to all nabteb officials ke gbo seti we need our result ke gbo seti release our result b4 it getting too late ke gbo seti ejo ooooooooooo! Ejo ooooooooooo!! Ejooooooooooo!!! We are pleading ke gbo seti

  41. Onal too delay

  42. Pls release our result am pleading all official to release this result school screening excecise is still in progress

  43. Pls someone from your office should atleast be able to tell you expected date of release atleast we will know.

  44. Pls at least someone from your office should at least tell us an expected date of release then we will know.

  45. pls nabteb help us & release our results.

  46. Please Help Us And Release Our Result And Also Do Us A Favour.Plez And Pleaz Dont Fail Any One Of Us In English And Maths.Because Of P7, I Only Got In Maths, I Was Repeated To Write Nabteb Again.But This Time Around I Pray Dat May God Give The Nabteb Officer To Pass All Of Us In Getting A1 A2 In All Our Subject.And We Shall All Be Proud Of Nabteb Result In Jn

  47. Nabteb result will be out before on 28 jan

  48. Am also in support of nabteb result to be released 4 us pls

  49. carzola are you sure of what you are saying……

  50. May Almighty Allah to help us to pass all the exams!

  51. the is notinz hare oo

  52. 2 My Own View I Think D Result Will B Out B4 Jan15,we All Need Dis Result,even Me Personaly Need IT B4 Jamb Registration Close,even Let Come 2 Think Of It We All Pay 4 D Exam Fee, So U Guyz Need 2 Work Fast Nd Mark Faster(corectly)even Some Of Those Who Obtain 4 D Exam Need It 4 There Clearance At School,but Is Getting Out Of Hand,so U Guyz Should Try 2 Work On It Bcos U Hv Been Paid Nd 2 Avoid Disapointment Of We D Stundent,so We Are Pleading 2 U Guyz 2 Release It From Nw Till 2maro Abeg 0000

  53. Pls save us with this result b4 jan 21 and do not fail us in english bcos dis our last hope and pls dnt let d money we have paid go in vain plssssss

  54. pls Nabteb pls I need this result for my clearance. Clearance ded line Na February 18 .. pls I no won lose my admission oo

  55. Pls i dont know were am heading to now, i have admission already but the school management is not ready receive awaiting result, jamb is also closing pls it will not be far for someone to loose admission and the jamb registration pls help us.

  56. Nabteb people what is happany

  57. Plz are u [email protected]

  58. Plz are u [email protected]

  59. pls nabteb when are you releasing the result, we are really in need of it, pls released it b4 febuary.

  60. kamal Alh.oh mai nama

    Pls nabtab can tell me date that our result out

  61. Pls help us release our result nabteb.

  62. Pls when is the exact date for the release of the result


  64. Iheonu chukwuemeka

    please Nabteb talk now.

  65. Am tired of them ooo

  66. Pls my life is at stake; I need d result to do my clearance. Pls release am o nabteb ppu

  67. i send my center number white one person and he said the result is held wt one person that is what he say to me

  68. nabteb result wil release on 25 march

  69. Plz nabteb board release our nabteb result cos we are despirately in need of it is month

  70. Yusuf Alh Bala (yab) Harbo Sabuwa Jhn Lga

    Pls Nabteb We Need Our Result In Right Time

  71. pls we need our result b4 February

  72. Pls release our result 4 ALLAH SAKE

  73. pls nabteb officials help us release dis result

  74. pls release our result cos guys wan go for recruitment abeg NABTEB officials.

  75. let us b pacient d result will b out b4 ending of dis mnt or early febuary

  76. Plz nabteb release our result bcos i wnt to use it 4 i thnk dey will rel ease it on febuary,so av . Patient

  77. pls when is 2015 nabteb gce result going to be out i want 2 no,also inform the jamb operator so dat the can add more days 4 registration

  78. pls Nabteb make hu Na release gce results ooo we won use am do clearance ooo

  79. I wish us goodluck!


    AM SACHING FOR MY RISULD. 2015 2 2016

  81. Lets keep trusting God friends. It shall be well in Jesus’ name.

  82. Nabteb please am begging you people with the name of God please and please release our result latest January ending pls we need it please

  83. Nabteb please am begging you people with the name of God please and please release our result latest January ending pls we need it please

  84. pls Nabteb We ar in need of our result, pls help us pls, God Bless Nabteb .Amen.

  85. We are fed up pls nabteb official we need d result dis is our last hope please

  86. Please release 2015/2016 Nov/DEC nabteb result as soon as possible. We urgently in need of it.Please let’s know our faith.

  87. pls when is nabteb result wl be release?

  88. I pray dat d result will be out dis week in Jesus name, Amen, bcos every mentol dat i have from says it will be out by january ending to first week of february

  89. Just wait till on 28

  90. Why all nov/dec 2015 candidate hasting nabteb to releas unmarking exam result be careful in case they will give u f9

  91. Pls we need nov/dec 2015/2016 result.

  92. pls let us be prayerful because this issue of result is getting out of hand I personally I need this result before Jan 31st please nabteb find something to do with this oo ejowo nitori olorun oooi

  93. Are u [email protected]

  94. please when is d result coming out,I really need it please nabteb officials

  95. Listen you nabteb officials people are at the edge of loosing their admission xo y dnt u release de result. I am priviledged son of David O Oyedepo dere4 u have from nw till 2moro to release dix result or else ur sack letter is sure.

  96. Israel Patrick Konyil

    Pls release the result, cos we despratly in need of it.
    Pls…Have mercy.

  97. nabteb result is out….

  98. make diz nabteb official release diz result so DAT person go know were to go from here

  99. Pls and pls,i anouced each and every one,the official nabteb we are beggin u to realease aur result nabteb2015\2016,becouse we need it, at righ now,even you are not acompany to complete the marking scribt you should better for you to anounce the people to real issue about they result .pls all nabteb official u shuold give several metting enter vening u .,if they any problem u should bter to anounce the people.

  100. Anonymous are u sure

  101. are u sure anonymous ?

  102. Are u sure @ anonymouse

  103. Israel Patrick Konyil

    NABTEB org, can You please have pitty on me, my Matriculation is next week monday and i have not yet resume talkless of Registration.
    And were am going to the school is very far from were am living.
    Pls….I beg you
    Release this results today i.e 27th of january.
    have mercy, pitty and help us.

  104. Let Be Patient Am Enjoy House Now Let It Be May Or June Be4 You Will Release Our Result.Thanks You For Granting My Request

  105. pls dont fail us tomorow, we are praying to God for u guys to release our result

  106. pls when nabteb is goin to release our result cos am anxious to see my result, i want to use it for admision

  107. When will the nabteb result will be release?

  108. I chat with them they said they will make sure that the result will be pasted online within 90 days. From the last examination paper. Thats all what i heard.

  109. what is happening with nabteb now we really need dis result be4 next mouth o

  110. nabteb plz wen ar we going to wait d result u ppl should release d result plz thanks God bless u ppl and mi fellow students in Jesus name. Amen

  111. nabteb pls for the sake of God Almighty ,release our result. registration has started



  113. Are u sure d result is out


  115. plz nabteb release our results abeg my admission is on the line.thanks


  117. pls napteb officials nd board as a whole, pls do not try frustrating candidates in this form because we ain’t finding it funny anymore….. some school’s have started their screening for new students into their academy and others who are supposed to have registered for jamb are still waiting to see the Napteb result before proceeded in other to be sure were they stand but NABTEB isn’t even trying to give helping hand atall even if its to let us know the actual date at least that would have been enough eailieron but all to no avail. please and please let’s at least do something for ourselves… my own turn neva reach oo me just dey beg on behalf of my fellow Nabteb candidate, they increased my screening date in my school but am just one(1) out of a billion there are many out there who desperately are in need of this result so please do something before it gets too late and we get frustrated. Thank you. Its 4rm Mexiana

  118. oh!! nabteb do us favour by releasing this result we are eager to see our fate to know where we are,we are praying to see good in our result

  119. Pls,! NABTEB BORD,help your’s candidate’s to relies a Very Very Good RESULTS.

  120. Pls,! NABTEB BORD,help your’s candidate’s to relies a Very Very Good RESULTS.GOD BLESS U NABTEB BORD AMIN THUMMER AMIN.

  121. nabteb we are waiting for u now

  122. ibrahim mani raddah

    pls pls nabteb official release our result because secrening is on progress

  123. Nabteb, candidate are anxious to see their results.pls try to make it available for them.JAMB will soon close selling form.

  124. Pls try nd release our result we ar abut strting exams nxt mnth nd i haven’t done my clearance pls nd pls my result i really need 2 go 2 skul pls

  125. we need our result pls help us

  126. friends we don’t have to worry about our NABTEB result,we have to pray first for success in our exam not just hurry. now if their released and u fail what do u do?

  127. I pray that God will help us in our result.If u want to pass ur exam type Amen and followed me

  128. I need the sure of NOV/DEC 2015/2016 NABTEB, is it out or not

  129. Nabteb pls release our results by d ending of dis mnth

  130. sunusi lamido sunusi

    pls nabteb oficials release there result

  131. Pls NABTEB board, i beg you.
    My MATRICULATION is just by the corner, on day 3rd febuary.
    pls and pls…help us out, not to miss our addmision.
    For God sake help us.
    I have faith in God that you will help us.

  132. Please nabteb official released ours resuit by this week or first week of february so that we should do ours clerance.please nabteb we don’t want to lose ours admision pleasae try and do so for us a bey oooo

  133. Gown Top Oladejo Taofeek

    Pls Nd Pls Nabteb We Are Waiting 4 Our Result. Becos I Hav Some Work 2 Do, Nd Without Dat Result They Will Nt Allw Me 2 Do Any Work. Pls Nd Pls Releas Our Result, Pls Dnt Lt Eniemy Laugh On Me. Pls….

  134. please we what see our result before jump’s suppose to realise now kilode

  135. how far about the result is it out??

  136. pls release our result for us because the registration in my school is already closed what do you want me to do now

  137. I was able to visit one of their office today in Lafia, the lady I met in the office when I asked about the realeasing of the result she said the result will be coming out by February, precisely mid – Februaúry. I notice dat last year’s gce came out in the month of February and not Aáá in January. Frnds, lets be patient as they are trying to put evrvy tin lçtogether, and keep praying for our results. Jesus loves You all.

  138. plz have dy released d result


  140. nabteb u sud pleas release our result, at least 2day is 29th of january, pls cn u releas it 2moro 30th bcos my scul reg wil close by 31 of jan

  141. Pls nabteb help release our result before 15fbry abeg oh

  142. NABTEB,candidates are asking various questions regarding their results but you people refuse to response.WHY? Please response now.

  143. No horry in life. But if u ar in horry plz life ix an exprezz way overtaking ix alaud dudez

  144. pls do we need to buy scratch card to check the result

  145. I nid my result

  146. B Walid Com.Center

    hello guys pls calm down you result will be reader first week of febuary 2016

  147. Plz nabteb official tnkz u all,i beg u guyz please release our result plz b4 2nd feb plz nd God bless u…diz iz my last opportunity abeg

  148. pls o i want to use my nabtechresult dis wk pls realise it

  149. palz nabteb is releasin our result febuary

  150. am eager to see my result ,pls,release it

  151. oh please help us to release our nabteb result before 2nd of feb.

  152. pls release our nabteb result we want to use it

  153. Pls napteb result d result o.registration is abt to closed

  154. nabteb official i beg pls release our gce result for us pls we want to use it pls we beg of u ,
    pls and pls

  155. Pls we are facing varification,pls release our nabteb GCE 2015 result. May GOD assist us 2 see good result. thanks

  156. when will the result be out

  157. we have 2 know, nothing happens without a reason there will a reason for d result been delayed let have it easy with the faith dat we will all have our 9As; delay @ d end with good result is far beta than quick result with f9s

  158. plsss NABTEB release our GCE result I can’t do my skul reg witout dis result I beg of u,I have missed lectures n assignment for ova three gud weeks nw

  159. plsss NABTEB release our GCE result I can’t do my skul reg witout dis result I beg of u,I have missed lectures n assignment for ova three gud weeks nw

  160. Abeg nabteb people,de result is over delaying pls hesten ur effort 4 de common good of all

  161. nabteb they releasing d result on febuary friday on 5th

  162. NABTEB……….
    PLS, January has end since yesterday….
    And we have not yet seen any alert.
    Pls and Pls i beg you in the name of GOD to pls do something, so uhat we can know our stands on what to do.
    Pls, Pls, Pls……….

  163. My fellow friends let just put every thng in prayers nd also hv faith that our result will b out this nw month

  164. pls we knw dat is easy not as we fink…..but pls consider all us rite here dat we av already gain admission but just waitn for d nabteb result….i pray dat in name of ALMIGHT GOD it will be released b4 on dis 7th of feburary

  165. We jst wnt 2 knw d date tht the result would b out pls i knw Nigeria can be beta dnt do it anyhow

  166. OK now, must of us we lost the more noble. ure maybe is expressed possibility and know tym was gone addition u not hv intention to release pls wt did u mean, pls why this tym hv verity with rest.
    any tremble with u pls?

  167. We ar tired of waiting ooo!

  168. I check my result today and is good for me

  169. Please nabteb release our 2015 november december result. Hafedpoly is about to close registration.

  170. Pls when Nabteb 2015/2016 Nov Dec results will be out. Pls we have to make use of it pls

  171. let us be praying i believe by d special grace of GOD our result is going to be out on 7th of dis month…friend do nt be too curious my GOD is operating it for us

  172. let us see our result with good grades

  173. Pls release our result

  174. u guys wat hppn t our result pls we need realesed it imidiantly

  175. u guys wat hppn t our result pls we need to realesed it imidiantly

  176. Pls release our result before this week finish

  177. Pls release our result before this week finish

  178. slow movement of a tiger is not a mistake, but is calculation plans to watch a goil

  179. January has ended yet no news of releasing our result, am pleading in the name of God, you people should try and release it cause I need to do my clearance in school so I can further my HND program, pls, God bless you as you do so, thanks.

  180. Pls Nabteb, Dis GCE result has a vital role to play on my future. 4 d sake of delayance, let every body credit Maths and English. Pls b fast in releasing d result.

  181. will are still pleading about the result..

  182. Pls NABTEB BORD Relies Our Nov Dec 2015|2016

  183. Thank God for the success of the exams even as we wait for the out come of the result our greatest disire is that we will all make it A1 in jesus name let us be prayerfull nd see wat will appen b4 d met of febuary

  184. Please release our result to kw wot next to do pls n pls for d sake of God.

  185. PLS realse our result abeg

  186. release our result pls, if u hv any tremble tell us pls

  187. Pls nabted officer realise our result we are looking admintion to university

  188. plz nabteb GCE I beg u ppl to release our cus we don’t no Wat iz happen thanks. God bless u I Jesus name. Amen.

  189. pls u pple shld hlp brda n sistr 4dis exm n realese 2day pls n pls

  190. mustapha bello bakori

    We have to let them to do their work !

  191. nabteb official released our result for us.

  192. pls nabteb board hlp me 2 release our nabteb gce result,i hve nt being screen, no reg N.I took de result wth purpose,so pls release it and GOD wll bless all of u.Amen

  193. pls nabteb release our result today or tomorrow

  194. Still waiting and praying 4 d result 2 be good. God bless us all.

  195. Abeg! help us!

  196. the result will comeout tomorrow be ready to see ur result..

  197. Please help us ooooooo

  198. Please nabteb, do smtin in time about this result, before people will start dislike the exam like wat happen to ( Waec) dat is y dey lose thousands of customers . Because dis among d reason. 1 dey will not release the result n time also failed server people, I hope you will learn from dem

  199. na ogun go kill all nabteb

  200. Please will need dis result for clearance at school please

  201. Pls time are they going to release nabteb gce oooo

  202. Pls time are they going to release nabteb gce oooo and the date

  203. pls nabteb release our result i want make reg. on next week

  204. helf us relese our result

  205. pls,we need our result,release for us.

  206. the result is out four hours ago..

  207. hi….guys wow..!!! good news nabteb will release our result on (Tuesday 9 feb) u ppl should pls hold n pray for good grade wish us all d best……..

  208. Hi…….wow…!! it ws fantastic news nabteb will release our result on (Tuesday 9 feb) u guys should pls hold n pry fr a good grade……..

  209. my advice .lnabteb the should adjust there exam time table back so that result we be ready in time like other’s because now we are stranded

  210. if there is problems let us know, if no release our result

  211. it as be annouced that d result will be out on tuesdae tweet nabteb on twitter

  212. pls release our results

  213. pls release ur result b4 my admssn expired
    i pray 4 d result 2 b good

  214. pls NABTEB what are we going to do help us

  215. Thanks God NABTEB results will be release on Tuesday 9th February 2016.So let us be pray to pass the exam.

  216. Please Nabteb I’m began you to release our result November /December 2015 /2016 before ending of this week

  217. Pls release our result, i cant wait 2 see it


  219. lanrewaju owolabi

    abeg make una realise diz stuff nah.I take God beg u b4 Feb 10..

  220. pls guys if they eventually release the result the first to know should informed us

  221. Pls release our result I beg una….I can’t do any clearance in skul nw bcos of dat result am waiting for

  222. Nabteb result wil be out on monday,…watch out

  223. pls release it by Monday

  224. pls release our result….i hav mis jamb registration..pls don’t let me miss my admission

  225. pls, at least give us a relief answer to our request over a month now we pleading, to do the needful with the results, pls say something…
    when do we expect the Nov/DEC result for 2015 Nabteb…

  226. Congrat felazzzzz

  227. Mohammed K. Aliyu

    Pls NABTEB when are going to release our Nov./DEC. results now we are enhanced to see our result

  228. Pls b patient, just wait till Tuesday 9th of February
    I wish everyone of u good success

  229. Pls let’s b patient till Tuesday 9th of February
    I wish each an everyone of us good success

  230. Please Which Time Resuit Will Come Out Becaus Dis Thing Done Tired Me

  231. I need my result for clearance in school please rease for me

  232. please we beg u in d name of God release our results

  233. please we beg u in d name of God release our results

  234. student are egger to see their result,pls NABTEB try your possible best to releas this nov /dec 2016,by this week so they can make used of it thanks for your efforts.

  235. Let’s all b patient till Tuesday 9th of February
    Wishing each nd everyone of success

  236. I hav mis jamb registration, pls don’t make me mis my admission, release our result soon,,so I won’t carry 2 zero

  237. plz l need my result my school will going to withdrawal me due to my diffeciency plz help me to release our results within this week may God make you beeeeettttteeeer AMEEN

  238. Pls nabteb excos try to release ur nuv/dec result for us bcos we want to know our stand and further ur education we donot want to spend years go by @ do so for us.

  239. make una release result joor

  240. Pls s nabteb gce result is out?

  241. Pls wen should we xpectn d result, or is dis nigeria dat cause

  242. Pls Nabteb Officier We Need Ur Result, What Are You People Waitin For, Do And Release On Time Wit A Good Result God Bless U All

  243. Pls and pls nabteb office pls help all people on the writer the exam 2015 nov/dec and other year i neeed you pray to all people thank nabteb………………………………………

  244. Pls we need the result pls, I want to do my clearance pls wen will they released it?

  245. Pls release our result 4 de sake of God my admission is at stike pls

  246. Nabteb is please to announce dat d 2015 nov/dec result is coming out on tuesday 9th of febuary.await ur result with great faith.THANKS

  247. PLS nabteb release our result

  248. pls Nabteb officials help us release dis result so dat we meet up with our friends dat are going for service batch A pls.

  249. pls u guy should release diss result am in need of it badly

  250. Pls we need our result relise it

  251. pls nabteb, am seriously waiting for this result pls make u na release am for us. my skul registeration will close by feb15 i beg pls release am, i pray God bless u in jn

  252. why all dis,we need our result pls and plsssssss!!!!!!



  255. Nabteb offcials,is d result not yet ready?I mean Nov/Dec 2015.

  256. As important our result is to us……abeg u (nabteb)…help us wit it 2mrw is our dead line 4 screenin.

  257. Pls nabteb help us by freeing our result for us;

  258. Pls we want our result

  259. Nabteb pls help us we need our result nabteb nabteb nabteb

  260. wil al we ned 2 do abt nabeteb result is 4 us 2 ve d optimusm abt it,nd i hop God wil see ur tru in jesus name

  261. nabteb ogun go blast una

  262. Please i pleaded with nabteb i need english and biology ,there is not doubt that i will not make my result ,God will help us all ,we will all come out with fly colour in jesus name

  263. Guys great news nabteb will release our result tomorow go to thier facebook page nd see the post 4 urself

  264. plsss release it. #
    crying #

  265. NABTEB boardcu promise to release our 2015 GCE result today tuesday being d 9th of February 2016,plss we beg of u stick to ur promise

  266. NABTEB board u promise to release our 2015 GCE result today tuesday being d 9th of February 2016,plss we beg of u stick to ur promise

  267. nabteb result out

  268. NABTEB, I am really disappointed.

  269. if to release ur result according to ur comments, so many people ll fail, see vocabulary, see English, anyway, be patients, Nabteb Exam RESULT is not your JSS ONE TEST RESULT, I also wrote one….

  270. I Need My Nabteb Result

  271. waiting today

  272. if to release ur result according to ur comments, so many people ll fail, see vocabulary, see English, anyway, be patients, Nabteb Exam RESULT is not your JSS ONE TEST RESULT, I also wrote one….

  273. nabteb pls release our result na,i beg u in d name of god

  274. nabteb officials when will you release our result.pls we want knw

  275. Abeg when will this nabteb result coming out

  276. pls nabteb we need our result urgently

  277. pls nabteb officials we need our result for clearance the school

  278. please NABTED office I am begging u people to release our result. my school have started writing exams nd we 100lv students r starting on 15th of February please nabted office release our result I need it so I can do my screening pls I beg u people in d name of God sake

  279. please NABTED office I am begging u people to release our result. my school have started writing exams nd we 100lv students r starting on 15th of February please nabted office release our result I need it so I can do my screening pls I beg u people in d name of God sake

  280. innocent pandur Philemon

    when will our November/December 2015 result will be release pls

  281. you guys should release dis result for us na.

  282. samson aka united

    Pls nd pls oga nabteb when our result is going to be out?

  283. Nabteb offecher whooo na papa and mama u fools i no need e na result again may na go sop ham because jamb no close

  284. Pls our result na wo

  285. The result we be realsea im june 2016

  286. To be sincere this guys aren’t doing us good at all. Pls NABTEB release my result make I know my stand, if na to register another O’Level exam make I prepare well before then. Una dey dull oo

  287. Pst iliya manka wentul

    Please nabteb officials b patient with us to release our result pls & pls thanks

  288. We are 1 as a nation, 2. we are brothers & sistanias 3.assisting is de key of freedom release our nov/d 2015 to knw next thanks

  289. Please we need our results this muth nabteb please

  290. Nabteb pls

  291. This NABTEB their so stupid.

  292. Israel Patrick Yerima Konyil.

    NABTEB……..Why, Why, Why….
    Do you people want admision to pass us?
    Presently now, the admision has already pass some of us ma self.
    So do something before today ends.
    I beg you in the name of God….
    And, by the grace of God we shall pass our exams.

  293. Please when will this result be out????? I badly want to submit it and go for my NYSC…….. 😞😞😞😞😞😔😔😔😔

  294. am sure of this 2mawo


  296. Sirajo hassan dkabo

    Plz we need result before DAT mouth will end

  297. pls is the result out?

  298. Why this resalt remain forever wy nabteb

  299. pray for d good news ppl not just to released d result brethren….d result will soon be release ppl be patient pls

  300. our nabted results has release today

  301. please we need our results. I really need it for my clearance. please

  302. Nabteb official are not doin well for dear candidate pls release our nov Dec result

  303. result is out today

  304. Nabteb what is happen with the procedure abeg release the result

  305. Pals lets b patience til 20th of feb we wil hv a beta grade IJN

  306. pleas nabteb release our results pls and pls

  307. Help us o……
    my REGISTRATION will end tomorrow.
    pls i beg you people in the name of God. To release it and let us PASS in JESUS name.

  308. Ajibade Charles sheriff

    Even though u people yell from now to nxt 50years it won’t change.if dey decided nt to release it.pls and pls my people.lets be nt a small job.they will hav to mark the whole nation exam,record it,cross checked it.typed it and paste the result so is nt a day let’s be patient God will help.May God bless NABTEB

  309. I heard that the result have been released but I am not sure . Please Nabteb release our result . Can somebody tell me if the Nabteb result is out? I believe God will give us the best grades

  310. i acquire for kogi state university and screening is near to finish

  311. Hello every one, i heard that the result was released yesterday, can anyone attest to this information if so please drop a comment. Am really anxious to know.

  312. Pls is it true that our result is out. Pls i need a reply tnks

  313. Nabteb bring out my result with success, is urgently needed plssssssssss

  314. yes d result is out I c my ALHAMDULILAHHHHH 4 MY

  315. hmmm… i no too sure of d release of d result ooh but can som 1 prov d source of d info.

  316. NABTEB ‘fail to release our results u will face penalty becos
    1 .people will be discouraged
    2.u will lose sm customers
    3. I hope wat Waec is facing nw will nt happen to u. Because i can’t advice anybody 2 write Again, dey re full of disappointment


  318. Oh lord plz ….y nabteb duin like diz 2 us na…I nid mai result oooooo…

  319. yes d result is out go check ur results thanks

  320. Nabteb exams results are rubbish. I can never tink of writing dat exam again. or advice any one to write dat rubbish……….. dey mark it wen de r all drunk…. rubbish

  321. Is it true that nabteb results has been released,? Plz I need a reply from someone

  322. Is it true that nabteb results has been released,? Pls I need a reply from someone.

  323. Yes it has been release and i ave check my own but only 14% ave credit in eng&maths

  324. I tried checking it today but I don’t understand what they are saying but I also hard that the result is out, am on my way to the cafe now, GOD HAVE MERCY.

  325. the result is out

  326. Its nt d mater of releasing d result d mater is dat u pass it

  327. pls I need Nov .& DEC result

  328. Result is out oooooooo

  329. Abdulnafiu ibrahim

    Nabteb result is out,really bad to all candides.may Allah change nabteb officials,from bad mission to good one

  330. Abdulnafiu ibrahim

    Nabteb result is out,really bad to all candides.may Allah change nabteb officials,from bad intention to good one

  331. I’m just anxious to know, please release this result to reduce the feelings of sitting on a knife edge by the students

  332. the result is out


  334. I have a big problem becos nabteb has not release my result Nov/Dec 2015. I wrote the exam popursely in order to both maths & English but up to now and my admission in the Nsuk was out the university did not clear me and the exam time table is out starting on 29/of this month pls help me to release the result tomorrow Nabteb.

  335. I need to see my result

  336. Pls nabteb release d result 4us b4 next weekend. God blex u all amen.

  337. haven’t check mine but o Allah al i prayed for s succes in my result

  338. D result is out i tank God i made my papers

  339. wetin be all this message rubbish na….se we no go do verification for school ni…Abi NABTEB dey craze ni…..FUCK U NABTEB…u can’t spoil my life…FUCK THAT SH*T

  340. NABTEB…..u dey craze BIG TIME…release our result…. my school verification is closing on the 15th….NABTEB…. u dey craze…FUCK U….

  341. wetin be all this message rubbish na….se we no go do verification for school ni…Abi NABTEB dey craze ni…..FUCK U NABTEB…u can’t spoil my life…FUCK THAT SH*T

  342. crazy people…mtcheew….fuck you NABTEB….

  343. The long awaiting result has been released on 12th February 2016 check urs now

  344. NABTEB is already out….going to check mine now…..they just didn’t update it on the site…that’s the problem

  345. Abdullahi Abubakar

    I Need See My Result Nabteb

  346. I need to see my result ooooooo

  347. I visited some website show result is Already released since Thursday 11, check
    hear 2015 NEC/DEC Facebook

  348. am every painful when i saw my result is very worst.u did bad things for us ooo god will judge u

  349. ur result is out go check it

  350. abeg nabteb why una dey f**k up nw? Dis year result no make sense at all, and i don get admission ooooooooooooooooooo hasss ##

  351. Is it true that nabteb result is out. I need reply please.

  352. I had that nabteb result is out is it true.

  353. nabteb plz i need my result 4 clearance.

  354. result

  355. Nabteb God purnish una papa na f9 a to z 4 evry body result n malali centre kaduna oo

  356. my god help us to get a get a better result

  357. I think it should be faster these

  358. Thanks For Releasing The Result

  359. Pls is this true the result is out???

  360. I can’t leave after all night reading and spending a lot of money for transportation and now all i see p7 and f9.after making US to wait all this time and that is all you have to offer,no body from my family will ever write this exam

  361. tankGod nabteb result is out and I mak mine d result is good friends wt of u pple?

  362. tankGod nabteb result is out and I mak mine d result is good friends wt of u pple?

  363. Sulieman maryam eromosele

    Pls i heard d result re being remarked,pls i need a better result coz i knw i wrote more than wat am seeing today in my result.pls nabteb officials take ur time nd mark our results properly marked coz we really need it,some people already losed all hope when they saw their result including me infact i am sorry fr my mom when she saw hw bad d result she spent alot fr was so bad.pls nabteb make d right corrections this time.thanks fr d hard work.nabteb fighting!!!

  364. now release

  365. Are u sure nabteb result has been out?

  366. nabtab result is out this year is bad result

  367. Abdulrahman ahmad Tabason

    pls! iz it true that nabteb have release our result?, pls i need to know?.

  368. Finally d result is out the Lord is able


    when our result will be out?


    plz who tell me how can I know our result is out

  371. not all result are been released I am still waiting for mine oo

  372. Is it really tru dat d result is out?ooo my God cant wait to see my wonderful result cus i i knw dat wit God all tins ar possible;;;;tank God


  374. is it true dqt de results that they ar still remarking de results?

  375. is it true dat de yar still remarking the results ?

  376. Hw do i chek mine pals?

  377. 26050011

  378. i hard dat d result is out, I Neva check mine!! LORD PLS HAV MERCY ON ME.


  380. How would I check the result

  381. Mine is nt displayng Y Pals?

  382. i went to the cafe today to cheak my result, but they said is not yet out.

  383. pls nabteb release our result because admision is on going and it will be ended on the month of 24 feb 2016

  384. I Realy Thank God My Result Is Nice



  386. edino Francis John

    I want 2 cheek my result pls

  387. I’m unhappy becuz nabteb result is not still out, can u tell me d date plzzz.

  388. I’m unhappy becuz nabteb result is not still out, can u tell me d date plzzz.

  389. were do u get dat news. datdey ar remarking de results

  390. PLS release Kwara State result

  391. lwant check my result pls

  392. There is a way to change the result

  393. It is true dat they want to remarked our result

  394. d best resuit is my d besf exam so far is nabteb eng,a1 math,b2 chem,b2 phys,b2 biology b2————all

  395. Why do nabteb fail people this time

  396. this result of a tin is really frustrating,what a stupid Exam body NABTEB

  397. Why ? nabteb you hide my result pls release it. from Adamaw state.

  398. nabteb for these year n/d is not good atholy plse call the attention of the nab to re up grade result again because am not happy on result dr olatunde aworanti reup grade again we pay money for our and u stii fail many people God wiii ask u

  399. Hw van p???
    Cn u help me do mine or call me lets talk

  400. Resuilt Done Come Out But My Resuilt Is No Good Math P7 Englis P7 Economics C5 Physic C5 Chemistryf9 Ict F9 Wathing I One User Am Doin Pleas Advice Me

  401. pls can nabteb release this result pls bikon

  402. I know that my redeemer is alive….

  403. Is better we go to National Assembly and report NABTEB mischievousness.

  404. Hw do i chek mine pals?

  405. Result is out I got 8 credit thanks to God Almighty

  406. I want to check my result

  407. Pls van p hw do i chek result? Jst flash n i wil cal dis my numba 08053231030 or 07068427140. Tenx

  408. pls nabteb show mercy by releasing our A level result!!!!!

  409. Nabteb result have been released…..thank god, i make it 7credit.

    the truth is said to be bitter but its better.
    it is only God Almighty that will Judge you people for all the crime and corruption you do and the type of scores you give People!
    it is written vengeance is my says the Lord of host! I will repay!
    for the sake of orphans and the widows i will raise for them, beware!!!

  411. Still i am not agree of that result because i will not see my own from yobe state

  412. Is ocio(otukpo comm, inst. Otukpo) nabteb result out? Pals

  413. pls i cant see ma resul online, i hv cheched it severally. Pls should i walk to nabteb office to check it

  414. nabteb u fall our bck since u knw we dnt av any power God wl judge u

  415. Nabteb, I must hack ur website to re edit my result, literature f9, na so I dull reach?

  416. NABTEB result is disastrous, if u want to go far dont depend on nabteb exam

  417. Nabteb pls release our own results


  419. i can’t bellieve that an engineering student lyk me will write NABTEB and get f9 even in my specialize course n subjects! Not even one credit 2 show for my hard studying and all my nights of burning candles. IF GOD IS ALIVE! IF GOD IS ALIVE! IF GOD IS ALIVE!!! He will punish u all for this injustice.

  420. Nabteb why u want failure us up to now we did see our result what happening..


  422. Nabteb God will polish you

  423. Nabteb God will polish you I West my time and wrote my exms and you guys give me p8 English language Allah yafiku Dan uwar ku

  424. Nabteb God will polish you I West my time and a
    wrote my exms and you guys give me p8 English language Allah yafiku Dan uwar ku

  425. Nabteb Help me

  426. We have enough exams body already … WTF is nabteb again? They should be cancel out if all they can do is to fail people sitting for this exam.. It’s probably own by one olodo politician like that just to make money out of the poor people… Let God judge anyways… People please go obtain better exam and delete this nabteb from your history…

  427. nabteb result was soo bad, only few pple make it.

  428. Hmm nabteb just be happy I have loses my ADMISSION…… My Allah polish you and do it the way you do me pls guys you should stop registered whit nabteb the just make money to us lest joint weac or neco we will make it Inshe Allah

  429. I want to how to check the result.


  431. Nabteb officials does it mean that the nov/dec result for benue state is not ready?

  432. Pls when the result released is listed as cre pls wot is d meaning ( CR )



  434. please Nabteb officials, help our youths and bless them with a good result, God Almigthy also help u be the number 1 examination board in this country.

  435. Plz nabteb realese awa result 4 ALLAH sake coz we. Ar eagerly 2 see it & make it cum wit excellent grade

  436. why is ondo result not yet released? Or what is happening wit d result, the exam that has been written since december nd u still fail to release the result up till now…nd if u guys don’t want to release the result due to 1 reason or d other, u should have let us knw so dat we won’t be wasting our time 2 wait for result..

  437. God polish you as the way you do it to us

  438. Pls can I know the breakdown of my nabteb result because am not satisfer with what I see as my result pls help me very important thanks

  439. I knw my redeemer is alive

  440. when we go see arw result

  441. Edidiong Thomas

    Please, kindly release our GCE 2015 results, please.
    Thank you.

  442. Ediagbonya Godwin Lucky

    Plz we ve entered d month of June now yet no result plz help us

  443. Umoke Oluchi Favour

    I could not access my result even after following the steps.What do I do?

  444. pls sir / madam on which day you should be released our nabteb result of 2016//2017

  445. Uwarku marassa imani, Allah na taimakon wanda ya taimaki wani

  446. i heard that 2016-2017 result is out, how sure is this


  448. Nurudeen m Turawa

    pls when will Nabteb may/
    Jun 2016 result will be ready, pls we need your help.

  449. BILAO

  450. please government should pay for de release of nabteb result plz.

  451. d result is out go check it

  452. pls wen is nabteb result going to be out now my people tel me by YUSUF JOHN ADAKO SHEKPAMBO

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